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Total Badass in Sanctum 2

Total Badass391 (75)

Complete Facility, Rocky Fields, Giant Trees and Swamp with 5 Feats of Strength enabled.

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Achievement won on 23 Aug 14
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Posted on 31 August 14 at 15:35, Edited on 12 September 14 at 14:30
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Lets get this out of the way first: this achievement is difficult, frustrating, and sometimes unfair. Be prepared to waste an hour or two on a level only to fail on the last wave. Do not even think of trying this until you have beaten the game normally, are at least level 15, have a good feel for each level, effective maze layouts, and general enemy strategy. This solution is not intended to be a level-by-level guide but rather will provide some tips to smooth out your experience. Be warned that this is a bit of a long read!

The 5 Feats of Strength (5FoS)
Beast Tamer – Enemies attack twice as fast.
Hardcore – You cannot respawn during the action phase (non tower-building phase) unless you equipped the Phoenix perk. When a tower is sold, only half of the invested resources are refunded (in the normal game all resources are refunded).
Hydra Hunter – Enemies regenerate 150 health per second.
Impeccable Accuracy – Enemies move faster.
Titan Slayer – Enemies have 50% more health.

If you are worried about dying during a wave, especially when playing solo, using a perk slot for Phoenix is a must. Also it can not be understated what extra enemy health plus extra movement speed means for mobs in this mode. They will run past your towers with incredible speed, and slow towers are so ineffective that I never used them with 5FoS.

These are the best Perk choices that I found for 5FoS. They take the place of your typical character damage buffs as in this mode your towers will be doing the lions share of the damage. Your first priority is mitigating damage to your core, which is usually inevitable.

Phoenix – Invaluable if you are playing solo on a tough map. This will allow you to respawn with the normal 10 second penalty.
Unstable Core – This deals 2000 damage to every enemy that hits the core with no cooldown. Crucial for dealing with the small mobs that will occasionally run right past even the best tower configurations.
Resilient Core – Heals 10% of core health after every wave. Vital for maps where you know that certain waves will be impossible to fully stop before they reach your core.
Corpse Explosion – When you kill an enemy it explodes dealing 25% of its base health. Great for mobs and waves where a lot of enemies get through to your core.
Shocking Revelation – When your core is hit, a large shockwave that stuns enemies for 3 seconds is emitted from the core. Takes 10 seconds to cool down. Very useful for maps with a lot of Hoverers and Bobble Heads, as once they get to the core they are a gigantic pain to kill.

In my personal experience, I nearly exclusively used Haigen for 5FoS runs. His high damage output and extra health go a long way, but he is a very weak character if you are overwhelmed with Bobble heads and Hoverers. This forced me to swap him out for SiMo on certain maps. I will try and outline each of the characters and their primary weapons and how you want to use them to best effect in this mode.

Skye – A great, balanced character for doing 5FoS solo. You do more damage with each consecutive hit on an enemy. You also get the double jump ability, making it easier to “kite” enemies around the level while double jumping over their attacks. Her assault rifle is an effective mid range weapon for most enemies. The rifle's alternate fire is a grenade that is great for taking out small mobs or damaging multiple enemies in a very close area. She pretty much splits the difference between SiMo's and Haigen's strengths/weaknesses. If you can hit weakspots consistently with the assault rifle, she will down Bobble heads at a decent pace, and does enough damage to armored heavies to usually keep them at bay.
Haigen – Fanastic for levels with a lot of armored and heavy units. Has more base health than any other character. Has a 35% damage bonus if you are within two squares of an enemy. Very weak against Bobble Heads and Hoverers unless you can get close as the shotgun is near worthless at distance. Haigens alternate (hold RB) fire mode for the shotgun is a charge shot that does massive damage, especially when coupled with his 35% close bonus. You should be using these charged shots whenever possible. This makes Haigen a damage powerhouse in 5FoS but requires a risky play style where you are always in danger and close to enemies. He is especially useful for taking down Armored Heavy and Boss enemies (besides the Hoverer Queen).
SiMo – The opposite of Haigen. He destroys Bobble Heads and Hoverers but is a weaker character for other enemies. Has a 45% weakspot damage bonus. I do not recommend using the Sniper Rifle alternative fire mode as it reduces an already paltry 4 shots per clip to 2. SiMo can easily keep his distance from the action but you really need to be able to consistently hit weakspots to keep his damage output high.
Sweet - I found it difficult to like this character in 5FoS. She deals burn damage to enemies that also slows their health regen by 50%. Her rocket launcher is best used for its immense splash damage and she could be viewed as a good debuff character if you are playing with a full set of 4 players. On open levels with no ceiling or overhead obstructions, you can most effectively deal damage with the rockets by using the alternate fire to lock onto enemies that are clustered together, then look directly up into the air before the rockets actually fire. This causes them to take a huge arc and break apart in the air to deal a large area of effect (AoE) damage zone. As an interesting note, she is well known on the PC to make quick work of 5FoS, but the Xbox version does not contain the perks or weapons to make her nearly as effective.

