Streak Masters achievement in Guitar Hero III

Streak Masters

Earn a 2000 note streak in a Co-op match

Streak Masters0
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How to unlock the Streak Masters achievement

  • th3 12th m4nth3 12th m4n143,281
    21 Mar 2009 23 Mar 2009
    41 2 9
    If you find yourself as being a fairly solid player but your friends aren't too hot, then I'd recommend "Story of My Life" by Social Distortion with both players on expert. I did this and me and buddy got this finally. Everyone was always messing up on the long, semi-hard songs. All the bass player needs to do is literally hit one note per second for the whole song...

    Ex: "Green, green, green, green, red, red, red, red, etc." (and so on and so forth for the whole song. Not hard at all. We did it on our first try and it felt good to finally get this one off of the To Do List.

    Good Luck!!

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    MaliiciousYou can be online or local. Doesn't matter. Although online only the host might get the achievement, I am not sure though.
    Posted by Maliicious on 08 Jun 12 at 22:04
    darkling1542I did this first try with a random on TTFAF on easy.. just keep your focus (it's so damn easy that you can make a mistake sometimes)
    Posted by darkling1542 on 22 Dec 13 at 23:36
    TA SamMe and my partner had an epic run to get this achievement! We got it on knights of cydonia. I do not recommend this be your song of choice for this achievement. We were both on expert and i played bass. My partner is godly at the fast strum on this song and we easily cleared over 2900 NS. We almost got a Co-Op FC but I missed One frickin note! He FC'd his part.
    Posted by TA Sam on 03 Aug 15 at 05:27
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  • Data555doughData555dough72,855
    01 May 2009 13 Jun 2009 14 Jun 2009
    33 1 4
    This achievement can be gotten by playing a few different songs. Most people I know choose "One" on expert (hard may work but I am not entirely sure) because as long as you can keep the note streak up until the darkness riffs and just a little bit into it, then it should not be too difficult. Just make sure the stronger player is on lead. However, there are other options.

    The following is a simple list of other options on how to get the achievement:

    1) TTFAF on easy (practice because even though it's on easy, overstrums do happen).

    2) TTFAF on medium (not entirely difficult, and only suggested for those getting frustrated at getting really far on easy and missing near the end).

    3) Story of My life on expert (basically have to full combo since it has only 2024 notes).

    4) Even Flow on expert (not too difficult for either lead or bass and is really fun to play. Also with 2121 notes it's pretty much FC or move to another song).

    5) Holiday in Cambodia on expert (ignore the intro. This song has plenty of notes afterwords to get that 2000 note streak. In fact, check out for co-op videos of this and other songs that you think you may be comfortable with getting that 2000 note streak.

    6) There are DLC songs where this is possible as well, but who wants to PAY for an achievement? Well, since I love Metallica, I bought the Death Magnetic Album and my friend and I played Suicide and Redemption K.H. and got the achievement that way (with a killer 3796 note streak btw). Both Suicide and Redemption songs are fairly easy on expert and it can be done as long as the streak is kept until the solo. IMO, J.H. has an easier solo. I am not entirely sure, but this could probably be done on hard as well with both songs.

    Well, I hope this helps. There are plenty of options, and if you want to see more songs where this can be done, check out There they have song stats, videos of FC's and CO-OP FC's, top scores, forums, etc.

    On a final note, I play GH3 every once and awhile and would not mind helping someone get this achievement if they cannot find a suitable partner to do so. Just message me (or Swift Shadow UK) here or on XBL and I am sure one of us can help get you this achievement.
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    TrombonafideA friend and I just got it on Suicide and Redemption JH on Medium. If you don't miss any notes from the start, you should get it around the beginning of the solo. We both found Medium easier to do than Easy.
    Posted by Trombonafide on 23 Jun 12 at 07:16
    poochz0rzI got it playing TTFAF with me on Medium and my buddy on Easy. Honestly, I'd say only attempt that if you're above average. Even Medium is easy to choke on.
    Posted by poochz0rz on 03 Feb 14 at 02:25
    SpeedBumpVDropI need this as well. The weekend, maybe?
    Posted by SpeedBumpVDrop on 10 Dec 15 at 19:44
  • AtP ShadowAtP Shadow85,243
    13 Feb 2009 09 Apr 2009 09 Apr 2009
    27 2 1
    An easier method if you are having trouble with this is to try the Metallica song "One" on medium.
    It has so many notes that you will hit a 2000 note streak before the song ends.

    The only real troublesome part of the song is the solo at the end (if you are playing lead) but if you are quite competent at medium difficult it shouldn't really pose much of a challenge, besides that's what practice mode is for =)

    Edit: I know this isn't exactly the place but if anyone needs help with this send me a friend request or message and i will gladly help.
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    IAmNotAPersonme and my friend were trying this exact way and screwed up in the solo. for anyone wondering, the solo is exactly 1759 notes into the song, that was our streak :(
    Posted by IAmNotAPerson on 24 Jun 09 at 03:47
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