Equipped achievement in Metro: Last Light


Find all Equipment Stashes in the swamps.

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How to unlock the Equipped achievement

  • FizzmatixFizzmatix310,538
    17 May 2013 17 May 2013
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    This takes place over two levels, "Sundown" and "Nightfall". Throughout these two swamp areas you will find all sorts of loot. For this you need to find all the ranger stashes hidden around the swamp. I highly suggest that you explore the swamps further than just what is shown in the following video as there are several weapons, tons of extra filters and plenty of ammo to be scavenged.

    Something to note is that in the video I pick up items that do not relate to this achievement/trophy as well. You can never go wrong with collecting extra filters, but as I mentioned above, check everywhere including the following locations for extra loot. Some of these stashes are also marked with big ranger logos near where the stash may be found.

    Here is a written description of the following locations which can be seen in the video:


    + Straight across from the exit in the guard tower.
    + Behind the turned up car in a shed/storage unit just below the guard tower.
    + Across from the storage locker there is a truck with a stash in the back.
    + Head towards the gas station, but keep to the left and follow the long building across from the gas station. There will be a small hole with a trap inside, cut the trap and head inside.
    + Head back to the gas station, pickup the loot next to the gas cans, and on the counter.
    + Check the gas cans, then use the small ramp to reach the roof of the gas station. Check for grenades and military rounds.
    + Head across from the gas station to the plane. Once inside, check the cabin and cockpit for supplies.
    + After being attacked by the large shrimp, head across the wing of the plane to find the shotgun stash in a small area full of building rubble.
    + The last stash is just before the generator next to the tree for the ferry.


    + Second floor, first house after the ferry (slip around the edge of the broken wall to access the stash area.
    + Back of a truck after meeting the giant shrimp for the first time in this area.
    + Inside the mall second floor just left the escalator in the bathrooms.
    + Exit the bathroom, head across and disable the traps. This small room on the left will have several items.
    + Exit through the window towards the church. Before crossing, drop down and checkout the back the truck for the final location.

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    AirNathThanks!Got it done 1st try on all 4 versions of Metro Last Light with your video.
    Posted by AirNath on 07 Jan 18 at 02:37
    DeadlyCarpetIf you die, do you have to start over? i'll find out before I get a response, but reply anyway if you can!
    Posted by DeadlyCarpet#245 on 25 Jul 21 at 23:07
    Styles PluralI died while locating all the equipment stashes and the achievement still unlocked for me. You don't have to collect or pick up everything from the stashes either. Simply approaching them or opening the box container should be enough to count towards the achievement.
    Posted by Styles Plural on 27 Dec 21 at 09:58
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  • EggChrisTEggChrisT374,117
    31 Jul 2013 31 Jul 2013
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    I found this video to be very helpful. All credit goes to PowerPyx for making such an easy-to-follow video guide. This video seems to be the most direct way in finding the equipment stashes. In order to do this achievement. You will need to load up the chapter "Sundown." This achievement branches over 2 different levels. (sundown and nightfall). In "Sundown" you will find 9 stashes and in "Nightfall" you will find 7 of them. It is easy to fall into the swamp or get taken into the air and thrown randomly through the swamp by demons, so keep a close eye on your surroundings. Especially when on top of buildings and on the plane.

    I should also note that not all spots where ammo and supplies lay throughout the level are necessary for the achievement to pop. If you follow the video you will get the achievement. I can confirm that this video works! I was able to get the achievement to pop right as I was opening up the last stash.

    It also Might be a good Idea to do both these levels in one playthrough. I ended up exiting the game in nightfall my first playthrough; came back into the game and hit every single stash and it did not pop. Play each level to the very end.

    This is my first guide so PM me if you feel something needs to be added or fixed. Thnx!
  • SquiSquiSquidioSquiSquiSquidio771,401
    16 May 2013 16 May 2013
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    Dont mean for this to be a "proper" guide, but more to help people with locations they might have missed. I have no idea which locations count for it or not, but the ones with the mask spray paint definitely do in the Night level. Only took me about an hour going through the swamp. I picked up EVERYTHING I could so.

    This popped as soon as I opened the stash in the back of this last truck. I apologize for the descriptions but I was just running around going everyplace I could 2 or 3 times and got lost several times. I hope these locations will at least be familiar to a few people and help them piece things together for the achievement.

    1st part: (Daytime Swamp level)

    Go across the airplane wing before going inside there is a stash against a wall, you can climb across a beam and jump back across safely to get back to the airplane.

    Cockpit of airplane

    Camp Side 1 (without guard station): inside back of white truck

    Camp Side 2: inside shed behind car on its side (double check this isn't side 1)

    Inside guard station

    By tree next to ferry

    On roof of gas station there are pipe bombs (these may not count towards achievement)

    (not sure how to describe this one) - the other building overcome by shrubs, down the long side of building there is a hole to crouch and go inside of building.