Secondary Weapon
ETK-Tesla Prototype – The only choice (with the exception of possibly the SMG if you really dislike this gun). Its primary fire is slightly weak but it jumps to other nearly enemies making it invaluable. The alt fire is a condensed railgun-type shot that has longer range, also jumps, does a lot of damage, and penetrates armor effectively. A great weapon for all characters to use, and pretty much the only secondary weapon that I used regardless of character.

In general, towers should all be placed closely together to act as a very effective “kill zone”. This not only helps to make your Amps more effective, but also helps overcome the rapid enemy health regeneration. Typically your towers should be placed as close to the core as possible for the Focus towers to reach it.

Focus – Your bread and butter for 5FoS. This tower gives you the best damage output for resources spent and has a very large line of sight radius. It does absolutely massive damage when fully charged at level 3. It is crucial to keep enemies in the towers line of sight for as long as possible, as the longer the tower hits an enemy, the more damage it does, so build your mazes accordingly. The absolute best tower to place next to your core if your core is close enough to be in range. This is the last tower to unlock at player level 15.
Amp – A great way to save on resources. Place one of these in the middle of your focus towers to greatly boost their effectiveness.
Lightning – Very effective against mobs. If you are playing solo, a few level 1 towers could be enough to take out small enemy mobs entirely. Most useful at level 3, as when at level 3 its shots do much more damage and bounce up to 3 times to close enemies. Best placed at turnaround points in your maze to hit as many enemies at once.
AR-Mine Dispenser – Crucial for maps with bosses. Each level gets you 1 more mine per wave, so place them early and upgrade them for more mines than you will ever need. Must be collected at the start of every wave to generate more. Place the tower in the range of an amp tower to make them even more deadly (the mines can be placed wherever outside of the range of the amp tower).
Drone - If you are really struggling with Bobble Heads, Hoverers and Hoverer Queens, This is your tower of choice. Focus towers will do a fine job of killing the Hoverers from the back, but be aware that the Drone tower is the ONLY tower that can damage a Bobble Head!
Range (DLC ONLY!) - Will increase the range of all towers nearby. Definitely worth the resources to bring to level 3, and overcharging it will continue to increase the range slightly. Especially useful for maps where the core is far away from the buildable tower base area (particularly 2-1 Construction Site and 4-1 The Depths).

These enemies can really ruin your day. Two of them are able to destroy your towers and tower walls and one is able to temporarily disable your towers. All of them benefit greatly from a dozen or two mines to the face. Absolutely whenever possible you want to kill these bosses as soon as they spawn with mines. Certain levels spawn normal enemies at the same time and from the same spawn point as the boss, making this much more difficult.

Walker Patriarch – Will destroy tower bases on his way to the core. VERY unpredictable as to what path he will take but typically sticks to the shortest direct path to the core, destroying your maze along the way. Unlike the other bosses, he can be kited effectively and distracted for a large period of time to keep him away from your maze walls. If you believe you can entice this boss to destroy a tower wall very close to his spawn point, you can place all of your mines on top of a maze wall. When he destroys the wall, he will hit the mines, preventing the other enemies nearby from running over the mines meant for the boss.
Super Heavy – A gigantic version of the Armored Heavy (tank). Will not destroy your tower walls if left alone but WILL target you with a very powerful one-hit-kill laser that destroys all nearby towers. Your best bet is to approach from behind and in a manner such that his laser will not hit your tower walls even if it misses you. When this boss turns to face you and charge its laser, run as far away as possible. The boss itself cannot damage you, but its laser will ONE HIT KILL you! If you see him turn to you and stop moving, run far the hell away and usually it will not follow through with firing the laser.
Hoverer Queen – Cannot destroy your maze or towers but will disable all nearby towers temporarily with a shockwave attack if you get too close. Is infinitely armored from the front just like normal Hoverers, potentially distracting all of your Focus towers while lesser enemies slip through (you can mitigate this by setting the targeting on some Focus towers to "Least Health"). Your best bet is mines and keeping your distance. Note that in certain maps (3-2 Canopy in particular) the core is so close to your buildable maze area that her disabling shockwave used when attacking the core will reach and disable towers placed nearby.

