Welcome to the Future achievement in Mass Effect: Infiltrator (WP)

Welcome to the Future

Upgrade all Abilities, Biotics and Melee skills

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How to unlock the Welcome to the Future achievement

  • HybridchldHybridchld1,107,280
    23 May 2013 24 May 2013
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    This is the grind! You’ll need to upgrade all Abilities, Biotics and Melee Skills fully. Upgrading weapons is not required.

    You’ll need a total of 69,000 credits most of which you’ll get going for the other achievements. For grinding out the rest I suggest replaying the final boss fight. Once you know what you’re doing it takes about 60 seconds and gets you 1,800 credits.

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    Boots OrionI find that fighting the X1 is way quicker as there is no ridiculously long cut scene as with the end boss.

    My tactic is to have a maxed out cloak and high powered beam and assault rifle.

    At the start of both sequences you immediately use your cloak. In sequence one, you switch to the beam and systematically beat him down (shooting the arm and then the back - you'll only have to do this 3 times to end the sequence).

    After a brief cut scene, immediately use your cloak and then take out the 3 targets on his chest with the beam and then use the beam to drain his health. I alternate back and forth between the beam and the assault rifle once or twice so as not to drain the energy (and force a slow reload). You won't even have to re-aim your shot when alternating and so it is super fast.

    You can kill the X1 in under a minute this way. You should get Veteran status every time and be awarded with 1,800 credits.
    Posted by Boots Orion on 04 Jun 15 at 19:56
    The GlobalizerAgree with Boots - X1 with the beam weapon, damage helmet, and health armor is almost impossible to lose to. The only time I died in 30+ runs was when he chucked the blue discs *and* I was unable to exit aim view in time to run away. Everything else I just tank and speed run him. Got Veteran every time. 40k+ credits in ~30 minutes.
    Posted by The Globalizer on 03 Feb 17 at 19:51
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  • MeszerusMeszerus468,294
    27 Aug 2014 27 Aug 2014 22 Nov 2014
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    I advise you grind out Hangar Bay, Checkpoint 2 a few times to fully upgrade your Assault Rifle (will kill most everything quite easily) and moderately upgrade your Beam Cannon (for armored enemies and bosses), which will allow you to grind the X1 and/or final boss much more easily.

    Recommended grinding spots (based on time/effort/enemies versus credits profit):

    Hangar Bay, Checkpoint 2
    Pays out 900 credits when you obtain a Veteran rating. This short level consists of only 4x Turian Troopers, and 4x Turian Snipers. All enemies are easy, in a small room, and there is plenty of cover provided for you. Replay the checkpoint from the battle analysis screen and you'll be placed just outside the room to re-start the process. From the starting balcony, you can take out three enemies without much danger, using a Sniper Rifle. 900 credits for a Veteran rating won't be beaten until X1 Wing's Checkpoint 4 (1,300 credits).

    X1 Wing's Checkpoint 4 and 5
    Checkpoint 4 pays out 1,300 credits and Checkpoint 5 gives you 1,200 credits (both for Veteran). Whilst these amounts are a significant increase, they are much longer than Hangar Bay's Checkpoint 2 with bigger areas, more enemies, and a wider variety of enemy types.

    Colosseum, Checkpoint 1
    The X1 boss battle pays out 1,800 credits on Veteran -- the same as the final boss battle does. But with a moderately-upgraded Beam Cannon, the X1 can be beaten very easily and you won't even need to take cover. In the second phase the fight, run to get some distance from him before gunning him down again.

    Desert Planet, Checkpoint 1
    The final boss pays out the same as X1 will, but has more health and most of her attacks mean you have to take cover. However, a max-upgraded Assault Rifle or Beam Cannon can deal with her; you just have to change cover quite often and wait for her to re-materialise in different areas. HOWEVER, there is an unskippable cutscene ending this level before you can replay the checkpoint, which can be a bit annoying to watch over and over. Especially since the time spent watching this each time could be spent on doing a quarter or half of Hangar Bay Checkpoint 2.
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