Guitar Hero achievement in Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

Guitar Hero

Earn 5 stars on all songs on the Expert difficulty

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How to unlock the Guitar Hero achievement

  • NathAttackNathAttack185,588
    02 Nov 2008 26 Nov 2008
    46 1 22
    If you're at the point of shooting for this, there's not alot that can really help you.

    That being said, I achieved this by using Hyperspeed on some of the harder songs (Raining Blood, Before I Forget) because I personally find it easier. Some people find it makes it harder -- It's personal preference.

    I found I was ready and able to knock this over in the same day that I beat Through The Fire and Flames on expert, and by a small margin. So use that as a comparison. If you haven't beaten TTFAF, chances are you aren't ready for this.

    5-star Expert cutoffs for Guitar Hero III can be found here, courtesy of ScoreHero:

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    YaziteFinally got this achievement. It took a while but I got 233k on RB which I'm quite happy with.
    Posted by Yazite on 22 Nov 13 at 18:33
    TA SamI've gotten pretty good over the years but I've played since the first GH game. For me, the only songs I had trouble with were Raining Blood and One. Raining Blood took 1-2 tries and I'm good at it now. I could probably FC up to the fast strumming. One is fairly easy as well. As long as you save star power for Fast solo A you should be good.
    Posted by TA Sam on 12 Nov 15 at 11:43
    SpeedBumpVDropRaining Blood wasn't that difficult to 5-star. Took me about two tries. Personally, I thought Before I Forget was going to be a pain, as the song has chords all over the place. Luckily, I 5-starred that.
    Posted by SpeedBumpVDrop on 13 Dec 15 at 09:29
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  • ChardcoreChardcore893,042
    20 Jun 2009 20 Jun 2009
    25 2 1
    There's a different way to do Raining Blood, a method I just used to squeak by it. It revolves around using 1 SP activation. Be sure you can pass both Mosh 1, and the flood without SP (for the longer, fast trills in the flood, anchor your index finger on the lower note and hit the higher note with your middle finger as fast as you can, you'll be able to nail all of it. Try it in practice first to see what I mean.)

    If you're good enough to hit the first 6 phrases (the long green string before the flood doesn't matter for this) then you won't need to read on and you shouldn't have any trouble with the 5* anyway.

    However, not all of us are phenoms, so optimal SP usage is essential. You need to hit at least 4 of the 6 SP phrases for this. This allows you to miss the SP in Mosh 1 and even gives you some wiggle room in case you miss the one in the verse like I seem to do all the time.

    With your maxed out SP meter, continue to save it until the chorus, which is when he yells RAINING BLOOOOOOOOOD. The entire section is chords, and it lasts 8 measures. Your full SP bar will last 8 measures. Nail the entire section under 8x SP and you get 51,200 points for your efforts, which on its own is a little better than 1/5 of the 5-star cutoff of 227,215.

    If you cannot hit the Mosh 1 or Verse SP phrases with any consistency (like me) then this is the optimal way to go. Obviously you still have to have a solid run throughout the rest of the song, but this will get you a few thousand points closer if you're right on the cusp. I broke combo in the verse and flood numerous times and only hit a little over 90% of the notes, and I ended comfortably over the cutoff using this path. Good luck!
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    LarkiasI just 5*ed this today with 228K. I was certainly cutting it close though. If I'd made a mistake in the solo I would've screwed it up.

    Well, the way I could tell whether I had a chance of getting 5 stars was by how many points I had at the bridge (the groups of 2 G/R chords). I aimed for about 160K by then, which would mean I don't need star power for the rest of the song if I played well.

    I had about 80K at the end of the verse, with full star power, which I used on the 3 note chords (with an 8x multiplier the whole way through that, you can net just under 80K). I know that means missing out on a SP phrase, but the points you can get from an 8x all the way through that part is higher (and easier) than trying for an average 4x through the verse, and then 8x through the bridge (I tried that method a lot, and I usually got about 80K from those 2 parts, plus the 40K from the 3 note chords).

