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Save D6.

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Achievement Guide for Secret Achievement

  • br1zzobr1zzo227,759
    16 May 2013 16 May 2013 25 May 2013
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    This is the Redemption achievement. You receive it for getting the best ending in the game. As you play you will get white flashes that are accompanied by an audio cue that sounds like dripping water.

    You should try to do these achievements during this playthrough:
    Clean Escape
    Invisible Savior
    Patron of the Arts
    Invisible Soldier
    Forest Guardian
    Invisible Intruder
    Rain Man
    Back to the Past

    Each of these level specific achievements will get you a positive flash. You can also get them by listening to conversations, giving bullets to beggars and by exploring. Basically play as passive and like a nice guy. There is no way to tell if you are going to get this until the very end of the game. Also, do not kill .

    I unlocked this achievement on ranger hardcore and you can watch the entire video below, or go to the watch page which has timestamps of the chapters in the description.

    Sashamorning added this link:

    it shows every moral point in Metro 2033 and Last Light. Spoiler warning.
  • LifeExpectancyLifeExpectancy1,232,599
    28 Aug 2014 20 Apr 2015
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    Redemption is a lot easier than I think most people suspect, judging from my own experience now that I've earned it three times (360 and two Xbox One stacks). I am 99.9% certain that not all Moral Point opportunities are created equal. In my playthroughs on the Xbox One version stacks, I skipped a LOT of the odds-and-ends moral points. I did, however, get all the ones that I consider CRUCIAL, like not killing Pavel, removing my mask when Lesnitsky demands it, not killing any Watchmen on The Bridge level, etc.

    Check out the video below for a full Survival playthrough of the game showing all collectibles and the Moral Points I obtained (I skipped a lot of them) in order to get the Published and Redemption achievements.

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