Living Legends achievement in Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

Living Legends

5 Star all Co-op songs on Expert

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How to unlock the Living Legends achievement

  • PerpaliciousPerpalicious168,275
    28 Mar 2010 15 Apr 2010 04 Jun 2011
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    Before I give any tips, I want to address some confusions that players might have:

    First, this achievement (Living Legends) can only be unlocked in "LOCAL" expert co-op. Do not do it on Xbox Live because you will not unlock it.

    Second, both players must 5 star every single song in expert co-op, not just the main set list. I do not mean the bonus songs where you must press another button to reveal the songs. I'm referring to the songs that are unlocked once you and your partner have completed co-op career.

    Third, the multiplier and score do not always determine whether you will get a 5 star. Getting a 2.8x means a 5 star in single player but not co-op. I have got 3.4x with a co-op partner in "Helicopter" and got 4 stars. From personal experience, both players must play equally well to achieve a 5 star.

    Fourth, only player 1 will receive this achievement. That means there will need to be two playthroughs if both players want this achievement.

    Lastly, both players must be on expert. One cannot be on easy and another on expert as this will only unlock the easy co-op achievement.

    Onto tips:

    (1) Optimal Star Path - Anyone who has played this game knows that star power makes a big difference. Unfortunately, star power does not make up for inconsistent play. I have intelligently used star power but still have got 4 stars because my partner could not play well. Anyone aiming for this is obviously good enough to know when the best parts are to activate star power.

    (2) Hyperspeed - Most people will find three to be too fast in co-op, but one or two is what I recommend. The separation in notes can be helpful for most, but make sure that your partner is comfortable with hyperspeed.

    (3) Streaks - This is more important than star power and hyperspeed. If you or your partner do not streak consistently then you won't get a 5 star. From personal experience, I have found that streaking is more important. I have got 3.2x on Knights of Cydonia before but I still did not 5 star it with my partner because he fudged up a lot. This was using an optimal star path, by the way.

    (4) Practice - More often then not, your partner will be the one who is going to be lagging behind. Even if that is not the case, both players must practice sections that ruin a 5-star run. For example, my brother had to practice the strumming speed two or three times on Raining Blood and we did it on our second try. Practice always will help.

    (5) Good Cooperative Partner - This is more important than any thing else. If your partner sucks then you will not get this achievement. :P

    Good luck and have fun!

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    Plasma TeardropIs there anyone in Scotland who wants to do this? I don't know anyone near me who is good enough, let alone anyone who still plays this game...
    Posted by Plasma Teardrop on 10 May 18 at 23:49
    SchiZoPHreNiikzRaining Blood
    321K = 4 star
    327K = 4 star
    337K = 4 star
    360K = 5 star
    Posted by SchiZoPHreNiikz on 29 Jan 19 at 03:00
    Prolific PlutoAnyone local around central MA who wants to do this?
    Posted by Prolific Pluto on 21 Mar 20 at 02:47
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  • KiNG Y0Y0KiNG Y0Y0192,530
    06 Mar 2011 01 Mar 2011
    17 6 3
    There are no co-op 5 star cut-offs, so there isn't really a score to aim for. For example, Player 1 could be on expert and FC TTFAF, while his or her partner could be on easy. If the person on easy does poorly enough, the song will not be 5 starred.

    So, in order to get 5 stars, both players have to do well, not just one. Hope this helps and solves some of the frustration with not getting 5 stars even after getting a high score.
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    Elmo TeH AzNSo do both people have to be on Expert then or can one be on another level to help the Expert player the achievement?
    Posted by Elmo TeH AzN on 23 Mar 11 at 21:07
    KiNG Y0Y0The lowest difficulty is the only one that counts. For example: if player 1 is on expert and player 2 is on easy, it will count as easy.
    Posted by KiNG Y0Y0 on 23 Mar 11 at 22:06
    Flopsy86That is the best example of showing that co-op career 5*'s are not based on score and instead on average multipliers.

    Thanks for throwing that into perspective.
    Posted by Flopsy86 on 23 Feb 14 at 16:20
  • CommanderCHCommanderCH64,333 64,333 GamerScore
    25 Dec 2011 01 Jun 2012
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    To summarize this:

    What you need:
    -The Game
    -Play on expert well
    -A 2nd player living near you and being able to play on expert well

    1. ONLY the HOST (the one who starts the session) will unlock the achievement.
    2. It DOESN'T work on XBOX LIVE, it only works on LOCAL coop-career.
    3. BOTH must play on expert.
    4. You have to 5 star ONLY the songs in the CAREER, NO DOWNLOADS or BOUGHT songs in the SHOP
    5. Use STARPOWER in places where you have an x4 multiplier, since the game looks more for your multiplier and not the score. With a 2.8 multiplier you MUST have the 5 stars but sometimes it also gives you the 5 stars already at 2.6.
    6. You MAY switch instruments for example at Raining Blood or Knights Of Cydonia, if someone can better strum or better play solos.
    7. There are only 6 concerts but there will appear an extra part at the career as soon as you completed it. Also these songs need a 5 star.
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