The Inhuman Achievement in Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

The Inhuman Achievement

Complete Through the Fire and Flames on Expert

The Inhuman Achievement0
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How to unlock the The Inhuman Achievement achievement

  • drO0blesdrO0bles43,105
    17 Jan 2009 23 Feb 2009
    42 1 10
    A few points of advice:

    - You really don't need to elbow strum the first note of the intro. Some people prefer it, but you have more than enough time to strum with your right hand, tap the first red and yellow notes with your left, and start tapping with your right on the first blue. Just keep practicing on Slow. You'll get it!

    - If you're struggling to pass the solo, here's a star path that might help you. Ignite your star power right at the beginning of Herman's Solo, and it should end right before the next star phrase. This one and the next star phrase are pretty easy to nail (relative to the rest of the solo), so practice hitting those two sections. There's also a third SP phrase later on in the solo, if you can make it to that point. Then, wait till you're in the flashing red to use your SP, which will hopefully last you long enough to get to the GYO chord.

    - After you pass the solo, you're not exactly home free; there's still the infamous "Red Snake" in So Far Away III. If you're in the red at this point, you might have trouble getting past it. But the best thing to do when you reach the Red Snake is just hold down the red fret and strum. You'll nail most of the red notes and should come out about even on the rock meter.

    - If you can get past this point, you're probably okay to beat the song. Just watch out for the "You Rock" section right before the end. If you can nail the two SP phrases after the Red Snake, you might want to save it for this section.

    In the end, it all comes down to practice, practice, practice. I spent many a frustrated hour failing at about 83%. Now, many months later, I can pass it pretty consistently. Just don't get too upset if you keep failing. Play onward! Your hard work will eventually pay off.

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    My bro did this on this account. I can only do hard.
    Posted on 13 Feb 15 at 21:22
    TA SamAlthough I do not recommend this because it will hurt your hand, but I passed the intro one-handed. I use three fingers to do it one-handed. I don't use my pinky which some people like to do to hit the orange. Definitely not easy to do but a better alternative for me because I'm bad at tapping. Most of the rest of the song I can pass. I beat it on my second try with about 440K score
    Posted by TA Sam on 03 Aug 15 at 05:14
    PirS92Easier to play with a real guitars
    Posted by PirS92 on 10 Apr 19 at 02:45
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  • 26 1 0
    To play the beginning, try holding down the green with your right hand, place your other hand on the four buttons (red, yellow, blue, and orange), and then strum with your right elbow. You can now play it normally if you don't mess up in the beginning and remember to hold the green down. I find this way to be much easier to get through the beginning. Unless your lefty, I think this method may be easier. The beginning is also much slower than it appears, I use to wonder why I was missing, then I realized I was going faster than the notes, how ironic. I can get 506k 90% but that took me a very long time. Just keep practcing and you should be able to get it. Start practice on slow and work your way until you can hammer-on the entire beginning because one mistake there can fail you if you can't restart fast enough. Also, practice the solo, this for me was by far the hardest part. If you get really frustrated with the beginning, use a rubber band, and this actually helps to practice the other fingers, if you don't want to do the cheating way later on. If you can't beat it with a rubber band, you probably can't beat the rest of the song. Anyway, good luck, hope it helps.
  • Forchex2Forchex272,886
    16 Dec 2008 03 Jan 2010 05 Jan 2010
    21 0 0
    Start by turning on hyperspeed 1 or 2 it may seem fast at first but as soon as you get used to it you will get much better.

    Fingertapping not only does it help you get passed the intro but it makes you feel like a baddass when you can first do it. =D

    Intro-go onto practice mode put it on slowest, place your left 3 fingers on the first three frets (unless your on lefty mode then its right 3 fingers on the first 3 frets) i use my middle finger from my right (strumming hand) to tap the blues and the oranges but thats totally up to you on what finger you choose. (remember to keep your green button held down at all times)now play the *They're hammer ons* section on slowest by fingertapping this technique until you 100% it now change your speed to slower until you 100% it then slow and normal speed.
    (Trust me you'll have this in no time) When you're done with this section move on to synth death

    Synth Death- make sure you can do this to not fail out, again if you struggle with this do the practice mode on slowest, slower, slow until you do proficient (with practice this is one of the funnest parts)

    Solo fill 1-try to grab that star power for later

    Herman's Solo- make sure you get the star power in the center of this solo for later, practice the end of herman's solo the part with the yellows and blues with occasional red, place pointer finger on yellow and middle on blue. just tap your middle finger and when it gets to the red release your middle finger and roll your pointer finger onto its side landing on the red then back to the yellows and blues (this little bit can raise your meter quite a bit).

    Sams solo- practice practice practice this solo. although it may not be long it can and will fail you if you slip. this is not where you need your star power so dont use it. or good luck if you do

    Herman's solo 2- get that starpower

    What the ...!?- make it through a little bit before using your star power (a full bar is a for sure win) should last you through the twin solo

    Twin solo- The triple pull offs on the yellow through orange place your finger on the yellow and strum while trying to tap the blue (just leave out the orange) use this same technique on the triple pulloffs just before the green yellow and orange chord except halfway through you must shift your fingers to the blue and tap the orange (because they take away your yellow)

    Here We Stand (the red dragon)- just strum the reds

    Rampaging Dragons- Get your meter in the green or get the star powers you need them for the hammerons at "You Rock!!!"

