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1000 Headshot Kills

Expert Kill Award. Achieved 1000 Headshot Kills over all multiplayer games played.

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Achievement Guide for 1000 Headshot Kills

  • Lozzy DentonLozzy Denton91,429
    11 Oct 2009 17 Feb 2010 26 Feb 2011
    42 0 5
    The little trick in my video should help you get 1000 headshot kills in no time at all. You should have a second controller for this. It isn't required, but is highly advised.

    Match setup:
    Team Killcount (Deathmatch)
    Map: Desert, small variant
    Custom weapon setup:
    In slot 1 - 4 add flashbang or shield
    In slot 5 add the Jackal
    Bot setup:
    Bot count: 14 (to allow your other player to join)
    Difficulty: Agent
    Bot teams: Humans vs Bots
    Personality: Bully

    Set the time / score limit to whatever suits you, just make sure you don't set the time limit to infinite (the game won't be able to end properly and the kills won't count toward the achievement.) 20 minutes with no score limit will get you close to 100 kills.
  • Brando SwagginsBrando Swaggins129,612
    13 May 2009 14 May 2009 14 May 2009
    26 0 0
    A much faster and easier way to do ANY of the 1000 kill achievements (with the exception of 1000 kills in killcount, and possibly 1000 explosive kills - the guide for explosives appears to work faster than this solution) is to set up a local match on TEAM killcount. Plug in as many controllers as you have laying around (guitar/drumset controllers will work for this too, though you can't move the characters with them) and set up a match on the small variant of the desert map. Set up the teams so that it is you vs. everyone else.

    Now, depending on what achievement you are going for, create a custom weapon setup with a weapon of that class in the first slot so everyone spawns with them. For example, you can place the jackal in the first slot if you're going for the "x Sniper Kills" achievements, or a rocket launcher if you're going for the "x Explosive Kills" achievements. This will ensure that you'll never have a problem finding ammo for said weapon since whenever you kill someone, they'll drop theirs.

    You should be good to go now. All you need to do now is set a round limit. I prefer 20 minutes or 100 kills, whichever comes first. When the round starts, all you need to do is run to the area in which they spawn and kill the non-controlled characters as they spawn. They should always spawn in the same area, so just pick them off as they pop up. I've been using only one extra controller, and I've been getting 100 kills within 20 minutes every single time. It's worth noting that I run the 2nd controller into the teleporter myself rather than waiting the 15 seconds for it to go automatically. Otherwise, you'll end up with less kills for the round.

    For this specific achievement, just be sure to kill them with headshots. If you're using a sniper rifle for this, you can knock out both achievements in one go.

    Hopefully this helps you as much as it's helped me.
  • LeiChatLeiChat439,180
    10 Feb 2006 03 Feb 2012
    5 1 0
    Here's a video I created back in Oct 2006 of how I did this achievement.

    There may be quicker ways, especially if you're a great shot.

    Good luck.
  • NegativeCreep08NegativeCreep08544,196
    11 Aug 2013 12 Aug 2013
    4 1 0
    If you have multiple controllers, then use the following settings:

    Mode Deathmatch
    Scenario Team Killcount
    Level Urban
    Level Variant Small
    Weapons All Jackal (custom)
    Bot Count 0
    Time/Points Limit Your choice, but don't set both to infinite as the game only records progress after the match ends
    Base Assignment (Advanced Options)Fixed
    Spawn Type Teamspawn

    You will start the game in the casino, whereas the other players will start across the plaza in the hotel. Simply walk over to their spawn point in the lobby as systematically kill them using Jackal headshots as they spawn in. You can either walk the other players into the teleporter or wait until they automatically come through to where you're standing. The only time you'll even need to move is replenish ammo. I found this to be the quickest method, and using 3 dummy controllers I was able to get around 100 kills every 20 minutes
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