Satellite chaser achievement in Iron Sky: Invasion

Satellite chaser

Complete the tutorial part of the game.

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How to unlock the Satellite chaser achievement

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    This can be done at any time but is obviously the most useful before you have started the Invasion campaign. It will introduce you to the story of the game, the basic controls and general aspects of the gameplay.


    Push cn_RSu up to increase your ship's speed, once you have set a speed you can let go and the ship will travel at that speed until you alter it, using cn_RSd will decrease your speed to 0.0.


    Your ship has a certain amount of energy, you use this energy for your engines when you press cn_RSc to go super-fast, you use it when firing your lasers (but not rockets) and you use it when your shield is hit by enemy fire.

    You can distribute your energy around to help you in different situations. To transfer energy to your engines use the cn_A button, this can be used during a cn_RSc burst to maintain a high speed. To transfer energy to your laser weapons use cn_Y, this will allow you to continue firing after depleting your laser supply. And use cn_X to transfer energy to your shields, this is vital in combat situations, when under attack it is best to save some energy for your shields rather than wasting it on engines or lasers, it can save your life many times.


    The cn_B button allows you to target enemy and friendly vessels. Use cn_up and cn_down to cycle through different ships in range. You can also use cn_left and cn_right to cycle through the different parts of a larger enemy ship. Note that in most situations it is best to specifically target a large ship's cannons before concentrating on it's main body.


    Pressing cn_back will open up a map of the area, this is a real-time tactical map that represents the entirety of the gameworld. You can use cn_X to quickly travel to any area inside the circle of travel around your ship, this circle increases with engine upgrades or with different ships. Anything 'red' on the map is an enemy, 'blue' is a friendly, 'yellow' and 'orange' are usually mission objectives. Placing the reticule over these icons will display a list in the top left of the map detailing what they are. You can also use the cn_RS to zoom in and out and move the map camera around.


    When in combat use cn_RT to fire your weapons, your primary weapons are lasers and your secondary weapons are usually heavier rockets or missiles. Use cn_RB
    to switch between these weapons and use cn_LB change between single and linked weapon mode. Your primary weapon (and, in other spacecraft your secondary weapon) uses energy from your ship, this will regenerate over time or you can use cn_Y to transfer energy to your weapons. Your weapons will auto-aim when they are target locked and in range of an enemy. Your secondary weapons may not regenerate and the only way to replenish them is by docking at space stations or by picking up the 'pink' ammo crate dropped by your allied space craft. You may not always have an ally around to help you, look for blue markers on your map, they may be engaged and mixed with red markers so look closely and try to go where they go for easier combat, they will not steal your salvage smile


    The tutorial itself is very simple, follow the on-screen instructions and destroy the drones as quickly as possible. to gain a second achievement here you must destroy all six targets in under 30 seconds.
    Iron Sky: InvasionMaster blasterThe Master blaster achievement in Iron Sky: Invasion worth 57 pointsDestroy all drones in the Shooting Range in less than 30 seconds.

    At first you may fail this while trying to learn how the game works, just quit out if the enemies are gone but no achievement popped, then reload the tutorial and select 'Fight' to try again. Remember to use the cn_B to select the targets quickly and use cn_Y to transfer energy to your weapons should you run out.

    This concludes the tutorial of the game and unlocks the achievement after a short video message, (which you can skip with cn_LSc).
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