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Juggernaut achievement in The Harvest (Windows)


Complete the game without dying

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How to unlock the Juggernaut achievement

  • eohjayeohjay
    23 Mar 2014 23 Mar 2014 23 Mar 2014
    When going for this achievement I recommend playing as the Condor class on Easy. Condor is a new class added to the Windows 8 version of the game, and he plays the most like your common "tank" character.

    I combined my Juggernaut play through with the play through where I planned on collecting all of the BB-7 Recorders. My thought process was to cover each map in it's entirety to gain as much experience as possible - therefore my character would be leveled as highly as possible for the final confrontation. Each time I leveled up I spent 3 points on Endurance, and split the remaining two points between Strength and Agility. Towards the end of the game I had some pretty high additions to all stats via equipment - but I did tend to lean towards equipment that boosted Endurance or Agility over Strength.

    I ended up finishing the game with a whopping 89 spare medpacks. I was at level 24, with around 6200 Maximum HP and a regeneration rate of about 1500/minute. There were only two areas of the game that were hairy - the very beginning of the game while I was learning the character in Act 1 offered a close call, and the final battle brought me down to about 2000HP and I had to pop a medpack. I ended up finishing off the boss at about 5800/6000HP, though, so the medpack was unnecessary.

    Condors best skill is easily the shift+click "Rolling Fiery Ball of Death" skill. I used and abused this skill - and it became key in the last two Acts. It simply would mow through the opponents, and was great against the spider-like enemies in Act 4 who spawned "babies" after you kill them. It also destroyed every minion of the final boss in seconds. It doesn't make Condor invincible (as Scarab's shift+click shield does), though, so watch your health!

    I'm sure this achievement can be grabbed with any class - it isn't a difficult game whatsoever, but Condor definitely made my experience a lot more "relaxing".

    So, in short . . .

    Start the game on Easy as Condor
    Each level place 3x points in Endurance. Split the rest in the other options.
    Focus on Endurance and Agility gear.
    Abuse the shift+click skill, it is the key to making your play through easier!
    Keep an eye on your health bar and regenerate before major battles.
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