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Beyond the Veil in Resident Evil Revelations (Xbox 360)

Beyond the Veil174 (50)

【RAID MODE】Clear the bonus stage, The Ghost Ship.

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This achievement is best done in Co-op; Minimum level should be 40 with level 40 weapons with all the ammo cases and grenades fully purchased. (The higher your level and weapon level the better chance you have of completing the stage)

I recommend not having a level 50 character present during your run because chances are that you will come across the dark Norman which will 1 hit kill you almost and he is near unstoppable unless you have gluttony, full burst and a high level Drake, all I can recommend is run around the container on the map shooting and avoiding his near death hits. If you do have a level 50 character reduce his/her level by 1 so you are now level 49 this will stop him from spawning.

For my Run i used a PC356, M4OA1 and a MP5 all level 45, my co-op partner used M4OA1,P90 and a Pale Rider all level 45. ( The magnum wasn't very effective, so i recommend a pistol and so does my team-mate) all the custom parts used will be listed below.

The four custom parts that are essential to help increase your chances of surviving are:

- Medical Kit
- Ammo Magnet
- Physical damage increase

These are essential for the survival of you and your partner, the medical kit allows you to heal your partner as well as yourself meaning you have 28 herbs rather than 14 individually. The ammo magnet increases the chance of ammo drops and this also applies to fertilizer but that increases herb drop rate.

The other Custom Parts are based on how you want your guns whether you want damage, capacity, firing rate, but be sure to add physical damage because throughout the stage you will be stabbing and slicing your way through the level to preserve ammo.

Optional Custom Parts
- Damage (increases damage)
-Load capacity (increases magazine size)
-Fangs (drains a certain % of health based on the damage you deal)
-burst 2 or higher (every press of the trigger fires two or three rounds)

These are optional as i said before apart from the 4 essential custom parts these are how you want your load out.

Character selection plays an important role when trying to complete the Ghost ship, based on what weapons you are using and whether your play style suits the character you have selected personally since you will be stabbing all the time i would recommend someone with physical damage such as Kieth, but as i said you would want someone with the masterys that you need.

Please note: try to stab all enemies that don't pose much of a threat, this will help when you need to fight Norman.

I have put an estimated level below each section to give you a rough estimate of the difficulty progression and what level the enemies increase by in each area.

Each time you clear an area of enemies there will be a blow fish that will either give you a herb or a small amount of ammo when you kill it.

When you start the stage outside the boat when you enter the first room there will always be three ooze chunks (exploding guys) at first and they will be placed in two different positions on different runs based on where they are positioned will determine different monsters and in different locations, shoot them with your handgun or weapon with the most ammo it should only take one hit. After you kill them more enemies will spawn be sure to stab them because they are level 1 and they should die in one or two hits. After you stab them to death open the next door with the old key and proceed towards the kitchen, be cautious around corners because chunk oozes might be lurking. When you enter the room before the kitchen there will be two enemies blocking your path be careful because chunk ooze will spawn in front of the vending machine. Once you enter the kitchen you will have to fight multiple oozes to obtain an old key, once you have stabbed them all head back to the elevator that had a pad lock on it and proceed.

(Monster levels 1-10)

Once the elevator has reach the bottom their might be a ranged ooze outside the elevator door and to the right of the door is a Scagdead, so stab the ranged ooze and shoot the Scagdead just to be safe. Proceed through the hall way and open the door there will be ranged oozes in each corner of the map or if the Scagdead wasn't to the right of the elevator when you left he should be there. Once all enemies are dead one player should head up the ladder into the casino and kill all enemies be careful though because there are 3 Scagdead they spawn separately but they need to be killed before they instant kill you. The other player needs to jump into the water and swim towards the laboratory, when you climb the ladder kill all the enemies, there will be 2 Scagdead who have speed. The more confident player should head towards the laboratory because it is more difficult. Once the enemies in the casino and near the laboratory area are dead you should have two keys.

(Monster level 15-30)

The player who is at the casino should open the door to the hall and begin clearing out the solarium on the third floor, be sure to enter the little room where the generator is their will either be a fish or a group of enemies in there (if you don't kill them then you won’t get your second key) proceed to clear out the area and be sure to swim to the other side of the pool to spawn them enemies and kill the enemies by the diving board. Once you get the key make sure you head back to the hall try to dodge the enemies blocking your path because they will just waste your ammo and health if you fight them throw a stun grenade and run to the door. While on other hand the person who went towards the laboratory should be making his/her way to the casino, towards the hall to meet with the other player, you should now have 2 keys.