General Game Play Tips
If you want specific level-by-level enemy loadouts, your best bet is:
For nearly every level they provide wave-by-wave enemy type and amount which is useful in planning which character you may want to play as well as what towers to bring. You can likely ignore the advice given on that site for what character and weapon to use as some of the best weapons for making 5FoS easier come from PC DLC that the Xbox does not have (such as the Drone Launcher weapon, Anti-Air tower, and the Tactical Juxtaposition perk).

Mazes are more a personal preference than a sure fire one size fits all solution. A maze with as many turns as possible slows down enemies, especially charging Rhinos, but can make consistently hitting enemy weakspots nearly impossible. The only rule that you should always follow is putting your towers in one tight area and as close to the core as possible!

Do not let a few bad waves get you down or necessarily cause you to restart a map early. Certain waves on 5FoS are nearly impossible to do without taking core damage. Many levels that I completed were done with the slimmest of margins for remaining core health.

Many levels have 4-10 mines scattered around the outskirts of the level. These are free to use and very helpful in saving crucial resources. Note that most of the mines in the final act of the game are "organic" mines and look nothing like the human or tower created mines. They are bright yellow balls the usually blend in with the organic level surroundings.

Focus towers are by far your best all purpose tower, but sometimes they can be badly inhibited by certain enemy types. Bobble Heads cannot be damaged at all by Focus towers, and Hoverers are infinitely shielded from the front. Typically you should have most of your Focus towers set to the "Default" or "Most Health" targeting mode by looking at the tower and cycling targeting type with the B button. However, If you have a wave with many Bobble Heads or Hoverers, it may be beneficial to set some of your focus towers to "Least Health" to avoid them targeting only enemies that they cannot damage.

Co-Op Tips
If you are playing co-op, BE AWARE that for every player in the game, all enemies have 1.5x their base health, stacking up to 3 times in a full 4 player game. You will get more resources to counter-act this but your co-op partner(s) will still need to pull their weight.

In co-op, having every player equip certain stackable perks is essential. For example, each player should equip the Resilient Core and well as the Unstable Core perk as it is 10% and 2000 damage points per player with those perks equipped. Other perks do not stack such as Corpse Explosion and Shocking Revelation, so only one player would need to equip them.

When I completed this game I did not have the DLC. That being said, if you are going to complete this in co-op, if whomever you play with has the DLC and you will benefit from the use of their DLC towers. By far the Range DLC tower is the most useful of the DLC offerings and can greatly benefit you in larger maps or maps where the core is far away from your buildable tower base area.

Advantageous Glitch
The original version of the game, before the 700mb title update, has a fantastic glitch that you can still exploit to avoid having to do one 5FoS level of your choice (I chose to avoid The End since it has SIX bosses). I didn't experience any corruption issues with this trick but be aware that this could potentially corrupt your save!

To start, go into your hard drive settings and delete the title update from your hard drive, then launch the game and proceed to play offline after the update prompt. Select all 5 feats of strength and complete the very first Introduction mission with all 5 feats enabled. You will need to do this without perks, but it is not too bad. Although you have no visual indication that you have completed it with 5FoS, this counts as one of the 15 levels needed for the achievement. Once you beat the tutorial, re-download the title update and your game should load normally, though your character level may have decreased in the process (the level progression numbers changed between the original game and title update).

Feel free to leave any other tips or tricks that you may have in the comments! While I have tried to represent my playstyle in this guide, there are plenty of other potential combinations that could work! Special thanks to Thrash Forever for providing some of the tips in this guide and TheRockchester for being patient enough to do these levels in co-op with me!
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