Evolution Devourer achievement in Far Cry Instincts Predator

Evolution Devourer

Evolution Story completed at all difficulty levels

Evolution Devourer+0.2
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How to unlock the Evolution Devourer achievement

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    What you need to do is complete the "Evolution" Story at all 3 different difficulties, Rookie, Hunter, Predator. The achievement does not stack so you can not just complete the game on Predator, you must go through the game 3 times, once on each difficulty. You can use cheats (which I have listed below) and still unlock the achievements. In other words, once you get the achievement for completing the game on rookie, the achievement for completing the game on hunter, and for completing the game on predator you will get this achievement. You must click start a new game and go all the way through (not in one sitting), so you can't just complete the last chapter.

    Just go to the in game pause menu and go to cheats, Only in single player

    Cheat = Effect
    ImJackCarver = Restore Health
    UnleashHell = Unlimited ammo
    Bloodlust = Unlimited Adrenaline

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    ShaneKarmaDo you have to save them all on the same file in other words overwrite the last one or do you need to make a seperate file for each playthrough?
    Posted by ShaneKarma on 09 Nov 12 at 09:30
    SecondHALONICKIt has been so long since I have played that game. I don't think it matters. If you can make separate files, do so. But if not, I think it will be alright. Be sure to post back and say if it does work or not!
    Posted by SecondHALONICK on 23 Dec 12 at 22:52
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    The solution is moreorless the same as for the "Beating Evolution story on Predator" achievement. The only difference being the difficulties DO NOT STACK, meaning three playthroughs are in order.

    Thankfully, the Evolution story is quite short (about 1/2 the length of Instincts story), clocking in at about 6-8 hours on average on your first runthrough. (I've done it in about half that)
    Predator difficulty may take a little longer due to the obvious increase in challenge, i'd guess 8 hours for most people.

    In regards to the other solution, it's correct but I find the "restore health" cheat to be useless, for two reasons. First, you have to keep entering it, there is no "god mode," sadly. Second, if you have unlimited Adrenaline, you'll regenerate much faster (you heal faster with full AD).

    (Copy/Pasted from my other solution :P)

    The expansion story (Evolution Story) is actually pretty easy, even on Predator (Hard) difficulty. If you turn on the max ammo and unlimited feral power cheats ("UnleashHell" and "Bloodlust," respectively) you can blow through the game in a few hours, running past everyone.

    There are only a few parts in the game that are challenging, IMO:

    Earlier on in the game, you have to get to a Temple and get past some snipers. This is very frustrating, since the snipers usually will kill you in one shot. Use Feral Vision (Hold Y) to spot them. I think there about 5 snipers in this spot, and the rest of the enemies have smgs. One of the snipers is on the center island, and the others are up higher in fort-like structures.

    The next challenging part is near the end of the game. After you escape on the raft, you have to protect that dumbass Doyle from enemies. This part took a few tries to figure out, but stay near Doyle, turn on Feral Vision, and use the sniper rifle on the enemies, this way you won't stick out as much. Throw pipebombs if the enemies get too close, just don't stray too far from that idiot or the enemies will flank him.

    One though part that may annoy some people is when you fight the commando (with the rocket launcher) after destroying the pipes in the refinery. The easiest way to do this BY FAR is to jump on top of the elevator he rides down, and when it gets to the bottom, feral attack him twice as soon as he runs out of the elevator. Simple.

    The last tough part was right at the end of the game, right after the last part I mentioned. You fight the final boss as he jumps between pillars, but this is hard since you can't regenerate health, and he hits HARD. Use the pipe bombs to blow up all the pillars (it doesn't matter if he's on it) and shoot him as he jumps around the room. He does hit hard so be careful. Once you hurt him enough, he'll jump on the one pillar you couldn't blow up and shoot a hole in the wall. The game will checkpoint here and you'll get your regeneration back. Just go to town his face with dual SMGS and eventually you'll beat him.
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    ShaneKarmaDo you have to save them all on the same file in other words overwrite the last one or do you need to make a seperate file for each playthrough?
    Posted by ShaneKarma on 17 Nov 12 at 04:58
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