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All-Star in CastleStorm

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Reach 100% completion in Campaign mode by obtaining all the stars.

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Alcoholic Socks
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Alcoholic Socks
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Before you try to get this achievement you will want to get A LOT of coins.
An easy way to boost this is to go on Kingdom Quest ---> Ore Mine ---> Frenzy battle!
Put it on hard and use the projectile Tri-Stone. You can win this level in under 20 seconds and you get 3,000-5,000 coins every time.
You will want to keep playing this until you have maxed out EVERYTHING (or at least what you will use).
Remember you also need to level up the equipment from 'Welcome to Vikingland'.

Now on how to get 5 stars in a mission.

You CAN NOT get 4 in one run then the last one in another to gave all 5 meaning you MUST get all 5 in one run.

How are they given out?
2 for accuracy (How accurate you are with the ballista
2 for difficulty (One on Normal. One on Hard. Playing on hard gets them both.)
1 for the bonus objective.

Hints and Tricks:
Guardian Spirit/Ghost Army will kill all enemies apart from Bosses.

Any Mission where you have to Protect so many people or something similar can be won by destroying the enemy castle. (Example of this can be found in the second mission I have listed)

Orcs/Troll+Griffin/Dragon is a great combo for clearing out enemies and protecting yourself. If you can get 2 of each out you should be safe for a while.

On hard you do not get a guide of where your projectiles will go, however if you equip Crystal Beam/Death Ray they will have a laser aim. You can use this to help guide your projectiles.

On most of the missions it is faster and easier to get the flag. But I recommended sending Golum/Trolls out to destroy the gate while you and Gunners attack the castle.
If you break the gate send a fast unit (anything riding an animal) to get the flag and protect it with the The Golum/Troll and a Hero.

First i will run though Kingdom Quest setup and the harder missions.

You will see some mission guides below these are the missions I found hard. If you are struggling on a mission please post in the comments which one and I will add a guide for it.
Kingdom Quest

Pick 'Skyhaven' and edit out the Archer and add the Priest.
(Also make one with Swordsman as a bonus objective requires them)

Javelin Burst.
Apple Grenade.
Potion of Conversion.
Homing Eagle.

Sir Gareth
Heavenly Sword
Holy Shield/Projectile Shield. (It depends on the level and what the objective is)
Guardian Spirit.

Mounted Knight
Stone Golem
Catapult Bearer.

All of them.


Donkey Island

Flag of the Island

Objective: capture the flag on the island!

Bonus: Win without using your ballista.

Wait until the Timer at the top reaches 4:10 then use Guardian Spirit and send out a Mounted Knight.
Everyone will be dead and the Mounted Knight can get the flag without being attacked.

Ore Mine

Clearing the Mine.

Objective: Occupy the mine with your troops!

Bonus: Destroy at least 3 enemy rooms.

I found that trying to get 15 units to the mine entrance was quite hard but there is another way to do this mission. As I mentioned above you can destroy the castle and win that way.

I recommend using a few of the Cannon Bearers then sending out some trolls to kill any enemies so you can focus fire on the castle.
Remember though that if the troll reaches the mine it will enter it and no longer fight so keep an eye on it. If it does go in the mine and you need protection remember you still have the Hero and all of your spells.

Mountain Entrance

Clear the Way!

Objective: Defeat the enemy!

Bonus: Have no more than 3 rooms destroyed in your castle.

This is one of the hardiest levels if you do not know what you are doing.
First you will want to check the Projectile Shield is equipped, with out it this level is almost impossible to 5 star.

When you start wait for the Golem to pick up the rock then shoot him in the face so he drops it. Wait until you have enough food and summon a Cannon Bearer, he will attack the Giant Golem and any smaller ones he spawns.

Ideally you want 3-4 Cannon Bearers and the rest Stone Golems.

Everytime he picks up a rock to throw at you shoot him in the face and make him drop it, if you miss and he throws it quickly put down the Projectile Shield on the rock, it will break it (you can also try and shoot it.)
Sometimes the rock will bounce of the Projectile Shield and hit the golem. i am unsure what triggers this but it does a lot of damage, it took him from 3/4 to dead when it happened for me.