    By the time I was up to the fast green part I had about 200K, then the solo added about 30K (without SP or a decent multiplier). It was the last 3-note chord that pushed me over the 5* cutoff =)
    Posted by Larkias on 19 Apr 10 at 04:28
  • Psycho Joe 1Psycho Joe 150,326
    14 Nov 2008 22 Apr 2009
    23 0 1
    The main 2 songs people have problems with when trying to 5* GH3 on Expert are Raining Blood and One.

    Here's a vid of each song, and a few tips to go with.

    For Raining Blood, it helps to get both SP phrases before Mosh 1 (the part with all the fast Hammer-Ons). However, to stand a good chance of 5*ing it, use your SP straight away whilst keeping a combo, and get past Mosh 1 without the need to use it.

    Mosh 2 is next, and the vital strumming pattern is 1, 12345 as far as the greens are concerned. Once you try it out, you'll understand that. Keep a good combo here and pick up some more SP.

    Nothing too tricky from here, collect more SP and use it on the RBO chords whilst keeping a combo for max points.

    Now hit the next 2 SP phrases and activate it, and as long as you can make it past the flood without SP, you've almost certainly 5*d this one.

    As for One, there's nothing tricky until the darkness riffs, which you should strum 7 times for each one (alt-strumming). On the 7th strum, hit the GYB chord. Save your SP for getting through Fast Solo A, then as soon as you have it available again, use it. A bit of practice and it really isn't that hard.

    Good luck!!

    *Credit for the Raining Blood vid goes to youtube user 'Benedettosoxfan', and credit for the One vid goes to youtube user jclynch5'
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    HottestJamjarI managed to do One easy. Raining Blood and 3 others is currently annoying me. Gave up playing since RB though!
    Posted by HottestJamjar on 26 May 09 at 17:20
  • DimehagDimehag261,193
    20 Sep 2009 20 Feb 2011 05 Mar 2011
    16 1 0

    At the very start of the song, up until the quad hammer-ons, it is very easy to FC (full combo) and you should leave this section with around 35k points. To stand any chance of 5 starring the song you need to get both of the star power phrases.
    Once you get to the quad hammer-ons if you can do them with ease then great however if not then try and refrain from using star power to stay alive as it makes it near impossible to 5 star if you do.
    Once you are past the hammer-ons you come to a small section with constant double notes, these notes are not vital to 5 starring the song however if you can get the star power phrase in here then it will help all later.
    After this section comes the section were you will be getting the biggest bulk of points. There are four phrases of triple chords which you really need to to FC.
    You can play this section in two ways.
    The first is if you have managed to collect the 4 star power phrases that have already passed then you can use star power as the first lot of triple notes arrive.
    The second is if you have only managed to obtain 2/3 of the star power phrases then you must wait for the first lot of triple notes to have been to use star power as they themselves are a star power phrase.
    This section should give you around 120k points if FC which brings you to around 170-180k points.
    The next section is a string of double notes which is followed by some single strummed notes. This section is almost impossible to miss and if you FC it then you should get roughly another 40-50k points.
    The last section should really only be used to 5 star if you know that you are only a few thousand points off. Realistically you will probably only get around 10-15k points but that's only if you are exceptionally good at spamming buttons all over the guitar.

    The cut off for getting 5 stars is 227,000 and if you follow this guide with reasonable accuracy then you should get something along the lines of 235-240.

    Anyone who marks this down please comment and say why.
  • metrodome934metrodome93424,593
    26 Jul 2009 26 Jul 2009
    18 3 2
    There is a big difference in beating One and Raining Blood. I 5 starred RB a week after I beat TTFAF. i found an optimum sp path tp get the most score.

    Hit the first two in the drizzle and hard rain sections and use it for the green triple gallops and keep an 8x combo. try and hit one of the star powers in mosh 1 and the verse. you have to hit at least one of them.

    hit the star power in mosh 2 and use it at the start of the 12 -r-bo chords and the two gry-- chord in mosh 2. the star power will last for two of these sections and get you alogt of points.

    the next section is easy to fc. Its just like the drizzle. try and hit the star power in the bridge and then do as well as you can through the rest of the briddge and the chorus.

    the star power at the start of the flood is not essential. if you cant keep a consistent combo then use sp at the end of the flood where you should get a 3x combo and then whammy the aftermath. congratulations, you have just 5 starred Raining Blood.
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