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Right Hand of God

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  • English GamerrrEnglish Gamerrr135,189
    30 Mar 2009 17 Jun 2010 17 Jun 2010
    36 2 11
    The 2 main things your are probably having problems with is Raining Blood's Mosh 1 and the Lou Boss Battle. There is a video embedded at the bottom which shows a handy glitch which will allow you to beat Lou within seconds and it works on any difficulty but first...

    Basically hitting the first 2 SP phrases is key, survive for as long as you can before hitting the SP (hit it using the select button on your guitar as it gives you more control over when you activate it, if your'e using a GH3 Les Paul or RB Fender use your palm, if your'e using a GH:WT guitar then it's the real easy, if you're using a GH2 Xplorer then your shit outta luck).

    Strum the first note of each quad and try hit as much of it as you can, when you get the 2 chords and a random yellow note ignore the 2nd chord and the random yellow note.

    After this there's nothing you shouldn't be able to pass if you have gotten this far, if your'e paranoid same the rest of the SP for the trills (the patterns that go like R,Y,R,Y,R,Y or G,R,G,R,G etc.) in the flood and just anchor the left most colour (right most for lefties) and tap the other colour as fast as you can while strumming fast.


    [[Credit goes to xlyo345 on YouTube]]

    Step 1. Sign into your profile.
    Step 2. While at the main menu go to options, then go to Cheats.
    Step 3. Enter the cheat for "Easy Expert" and "No Fail."
    Step 4. Turn on ONLY those two cheats.
    Step 5. Go back to the main menu, select Quickplay, Expert Difficulty
    Step 6. Play Through the fire and flames and get to the part after the intro.
    Step 7. Pause, Quit,Go Back to the Main Menu
    Step 8. Sign Out of your profile.
    Step 9. Sign Back In, and go into your career, go straight to the Lou battle, and Start it!!!!!
    Step 10. Once the battle starts, watch Lou's rock meter. HE FAILS!!!
    Step 11. Finish Him!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Easy Expert:
    Green + Red, Green + Yellow, Yellow + Blue, Red + Blue,
    Blue + Orange, Yellow + Orange, Red + Yellow, Red + Blue.

    No Fail:
    Green + Red, Blue, Green + Red, Green + Yellow, Blue,
    Green + Yellow, Red + Yellow, Orange, Red + Yellow, Green + Yellow,
    Yellow, Green + Yellow, Green + Red
  • Bentom08Bentom0851,324
    01 Feb 2009 22 Nov 2008
    21 5 0
    no real tips for most of the main setlist just paractice, practice and practice some more! But when you get to Lou keep restarting until you a whammy for your first powerup, then use it when he starts soloing. This should win the battle and you'll only have the outro to worry about
  • hsBEATNGU36hsBEATNGU3661,438
    25 Mar 2009 25 Mar 2009 25 Mar 2009
    12 1 0
    All I can say is practice until you can get about 70% on a part of a song your having trouble and then play it. Also watch the world record holder on youtube, get 100% on what ever you are having trouble on. It shows you his hand in video, so thats another way to learn, you also just have to be good at the game.
  • Vx L ROCKVx L ROCK238,889
    28 Mar 2009 14 Jun 2010
    12 1 0
    If you are having trouble with the battle with Lou (which i did). get a friend ready next to you and then whenever Lou uses the whammy attack which he used on me a lot get your friend to quickly get rid of it while you play as normal. Also one other tip DO NOT use attacks separately wait until you have 3 attacks then use them all consecutively.
    28 Jan 2009
    12 2 2
    Hyper-speed can really makes things easier for you. It spaces out notes so you can see what is going on in those tricky solos, when i was attempting raining blood i used hyper-speed- 3 and it made things much easier.
  • Scrublordthe3rdScrublordthe3rd156,534
    01 Jun 2009 01 Jun 2009
    11 12 0
    theres a glitch for beating lou real easy but u have to have 2 xbox profiles go on the one you dont want it on put in the no fail and easy expert cheat then play slow ride on expert quickplay mode after you finish the first orange quit sign in on the profile you want it on then do the boss battle and he should start failing
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