3 words Fa-Bu-Lous! achievement in Mass Effect: Infiltrator (WP)

3 words Fa-Bu-Lous!

Achieve a style rating of 30 or more in a single battle/checkpoint

3 words Fa-Bu-Lous!0
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How to unlock the 3 words Fa-Bu-Lous! achievement

    24 Jul 2015 24 Jul 2015
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    The Final checkpoint of the bonus missions has infinitely spawning orcus mechs, one of the weakest enemy types. Ignore the orge and stay in the small room you spawned in. Orcus mechs will walk at you. They seem to alternate between a single mech and a pair. Kill one, switch weapons, kill another, switch back. Repeat 30 times.

    Note: This method can cause the game to lag. The achievement should pop fine.

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  • SlayerSpecialSlayerSpecial698,928
    17 Aug 2013 17 Aug 2013 17 Aug 2013
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    I tried the solution above, but staying alive is in itself difficult, let alone work on style. Find out that level X1, Checkpoint 4 is much easier, if one mix stuff and be fairly fast in between kills, it's almost impossible not to reach 30.
  • X QuisUtDeus XX QuisUtDeus X88,035
    11 Aug 2013 11 Aug 2013
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    Here's how I did this:

    First, just play through the game. You might get it on the way. If not, don't worry. Having a fully upgraded "pull" ability, beam weapon, and cloak will help greatly with this.

    Once you have beaten the game and have some upgraded abilities and weapons, use chapter select and pick "Access Corridor", Checkpoint #6. There are easily enough enemies on this checkpoint to get a style rating of 30. Just use biotic abilities in combination with your weapons whenever possible and constantly switch weapons so that your "style" counter keeps going up every time you get a kill.

    Use "pull" whenever possible (if maxed out you can pull three weaker enemies at once) and rack up kill combos by shooting them all with the beam weapon without exiting out of the game's aim system. You get extra style points for kills in combination with biotic powers. Once that's done, switch to the sniper rifle and take out a weaker enemy to keep your combo counter going, and then use the beam weapon for larger combos when you have the chance.

    This level will have a combination of cerberus soldiers and geth, along with one Ogre mech and a bunch of Geth Juggernauts. These can all easily be dealt with using a maxed out beam weapon. Use cover well, and use cloak and run away if you get into trouble. TAKE YOUR TIME. Time is NOT a factor for the game's style rating, so just stay alive and kill the enemies in varying ways and you should easily get a style rating of 30 on this checkpoint.

    This achievement will pop instantly once you hit "30", so once that happens just finish the level off or exit out, and you're good to go!

    Let me know if you have any suggestions or additions to this and I'll be sure to add them.
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