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Happy Quest Hunter

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    30 May 2013 29 May 2013 21 Nov 2013
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    Quests are viewable from Main Menu -> Play -> Multiplayer -> Stats -> Quest (RB), and there are a total of 72 possible quests to complete. Quests can be completed in Quick Match, Co-op, and Special events. If you have already met the requirement for this quest, the achievement will unlock after your first match.

    Update Nov 20, 2013: Today's title update introduces 18 new missions making this achievement significantly easier. As of today, 950 of 54k gamers (12%, TA 4.8) have this achievement. The new quests all serve as milestones towards the larger quests (3000 heals, 6000 heals, 500 kills, etc) so the solution and tactics to obtain this achievement are basically the same, you just have to put in less of an effort to actually earn it. I will leave the rest of the solution unaltered for now.

    Most of these quests are fairly straight-forward, but I've picked a few that I think can use further explanation or strategy suggestions, and I've given some general tips and advice at the bottom of the solution for earning wins. I have 71/72 quests, with "Pointless!" being the only one I have yet to complete.

    Prospective Hero / And Become Legend... (Hero Pop-up quests: #11, #24, #43)
    There's a few quests relating to being in the Hero Pop-up. You get a Hero Pop-up after doing things like constructing 3 towers, getting the first kill, being the first player into the enemy castle, getting 5 revenge kills, 10 kills, 10 kills without dying, resurrecting 5 allies, resurrecting 10 allies, healing 10 allies, 5 quick kills in succession, reaching level 5 first, becoming the king, killing the bonus monster or Slayers, killing everyone on the enemy team, and a few others. The easiest way to get a bunch in one match is to start as a warrior, get a bunch of kills, then switch to cleric and heal and resurrect everyone you see.

    MVP / Champion / NBK (lots of kills, no deaths: #6, #21, #33, #34, #57)
    There's a few strategies that will net you 30 kills without dying, things like being a lightning mage and keeping your distance from enemies, being a cannon cleric and playing defense on a small map, or camping the chicken cannon on Sunset are among the easiest approaches. The easiest way to do this is in co-op: team up with friends who are willing to jump off the cliffs while you kill people and you should be able to manage this one by being a mage and doing meteor storms and tornados. It's also possible, for the MVP quest, if everyone on the team is in your party, to just sit in the castle (everyone goes 0-0 for the match) and everyone will get the MVP quest.

    Kill 'em all! / Strongest Title (#36, #64)
    Good luck killing everyone on the enemy team and capturing the Big Tower anywhere other than co-op mode or a glitched Quick Match where it's only 5-on-5. Mark the enemy team at the start of the match (press the 'Back' button and cursor-over each enemy on the team and press the 'X' button), then unmark each player you kill until you've killed each of them once. After you've done this, make sure you're in the enemy castle when the tower goes down (you do not have to actually be tapping it).

    Heart of Platinum (guarding attacks: #47)
    This one is quicker than it sounds. If you have a warrior with the Super Guard skill and your team breaks into the enemy castle, activate it and go into the corner of the castle and let the bots come and attack you. If you have 'Get Hit & Gain AP' as well you'll be able to guard even longer.

    Omaha Beach (300 ballista kills: #54)
    Wait for Special Challenge to be active and join in as a cleric, preferably with 'Tactical Power Up' and 'Cannon Shots Up;' 'Construction Speed Up' won't hurt either. Build a ballista ASAP and get to killing the enemies that spawn from the first tower. Alternatively, if you lose a lot in quick match, use this same cleric to build the ballistas in the castle and kill people who are attacking your big tower. Please note that the Flower Cannon does not count towards this quest.

    Elemental Master (1000 kills using an enchant: #65)
    Fire/Lightning/Ice/Wind "Enchant Effect" on a warrior or cleric weapon will provide credits towards this quest. Mages can enchant weapons during a match, or you can apply a white buff (or find a weapon with one in orange) to have the effect at all times. You will likely get this quest when going for 'The Devil.'