    Almost There...- if you missed those star powers make sure your meter is in the green here

    You rock- Practice this on normal speed just strum the reds and tap the blues to keep your meter up (the practice is just to make sure you know whats comming)

    You've officially earned your achievement, Congratz

    Any questions or concerns- send me a message or post a comment ill try to get back with you asap.
  • FulbournSoldierFulbournSoldier93,503
    11 Feb 2009 18 Jul 2009 18 Jul 2009
    22 2 0
    At the beginning get a rubber band and place it over the green fret button, then you have to finger tap the other 4 frets but make sure when you press down another fret you take it off as soon as the note has been played otherwise it might not register the next note and definately wont if the next note is to the left. For the rest of the song if your struggerling then maybe take a break and rest. Save your star power for the solo and then if you need save one for the red blue and orange hammer-ons towards the end.
  • Black WingingBlack Winging132,311
    11 Jul 2011 11 Jul 2011
    18 0 0
    This solution only caters to a small amount of people really, but it helped me get it so hopefully it helps someone else.

    If you're already good at playing on expert but have a hard time passing the first part of the song, I found it easier to use a regular controller to do the intro. Of course you'll need to practice to get used to where the controls are, which are;

    Left Trigger- Green
    Left Bumper- Red
    Right Bumper-Yellow
    Right Trigger- Blue
    A button- Orange

    Using the controller, hold down the Left Bumper throughout the intro and tap the other buttons as they come. If you can get some of the star power phrases that's a plus as it will come in handy while switching to the guitar controller after the intro. After the intro, just pause and unplug the regular controller and plug in the guitar controller and start playing.

    It probably sounds harder to learn to use the controller well enough to pass the intor than to just practice on slower speeds with the guitar as some of the other solutions said, but if you have problems 2 hand tapping or doing Hammer on's fast enough this solution can be a life saver.

    As I said though, this solution is only for a small minority of people who are good enough to beat the song but can't get past the intro. If this helps you please comment saying so.
  • oaksproutoaksprout449,172
    25 Jun 2010 12 Aug 2010
    19 1 4
    I finally beat this song last night.The reason i didnt want to try it before is because i couldn't get past the intro consistently, but last night i found a way that worked about 5/10 tries so i figure its pretty good. What i did was put a rubber band on the green (yes i know that has been said before), then i played only the yellow, blue and orange notes (with the exception of the first red note). I down-strummed each of these yellow, blue and orange notes and pulled off them as fast as i could so the green would register and then I would strum the next note. This mean that yes you will be skipping all reds throughout it but it should get you through the intro. if you hit the yellow blue and oranges properly you can have a 2x multiplier pop up a few times and even hit the 2nd star power phase in the intro. By the end of the intro you will be in red but the fast strumming that comes after the intro should be enough to get you back into the yellow (or green for most players) and then the rest of the song should be plenty of time to recover and get back into the green. The Solos around 80%-83% are the hardest part yet but if you save star-power they shouldn't be too much of a problem. The song is a lot more tolerable when you can pass the intro consistently so i hope my technique helps some of you pass it. Good luck.
  • FiveNoteWonderFiveNoteWonder191,481
    05 Sep 2008 21 Aug 2011 21 Aug 2011
    12 1 0
    the only way i was able to consistantly pass the intro is to up down strum all the way through it. it may take a while to find the right speed to strum, but its fairly fast. too fast will fail, too slow will fail. if you get it right you ll keep the rock meter around the yellow throughout, and can easily go back to green once the intro finishes.

    keeping green held down at all times id do my best to hit the other notes, with my left hand only. sometimes missing the orange.

    each time iv passed the intro my score is around 45k and have multiple times 5* with a score of 575k I also prefer to use hyperspeed 3 or 4.

    I used to practice the song on full speed loads, as id always fail the intro, so naturally got good enough that the solos weren t an issue for me. once i was able to pass the intro pretty much got the cheevo. also, do it on quickplay and use star power a few times (naturally) and you ll unlock starmania. for some reason starmania doesnt unlock in career.
  • NathAttackNathAttack169,024
    02 Nov 2008 26 Nov 2008
    14 6 2
    This is another of those achievements where words can only help so much. It comes right down to your proficiency at Guitar Hero, and your endurance (The song is like 6 minutes, and is relentless the whole way through).

    The intro is the most intimidating part, and must be tapped (Hold the green fret with your left hand, strum the first note with your right elbow and play the hammer-ons with your right hand's fingers.)

    There are other methods of doing the intro, for a while, I would press my nose against the green fret, keeping it held down, and would play it relatively normally.

    Contrary to popular belief, though, the intro is NOT the hardest part of the song. The 'What The..?' and 'Twin Solo' is the killer of most players seriously aiming for this achievement (Roughly 80% - 83% of the song).

    To this day, I still can't pass it without Hyperspeed. Try it, see if it helps you.
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