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Big 'Ol Pile of Wins

Win 500 Online Ranked matches

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  • Dingo SaladDingo Salad363,280
    18 Apr 2010 27 Apr 2010 10 Sep 2012
    129 2 44
    I've read all of the above achievements thoroughly, and they (surprisingly) don't seem to cover in exact detail the most efficient way to boost this achievement.

    Here are the steps I took, and what I believe to be the most efficient way to go about getting this:

    1. Get your buddy in chat, and create a ranked, 7 song battle mode match. Select any difficulty other than easy. Have your partner search for these specific game criteria and join your lobby. Almost nobody plays 7 song ranked battle matches, so this isn't difficult. Your partner will still occasionally wind up in a strange lobby, but more often than that, someone random will join yours. This is annoying, but simply create another one, or wait for them to leave.

    2. Fill the song queue with Slow Ride.

    3. Player One strums immediately and fails out three times, then Player Two fails out four. Switch; Player Two fails out three times, Player One fails out four. Since every song played counts as a 'ranked match played' for the achievement, you will maximize your game-win time and minimize your time creating lobbies, which admittedly is the most time consuming part of this achievement. Two matches will therefore net each player 7 out of 500 wins toward the achievement.

    4. Rinse and repeat for about 7 hours. It should be noted that the MOST efficient way to obtain this is for both players to be working for it. It would take one player approximately 6 hours to get it, but only 7 or 8 for both; this is because you will be maximizing 'game-win time', and not simply creating lobbies for one person to get four wins and repeating that.

    Key points:

    1. You can be in a private chat or a party to acquire this; both have been confirmed.

    2. No notes need to be hit by the other player. It counts as a win, not a tie, even if both players are at zero percent.

    3. The guitar hero scoring web site is unreliable at best where this achievement is concerned. During my boost for this, the site only recorded 20 battle wins for me, overall, when I should have had around 400.

    4. This method can be used to obtain the 15 consecutive standard controller wins, "The Long Road Ahead" (will pop after 100 wins), and :Search and Destroy.

    5. Progress for this achievement is stored locally. What I mean by this is, if you win 400 ranked songs on one storage device, and if that storage device fails and you have to create a new save (as I did), you will have to start from zero. What the GH website says does NOT count if you haven't done all 500 of these on one storage device. I had 425 legitimate Pro Face-Off wins when this happened. Feel my atomic rage.

    6. I wanted to note that this achievement popped for both myself and my partner at almost exactly 500 wins. This may not be the case for everyone, as I see people logging up to 700 wins (or even less than 500) before this achievement popped, but then again I see lots of references to the win tracking on the GH site, which my experience shows to be completely unreliable. At least to us, it appears that the in-game win tracking has an accurate counter.

    Special thanks to Zacry072 for boosting this with me.

    I will be updating this solution with pertinent information if it is brought up. Happy boosting!
  • ExodistExodist165,325
    07 Sep 2008 16 Apr 2009
    43 8 17
    If you want to get the achievement without boosting with a friend (as detailed in the other solution) my method only took a few days of playing for roughly 5 hours each day, after winning around 100-130 ranked matches purely from wanting to play online. At any rate, if you play on Expert difficulty that would be best but it doesn't matter too much. Start up a Ranked Battle Match with just 1 song, always choose a difficulty according to what your opponent picks to make it fair, if they pick Easy or Medium and you stick with Expert you'll lose.

    Once you're in the game, if you're both on Expert, I always chose 'Devil Went Down to Georgia', purely because around 70% of my opponents failed the intro, that said, you must be confident enough with the song to do it without star power. If they don't fail at the intro, just use a whammy powerup at the really fast parts and the like, although be careful since they can take you down pretty quick as well.

    If your opponent picks a lower difficulty, and don't have the (free) DLC, pick something like Raining Blood or Through the Fire and Flames. These are the toughest songs and a lot of players who'll be playing on higher difficulties might not be able to beat these songs without star power, if they simply fail you'll get a win, but if they're fighting on just bury them with a few powerups.

    That said, 500 wins is a lot and it'll take a lot of time, which is why Battle is the best mode to do this on, simply because a lot of people will fail out of the song pretty quick. If someone quits a match this also gives you a win, on the odd occasion I even managed to 'intimidate' a few players, who quit out before the song even started (TTFAF on Expert, I wonder why). If you're not a particularly good player, just stick the songs you can do without star power, and make sure you don't pick too high a difficulty. Apart from that, keep hosting, if you can't find matches, then use the other solution and BOOST.
  • Pedle ZelnipPedle Zelnip637,614
    25 Jun 2009 26 Jun 2009
    28 9 3
    If you're boosting this one, you can use the same method I described in my solution for "Life of the Party".