(Monster level 15-30)

When you have both re-joined one another there is two ways you can go i will explain both, the first way is to head to the cafeteria and use a key, you are going to run across the cafeteria and into the door that is the lower cabins. You will have to face dogs and wall Blisters (the guys who tear you in half) while running through the cafeteria throw a B.O.W Decoy to distract the dogs. Either a wall blister will spawn on the stairs to the left or to the right be sure to kill it instantly while running across to the door so you don't get grabbed. When you enter the lower cabins there will be either two hunters or nothing, enter the door on the right, once through the door their will either be a wall blister or hunters, kill the wall blister if there is one (it should be on the left) and run to the next door. Once you go through it there will be a wall blister on the left kill it quickly because on the right their might be a crowned wall blister, kill them and run to the door the left side is blocked by boxes so go to the right their will be a little hunter which you can evade and go through the door. Now go down the corridor and turn right and go through the door and there should be a elevator but be careful because once you open it a small dog will appear just knife it and go to the bridge area.

(Monster level 40-54)

Once you make your way through the corridors and into the bridge run past the enemies, down the stairs and open the door using your remaining key now you should see an elevator take it to the deck and kill the level 60 fish to get some ammo or a herb. When you make it into the deck safe room as i like to call it check to see what ammo and grenades you have you should have more than 10 of each grenade since the monsters are all easy to kill and the ones that are not you have run past. Once you go onto the deck there is no return and you have to do 6 battles before fighting Norman and then killing the giant blow fish and small piranhas.

The second method before you use the 2nd Key is you can head towards the promenade deck and open the door using the key and then fight dogs and then finally a Scagdead once you kill them all you will get the key to open the door, once you go through the door walk forward and then turn right, jump off the balcony and head up the stairs to the right and head towards the metal shutters. Once you lift and go through the shutters, monsters will begin to spawn just run past the monsters and jump off the ledge and you should be near large door, go through it to get to the elevator that will take you to the deck.

(Monster level 50 - 60)

It might seem impossible because all the monsters are level 60 but fear not, all of them have a weakness (well most of them anyway). The first wave consists of Scarmiglions (sword and shield guys) and Hunters just throw shock grenades at the (sword and shield guys) and try to stab or shoot the Hunters. Once that is done you now face the second wave is ooze chunks (exploding guys) and other oozes, throw a B.O.W Decoy to make the ooze Chunks explode damaging the other then take them out with your knife or bullets if need be.

The third wave of enemies will be two Scagdeads which one is crowned and one is normal use stun grenades and stab and charge attack and do massive damage they will take lots of shots and damage but eventually then should die. The fourth wave are 3 Draghignazzos (rock type guys) one is crowned, one is speed and the other is defence, they might spawn spread out or they might spawn in a group in the middle they are weak against just normal frag grenades just throw all 14 of them and you should be able to kill the fast and the defence Draghignazzos leaving only the crowned one for you to kill.

The fifth waves of enemies are globsters (the fat things from the beach) and ranged oozes, the globsters are weak against shock grenades or you can shoot them but all the enemies in this wave are weak so you might be able to stab them all. The Sixth wave is 4 ooze rachaels one is speed, defence, power and crown. The best way to kill them is throw stun grenades and kill the small one (speed), then move onto the power, then defence or crowned, keep stabbing because they are weaker to stabbing and charge attacks, But be cautious because if they grab you and if you don't have full health you could die instantly.

The seventh wave is Hunters and dogs this could be troublesome because they are mainly crowned and have improved stats but use whatever equipment you have left and try to preserve all your ammo and health, try to stun the hunters and use power attacks you might be able to hit other enemies and do extra damage. The eighth wave is Norman try to dodge all his attacks and only hit his weak points, unless you have ammo regeneration or gluttony you will most probably run out of ammo but as long as you can stab you still have a chance you should do roughly 1-3k damage per stab based on character and custom parts try to avoid attacks and stab away eventually he will die.

The ninth wave is a giant yellow fish and small piranhas’ they are weak and shouldn't be able to kill you so stab all the small fish before killing the giant fish. Once they all die 2 weapon crates drop and so do 2 illegal custom parts and now you just need to hit the gold emblem to finish the mission.... Unless you have a level 50 present, if that is the case when you hit the gold emblem you will have an almost impossible fight to do which is to defeat a overpowered dark Norman which can kill you in 1-2 hits and the only way to beat him is to circle the container and use gluttony, full burst and a high level Drake, but on your first run it is unlikely that you will come across him so enjoy your achievement and your 100k BP and 10k xp although ammo cost 50k to replenish so earnings are roughly 50k but you get the idea.

(Monster level 60)

I recommend not having a level 50 character present during your run because chances are that you will come across the dark Norman which will 1 hit kill you almost and he is near unstoppable unless you have gluttony, full burst and a high level Drake, all I can recommend is run around the container on the map shooting and avoiding his near death hits. If you do have a level 50 character reduce his/her level by 1 so you are now level 49 this will stop him from spawning.

Just like to thank Chaos Mythology for helping me do all the achievements and figure out a simple, easy, guide to S rank and complete the Ghost ship with ease.

I'd also like to give credit to Raezie for providing another tip on how to get to the Deck and a video guide

This is my first walkthrough, i tried to put as much detail in as possible and i hope it helped and thanks for checking it out.

After completing the Ghost ship if you are attempting to get 10K kills check out Chaos Mythology’s guide to the easiest method.
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