This mission will take some time.

Now for the second part of the campaign.

Welcome to Vikingland


Fire Blast Bomb
Turkey Elixir
Death Ray.

Cpt. Thorvard
Stone Rain
Ghost Army.

Bear Rider
Mountain Troll

All of them

Viking Border

Mad Turkeys
This is easily the most frustrating mission in the game.
Before you even attempt this there are a few upgrades you should make.

Weapons (These are the ones you will use. The levels are what I had them at.)
Harpoon (LV10) Trash Metal (LV9) Mjolnir (LV8) Fire Blast Bomb (LV9) Multi-Ice (Level 9)

Rooms (Again levels are what i had.)
Treasury (LV10. When I first tried this I had it at LV1 and I couldn't even come close)
Giant horn (LV9).

There isn't really a strategy for this, but I found using the Trash Metal and the Fire Blast Bomb on big groups or for long shots was effective.


Do you remember the one from earlier called 'Mad Turkeys'?
This is part 2! Oh the joy!

But wait! Don't panic yet because this one is easier!
Use the same weapons as you did in Mad Turkey; Harpoon, Trash Metal, Mjolnir, Fire Blast Bomb, Multi-Ice.

This level is smaller, so you don;'t have to worry about as much dip.
You have higher ground reducing the dip even more.
The amount of coins you needs is less. 1000 Coins less to be exact!
There are more birds.
All of this combined makes the Trash Metal a monster!

Boar Horde

Objective: Hunt the Boar!

Bonus: get at least 30 headshot kills.

This one is easy to complete but I added it because of the Bonus.

This is one of the levels where you control a hero, Freia in this case and you are on the floor fight instead of controlling the ballista.

The best way to get 30 headshots is to run to one side of the map (Run and jump there, you will be hit less) and then use your throwing ability (RB+A) to headshot the Boar. When they get to you simply run to the other side and do the same again.
Rinse and Repeat :)

Troll Village


Objective: Kill the Troll Chieftain and capture the flag!

Bonus: Win without using the ballista.

This was one of the few that I struggled with.
This is how I finally did it.
Wait a few seconds and use Ghost Army.
When that has finished defend your self ad try get out two dragons.
Send out the hero Freia to kill any surviving enemies.
Now send a Bear Rider to collect the flag.


Crystal Defender/Red Gem Redemption

Objective: Destroy the Blue/Red Teardrop gem!

Bonus:Finish the Mission in 4 minutes.

It should be noted that in the first half of the campaign you have the missions;
'Crystal Defender2/Red Gem Redemption2' so you can follow this guide for them levels.

I have combined these two levels because they are the exact same.
You have to destroy a crystal at the enemies spawn.
You will want to start with the following projectiles; Harpoon, Trash Metal, Mjolnir, Fire Blast Bomb, Multi-Ice.

Kill the first enemies with Ghost Army and then spawn a troll (or 2) to kill any that spawn.
They will kill everything while you take out the crystal. Every time you get enough meat spawn a Gunner not only will they help you in attacking the crystal but they will also help the trolls kill the enemies.

(When I did this I had a max unit size of 13. I had 2 trolls and the rest gunners)

Like I said above these are the missions I found hard. If you need a guide on any please post in the comments and I will add one as soon as I can.


Kingdom Quest

Royal Arena

The Birds

Objective: Survive the attack!

Bonus: Finish the mission in 1:30

This is one of the missions where you play as a Hero, Sir Gareth in this case.
I had him at level 8 when I did this.

You are attacked by turkeys and have to kill so many of them.

This isn't hard to do, it is the bonus that makes this hard. Range attacks and the (B) attack are your friend here. Range attacks will cut out the time as the arrow will travel across the map faster than you, but remember you get accuracy stars.