    Do the following (p1 is trying to get the achievement, p2 is the one helping him/her out):

    - p1 creates a ranked Face Off match with 7 songs
    - p2 does a search for a 7 song ranked face off match
    - once in the game together start the game (pick whatever songs/difficulty you want, I did "Slow Ride" for all songs and Easy since they're the default choices)
    - when the match starts, wait for p1 to hit a couple notes (say about 300 points worth)
    - p2 then quits from the match giving p1 credit for the win.

    Rinse & repeat. It takes about a minute per win, so that's 500 minutes == 8.3 hours or so.
  • LarkiasLarkias201,460
    19 Aug 2010 04 Aug 2010
    20 1 0
    Just some notes for people relying on the GH website:

    I don't think it includes player matches, as those games aren't recorded at all. They do record all songs in any ranked match, but across any storage device.

    If you got 300 wins with one save, the GH website will say 300. Then if you start a new save (not a new band, i mean a completely new save file) and get another 200 wins, the GH site says 500, but you actually only have 200, because the progress is counted locally within the save file.

    That doesn't mean you shouldn't check the GH site every so often to see how you're going, as it can give you a representation of how far you've come along. In about 2 weeks, i've got about 350-400 wins (playing every couple days for a few hours). I'd already had at least 100 wins, because I got the TLRA before my save file corrupted, and the online wins wasn't the last prerequisite for me to get TLRA, so I have no idea how far i went over.
  • TommyTommy265,978
    17 Oct 2008 04 Aug 2011
    16 0 0
    I unlocked this achievement in the middle of a setlist. The only way that could work out is if it was 500 songs not matches. So you're best bet is to Play 7 song vs matches and just try to get as many wins as possible. Now if i remember correctly it doesn't count if they quit.
  • nickb2819nickb2819687
    14 Nov 2009
    22 9 2
    In addition to Exodist's solution, I found a much faster way to get this one. Some could consider this method cheating, others won't. You can use it or not. Fact is most GH3 players can't pass Through the Fire and Flames' intro on expert, its even pretty tough for lots of players to get passed it on hard. So go to best of 7 Battle mode, preferably expert, pick 2 easy songs so the other player thinks your going to want to play those and after he makes his 3 song selection, quickly delete the 2 songs and pick TtFaF 3 times. Of course, if your one of the many players who just cant get passed it's intro, this solution is of no merit, but it is for those who can. Or you can just sit this one out and pick whichever songs you like, in any mode you like, but if you want this quickly use my method if you can. I may have lost a total of 100 songs to people while I still got my "500". And I also used a pad and pencil to tally my wins and I grabbed this achievement at an ironic 499 wins. Other say they got this around 300-400 wins as well, so maybe you can be a lucky one and get it early. And I CAN confirm that it is 500 SONGS, not 500 MATCH TYPES that you must win to get this achievement.

    Addition Battle mode tips:

    -If a player uses the lefty flip, or the amp overload powerups just look at your opponents note highway if your both playing on the same difficulty.

    -If your pretty even with your opponent, and don't believe you can eliminate him or her with any powerups, try your best to save an almighty whammy powerup for the sudden death round. Once the star shaped notes that give you the powerups come on the highway, activate it and laugh as you can easily beat your opponent with the death drain. This method is also effective with the broken string powerup as it takes out a note for a period of time, but not as effective as the whammy.

    -As you can probably tell, its usually a good idea to play whichever difficulty your opponent does in battle mode. If your looking to get this quickly, just quit out before the match starts if you get a player wanting to play easy or medium. But for quicker eliminations play your opponent in hard or expert difficulty, whichever he or she chooses.
  • greenturtle36greenturtle3646,528
    16 Feb 2011 16 Feb 2011
    10 3 7
    What I ended up resorting to, was using two xbox's and two GH3 discs. (I realize most people don't have two xbox's but I ended up with another cheap used one, and GH3 is cheap enough these days).

    create a dummy profile on the other xbox and sign up for the free 30 day Gold trial.

    Then basically keep creating battle matches and having the other one lose each time.

    I was done in a few hours.
  • th3 12th m4nth3 12th m4n140,336
    09 Feb 2009
    15 20 8
    Well... this achievement is rather, how you say, "Time Consuming" - to say the least ; ) But seriously, if you have the patience to get this bad boy, my best recommendation is to start up a Party Chat with a buddy to ensure communication and boot up a battle mode, obviously ranked, set to 1 song and have the other person just strum a bunch or not play at all to give you a win... while you're doing this you'll also get "The Long Road Ahead" achievement (Complete 100 Online Matches); "Search and Destroy" achievement (Join and Win 15 Ranked Songs in a Row); and the "Life of the Party" achievement (Host and Win 15 Ranked Songs in a Row). Have fun guys :D
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