    The Godlike Swordsman (1000 warrior kills: #61)
    Getting kills with the warrior is about using his skills -- this may sound like a simple proposition but most people overlook certain skills and just pick one or two they like best. The easiest way to get kills with a warrior is by using Rush on skinny land bridges, Charged Attacks near poles and objectives, and kamikaze Rocketman-ing into small crowds. Use Roar and Stones to disable solo opponents for easy kills, and don't overlook the devastating power of the Warrior's under-used team skills.

    More here:
    Happy Wars (Xbox 360)The Godlike SwordsmanThe The Godlike Swordsman achievement in Happy Wars (Xbox 360) worth 66 pointsComplete the 'The Godlike Swordsman' Quest

    The Devil (1000 mage kills: #63)
    The mage is the hardest class to master, but has the most pay-off in terms of kill counts. If you're new to using the mage, be sure to play the tutorial, but your general strategy should be to keep a ranged distance from your enemies and use your magic (RT) to slow enemies down who might attempt to get close to you. If you're unfamiliar with the mage, or you're just bad at it, the easiest ways to get kills while you wait for meteor shower/tornado to cool down (or just show up in your skills) is to plant wind traps underneath you and then just stand still on the wind trap and shoot fireballs or lightning at people.

    More here:
    Happy Wars (Xbox 360)The DevilThe The Devil achievement in Happy Wars (Xbox 360) worth 88 pointsComplete the 'The Devil' Quest

    Archangel (10000 cleric healings: #62)
    Pretty straight forward, after all, just spam the 'Heal' ability that the cleric starts with. You can earn anywhere from 60-100 in a single 10-minute match of co-op if you're diligent and stay alive by hanging around behind your teammates and doing nothing but Heal. Look for people leveling up after doing a group skill or erecting a spawn tower, as well as players who have just done a Cheer or Sacred Song that will also have semi-empty HP bars. If you have Sacred Song, be sure to do it as often as possible. Try to find 'Conserve AP,' 'Max AP Up' and 'AP Recovery Up' buffs for your cleric's gear to speed up your ability to heal teammates, and 'Conserve Team Skill AP' if you have 'Sacred Song+' on your armor.

    Pointless!! / Interceptor (team skill interruptions: #49, #67)
    "Pointless" might be the hardest quest there is. My best guess for this quest is that you need to hit someone who is in the process of setting up a team skill (not a participant in the skill). I do not know if hitting people who have already initiated the team skill counts. I theorize that this quest would be possible to complete quickly if you and a friend both ranked highly and attempted to search for a Special MATCH event at the same time; you may be able to get on opposite teams and meet somewhere to discreetly take turns interrupting each other's team skills.

    Desert Fox - Heavenly Giant (be on the spot: #68, #69, #70, #71, #72)
    A special note on these quests: being "in the castle" and being "on the spot" are the same thing. If you receive 300 points of XP at the end of the match, you will receive one credit towards the relevant quest.

    Living Legend (512 wins: #56) and more or less everything else...
    Happy Wars is a game of teamwork. You can buy fancy gear and do a bit more damage or move faster than other players, but at the end of the game, the better objective-focused team is probably going to win no matter who has what fancy things. You have 9 load-outs to equip and you'll need to use your brain to come up with some clever gear combinations using what the game gives you to accomplish the objective of taking the enemy's tower with consistency. Unless you grind for items, the gear you get will be largely random and there are too many buff combinations to go into any real detail. That brings me to...


    Playing Solo
    This is not the best way to win, but sometimes it's the only option. The strategy here is simple: play defense. Only advance up the map as far as the closest enemy to your castle, and always be watching for backdoor attempts. If you're a cleric, use Dispel and cannons or ballistas, if you're a Mage follow the general strategies presented in 'The Devil' solution, and if you're a warrior, be sure to just kill any clerics you see or warriors that are attacking your gate. Command a few bots to follow you if you need the support (RB then Y). If you can delay the other team from getting in your castle, there is a greater chance someone on your team will break into theirs, and if you do lose, you'll at least get a few kills in the process. If you find yourself playing defense with your entire team, it's time to switch to offense and work on taking out the enemy's castle gate or taking towers or something else, then once your team is back on the offensive, you can go back to playing defense. Your core objective when playing solo isn't to win, necessarily, but to avoid losing.