    2nd Part: (Nighttime Swamp Level)

    First building - in room where you turn lights on

    Inside the bus on the right side of the map there is a box with some military ammo (might not count)

    1st time you fight Large Crab/Shrimp guy - in back of truck

    Building with escalator - Inside bathroom (you will see mask graffiti on wall

    Across from bathroom there is a room being guarded by 2 or 3 wire explosive traps, inside there is a gun and some ammo/filters

    Right ouside building with escalator when you go out the window - you will see a truck with the same spray painted mask, it's in the back
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    Dollar JuniorThanks.
    Posted by Dollar Junior on 17 May 13 at 03:35
    SquiSquiSquidiono problem, glad I could help.
    Posted by SquiSquiSquidio on 17 May 13 at 05:06
    GR1N REAP3RVery helpful solution.smile
    Posted by GR1N REAP3R on 21 May 13 at 10:22
    16 May 2013 16 May 2013 16 May 2013
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    This achievement takes place over two chapters, Sundown and Nightfall. Phoenix0689 has covered the two Nightfall locations above, I will concentrate on the Sundown locations I've discovered so far.

    Where you first start the chapter there is a box with an incendiary grenade, air filter and medkit.

    After walking down from the start head to your right, cross the marsh through the red safe crossing flags. There is a white ruined building by the edge of the marsh, on it's ar left side there is a red box with grenades, shotgun ammo and a medkit. (Caution there is a demon feeding on a corpse, the corpse has few shotgun ammo rounds. Not sure if this is needed or achievement)

    Go back to the red flags you just crossed and turn right, there will be a space in a wall, this is a mini storage facility that is separated by the marsh. This section has a white moving semi truck. Go around the truck, squeezing between it and the wall to the rear. In the corner at the end of the truck is a corpse with ammo and a mask. The back door of the semi is open, cut the tripwire on the left side by the jug, inside the red ammo box are incendiary grenades.

    Go back around and to your right you will see another set of red flags that will lead you to the other side of the facility. At the first flag there is a corpse with shotgun ammo. After crossing, there will be two rows of storage units. on the right side will be one that is blocked by a car. Go around the car and cut the tripwire on the right side by the jug. Inside the storage unit there is a lamp, ammo box and pistol. After leaving this unit stay on that same row of units and there will be a corpse with a mask and shotgun ammo to loot. Turn around and you will see a sniper tower, go up the stairs and you will find a sniper, ammo and mask.

    From the sniper tower, go down the stairs and walk straight out through the facility front gate and turn right. A few steps further a doorway to a ruined building, after walking through turn right, in the back of this room is an animated corpse with an air filter. After looting turn around, without walking, and face in the direction of the door you just came in through, on the left there is an opening, walk through this opening and on the left again their is another opening, after walking through to the let their is a mask and claymore. After picking this loot up, turn around and walking toward the marsh and turn right at the end of the ruined building, on your right, two rooms over is a sleeping armored shrimp, kill him and there will be two corpses with a shotgun and ammo. Turn again and walk toward the swamp and turn right and walk to the corner of the ruined building. From here you can see a red crossing flag and a retail center.

    After crossing over the red lags there will be two rows of retail stores and in between the rows will be vines with tentacle monsters that will swipe at you. Trying ducking when in these areas moving from room to room. Walk over to the farthest and longest row of shops where the brown tractor trailer is. In this first shop there will be some incendiary grenades. After looting leave this shop while ducking and turn left. Ignore the next shop and go to the third one, here and the door will me a corpse with ammo, mask and medkit, further inside is mask and a grenade on the shelf. Leave the shop while ducking, turn left. The next shop also has grenades on the shelf. Next proceed to the last shop that has a tripwire on a hole for an entrance. Cut the tripwire to the let of the door entrance. Inside there is a Kalash 2012, ammo and a claymore to loot. Leave this room and turn left a few steps forward you will see red flags that will lead you toward the gas station.

    After crossing you will see a tanker and delivery truck. Inside the delivery truck is a mask and air filter. Walking out of the delivery truck to the left is the gas station. Beware the tentacles at the front door. Inside to the left in the corner is a BIG ammo box, next to are the fuel cans. On the front counter, opposite the gas is a diary page, throwing knives and ammo. Leaving the gas station through the blown out back wall you a warped steal beam leading to the roof of the gas station, on top is a backpack with grenades and a corpse with ammo, Go back to the warped beam, jump down and you will see a log to cross over to a torn down building there is a mask and ammo in front of the blue bus on a corpse. Behind the bus are a set of flags leading to the airplane where there is a corpse to loot on the way.

    To the right of the airplane door are some claymores. To the back is a lamp, big ammo box with mask and filter. To the right of the ammo box is a medkit and ammo also. After picking up the gas cans there is a cut scene. DON'T WASTE YOUR GRENADES. Leave through the plane door, turn right up the plane wing and jump off the opposite plane wing to find a box of shotgun ammo. Looking back toward the plain to the right are planks of wood where you can run jump over the marsh toward the plane.

    From hear cross the series of red flags back to the bus. Use the compass to direct you to the ferry crossing. At the ferry switch there is an ammo box and claymores. The tree next to the ferry switch has a corpse with an air filter. There is also a corpse at the end of the ferry dock.

    Things to remember, Sundown is a good place to get the SOUP and DIVER achievements. I also noticed that you can actually lose air filter time if you switch masks, so be on the look out when trying to loot and accidentally switch mask.
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