Sir Gareth's (B) attack makes him jump the the air and swing, this will help you kill any low flying turkeys and the ones on the ground at the same time, which will save you 2-3 seconds each time.

Once you get good with the bow you shouldn't have a problem with this.

Ore Mine

Crime Prevention

Objective: Stop the thieves!

Bonus: make sure that no one gets through.

This is one of the missions where you play as a Hero, Sir Gareth in this case.
I had him at level 8 when I did this.

In this one you are blocked off by some rubble and you can only hit with the range attack (RB+A) if you are not very good with it this may cause some difficulties. But over time you will get better with it.

In this mission block (LB) is the most important thing. What I do is only aim for the thieves and every time an Archer shoots at me quickly block it and start killing the thieves. When there are no thieves alive on screen start killing the Archers. If you do it successfully you will end up with no more than 4 enemies on screen at once meaning you can quickly pick off the thieves and have a few seconds to get rid of the Archers.

Welcome to VikingLand

Viking Border

My Little Turkeys

Objective: Destroy the enemy castle!

Bonus: Finish the mission in under 4 minutes

In this mission your only projectile is the Turkey Elixir, but it isn't your only weapon!
You can still summon Troops (X) and cast Spells (Y)

What I recommend you do is you the Ghost Army to stop the first wave of enemies. Then summon a Hero until you have enough resources to get a Troll, when you do summon one. The Troll will kill the land units (Well most of them) and you need to focus on the air units with the Elixir until you can summon a Dragon. When you have a Dragon and Troll start aiming for the Castle, then summon one more Troll and one more Dragon just to be safe. Continue to aim at the castle and summon Gunners when you can to help out you and the other troops.

This mission is a tough one to beat because of the bonus objective, using my strategy I beat it with 12 seconds to spare. But it did take me 3 tries.



Objective: Survive the attack!

Bonus: Get a streak of at least 20 kills.

This is one of the missions where you control a hero, in this case it is Cpt. Thorvard.
I recommend doing the coin method above to level him up to at least level 8 (I got him to level 10 just to be sure)

You can get the bonus objective when you start, you your (B) to charge into the first few enemies and avoid the armored Bear Rider. You should just about reach the enemy spawn, stand here and spam (X) with a little luck you will reach the 20 Kills.

What you should then do is run back and attack the armored Bear Rider, make sure you attack it from behind though because if it hit's you you will lose a lot of health.

Once it is dead you will want to kill a lot of enemies with your range attack (RB+A) This is so you can get the accuracy up so if you miss shots against the dragon you will still get the accuracy stars. (I killed every enemies apart from wolfs with my throwing attack from this point but it isn't required.)

When the dragon comes the best tactic is to wait for it to come down and attack some one then throw the Axe at it. After a few hits it dies and you complete the mission!


Laser Show

Objective: Make sure that no one get through.

Bonus: Get a streak of 12.

On this mission the only projectiles you have are Death Ray and Crystal Beam, however you do still have all of your spells and troops. It would be a good idea to upgrade the two projectiles (One is in 'Kingdom Quest' the other is in 'Welcome to Vikingland') so the cool down rate is better. You will also want the spell 'Blizzard' on.

You have to defend your gate from wave after wave of enemies, if any break it and get to your castle you lose. This isn't as hard as it sounds, the problem here is getting a 12 kill streak, the most I have been able to get is 13 which shows you do not have much room for error.

I found a way to get the kill streak at the very start. What you will want to do is let the timer reach 3:20. When it does look down and kill the enemies at your gate with the RED beam. When they are dead quickly look at the group of Trolls and shoot them with the BLUE beam, this will freeze them now kill them with the RED one. If done correctly you will enter frenzy. You will want to go back to the BLUE beam and shoot it at everything (do not shoot the dragons though). When the frenzy runs out you should have around a 10 kill spree, now quickly use the 'Blizzard' spell and freeze a group of enemies, then shoot them with the RED beam. This should push you to twelve, if not restart and try again.

For the rest of the mission be smart and use your troops and spells, you do not want all of that work to have been wasted.
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