    Finding a Team
    When you feel confident you're not terrible, it will be time to find a team to up your chances. You could try forums and game sessions, or you could do what I did and just play a lot. Don't get discouraged by playing against better teams; instead, use it as an advantage to impress them and earn an invite from them, or simply borrow their strategies. Try your hardest to kill them and try to make friends with the objective-focused players so you can team-up with them to earn wins. And like all games, plugging in your mic and being social will help you find teammates.

    Finding Decent Gear
    You'll need to find some gear eventually -- specifically, buffs. If you have really awful gear, you can use the spinner, but otherwise it's probably not going to give you anything useful. You can farm item boxes in co-op by getting your team together and posting them all up on the side of the enemy castle before breaking down the enemy's castle gate. The more people you have cooperating with this the better. The AI will flock like lemmings to you and you can rack up kills, as long as your teammates don't break-in and take down the Big Tower.

    After level 18 or so, you can also find really great gear in the last few Story Campaign missions: I used the Scientist's Rocket, Demon Noble Sword, Princess Tiara, Sunshine Shield, Suit of Negation, and even The Holy Bandage all the way to level 50. There are other items you may find useful from the story, and there's a great list here:

    Special Match and Special Challenges offer amazing gear if you're over level 19, and the new reward system, although it brought much ire from the community, is helpful to players with bad gear. The gear lately has been amazing, all weight 9 or 10 items with very decent white (removable) buffs that occasionally come with them.
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    Don't forget the treasure map! If you login every day and check the map you'll get a Super Premium item before the end of every month. In my experience, they've all been bad; but free super premiums are free.
    External image

    The last way I can think of to get items is to place in the top 1,000 on the League leaderboard at the end of the month and you'll get a free pack of Happy Cards and 3 star fragments -- basically a free Super Premium every three months you place top 1,000 -- which, if you play every day is not hard to do at all. If you manage to get into the top 100 you will also get 3 class stickers you can put on the card packs to make the items inside for a specific class. In May, the top 100 required around 5,000 league points and top 1,000 is somewhere around 1,400. League points can only be earned after you reach level 20. Points are awarded after a Quick Match and are only awarded if you earn 50 XP in the game: 10 points for a Big Tower win, 7 points for a spawn tower win, 4 points for a loss by towers, 2 points for a loss by Big Tower, 1 additional point every hour for "login bonus," and 1 additional points for a "Rank Up Attempt" win. Note that if the other team has low-level players you will earn less league credits.
    External image

    Or, of course, you could spend some money to buy some gear. If you're patient you can find some great stuff in Lucky Finds (in the Item Shop) for only a buck including Super Premium items. Check Lucky Finds between every 4 games for 4 new items, or test your luck on Happy Cards and Happy Time. If you do get Happy Time, my suggestion is to focus on armor and hope for the rare 'Mobility Speed Up.' Toylogic has also given away Happy Tickets in the past just for playing, so keep an eye out for that as well.

    Building Team Strategies
    So you've got the gear, you've got the team, now you need to focus on building strategies for each map for quick match. Figure out where the best places to position your teammates is and try to devise strategies for keeping the enemies out of your castle, then move on to figuring out strategies for getting into theirs. It's going to take some practice, but don't worry, you have at least a hundred hours to figure it all out on the way.

    Maximizing XP
    I've got a fairly comprehensive mini-guide to XP 'farming' here:
    Happy Wars (Xbox 360)Commander of the Light KnightsThe Commander of the Light Knights achievement in Happy Wars (Xbox 360) worth 117 pointsReach rank 50

    Good luck out there!
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