Start a Real Band Already Award achievement in Guitar Hero II

Start a Real Band Already Award

Earn five stars on all songs in the Expert tour

Start a Real Band Already Award0
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How to unlock the Start a Real Band Already Award achievement

  • ixOWNxAGExiixOWNxAGExi181,607
    11 Aug 2012 13 Aug 2012
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    Want an easy way out and don't got the required skills or time. Need to beat expert 5 star every song?. Well no need to fear, with this achievement video you will be able to play expert on medium difficulty and only play 5-10 seconds each song. Enjoy

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    Lazar87This still works. I used a wireless GH3 controller. I took the battery cover off and when it came time to unplug the controller I just hit the controller against my leg to pop the batteries out. Took a few tries to unplug at the right spot but if it didn't work I'd just restart. Once I hit the right spot I played Expert on a new career and worked flawlessly!
    Posted by Lazar87 on 13 Dec 19 at 06:22
    JohnnyInterfnkConfirming still works as of January 1st, 2020.

    (And yes, I finally beat the game 13 years after purchasing it!)
    Posted by JohnnyInterfnk on 02 Jan 20 at 21:42
    PumpkinHead2785Just to add a bit to this method. If you are bad at timing (like me), you unplug the controller, press resume, than real quickly pull the plug, then plug it back in, and press resume. Repeat this multiple times. This should move the fret board very slowly forward, so that after a few pulls, it will continue without notes, and glitch the song.
    Posted by PumpkinHead2785 on 11 Mar 20 at 07:18
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  • JayourJayour1,110,983
    01 Apr 2009 15 Oct 2010
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    Below are the 5 star cut off points for each song.

    1 - "Opening Licks"
    Surrender - 184,943
    Possum Kingdom - 202,233
    Heart-Shaped Box - 190,748
    Salvation - 129,755
    Strutter - 166,130
    Shout At The Devil - 115,509

    2 - "Amp Warmers"
    Mother - 145,925
    Life Wasted - 170,859
    Cherry Pie - 102,086
    Woman - 141,879
    You Really Got Me - 96,522
    Tonight, I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight - 125,743

    3 - "String Snappers"
    Carry On Wayward Son - 162,036
    Search & Destroy - 197,330
    Message In A Bottle - 183,868
    Billion Dollar Babies - 107,775
    Them Bones - 154,443
    War Pigs - 217,639

    4 - "Thrash And Burn"
    Monkey Wrench - 289,753
    Hush - 138,553
    Girlfriend - 137,590
    Who Was In My Room Last Night? - 202,830
    Can't You Hear Me Knockin' - 165,430
    Sweet Child O' Mine - 178,744

    5 - "Return Of The Shred"
    Rock & Roll Hoochie Koo - 164,654
    Tattooed Love Boys - 180,026
    John The Fisherman - 117,794
    Jessica - 195,533
    Bad Reputation - 130,382
    Last Child - 134,568

    6 - "Relentless Riffs"
    Crazy On You - 226,638
    Trippin' On A Hole In A Paper Heart - 178,934
    Dead! - 167,670
    Killing In The Name - 280,359
    Freya - 248,276
    Stop - 190,795

    7 - "Furious Fretwork"
    Madhouse - 253,473
    The Trooper - 228,858
    Rock This Town - 217,647
    Laid To Rest - 219,369
    Psychobilly Freakout - 166,172
    YYZ - 158,553

    8 - "Face-Melters"
    Beast & The Harlot - 281,916
    Carry Me Home - 213,817
    Institutionalized - 242,130
    Misirlou - 201,057
    Hanger 18 - 288,333
    Free Bird - 341,113

    If you aim to surpass these scores you'll nail this achievement, some of these can cause trouble for even the more pro players if you find that you're struggling, make sure you're using star power in the best places, these are normally the heavily corded areas and such. Looking on Youtube and watching an uploaded video as an excellent idea to see when you should be activating star power.

    Play with which ever guitar controller you feel most comfortable with, personally I use my GH:M controller and lastly don't be afraid to use the Hyperspeed cheat.
    On the main menu (the one which lists career, quickplay etc) press; "Blue, Orange, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Yellow". It will space the notes out further and make it easier to distinguish them in the faster solo parts etc. (While it spaces the notes out by speeding up the rate at which they come down the highway, it doesn't affect the songs tempo in any way!)

    Thank you to for the superb listing of cut off points, I hope they help other guitar hero players as much as they've helped me.
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    BigmanArielThis is just what i needed Thank you!!! :) Whoever gave you a negative.. Well lets just say their jealous or losers :)
    Posted by BigmanAriel on 13 Mar 12 at 01:11
    BormahTiidWHAT! Who could give this guide a negative? It helps people understand what the cut of for points are. Its not like Call of Duty where you can tell them where to go and how to do it. Guitar Hero is one of those skill games that requires practice. The song I had troubles the most on were Misirlou and Psychobilly Freakout.

    A tip for Psychobilly Freakout is to take your pointer finger and your ring finger and position them on the yellow and orange, for the tricky part where it goes YO RB YO RB, and slide your two fingers up and down. It help me get it easily and use star power on those parts when you master the slide.

    A tip for Misirlou is to watch the note gems holder spot (GH vets will understand) and wait for the note to switch on the fast strumming. I have a position but it probably won't fit for everybody.
    Posted by BormahTiid on 16 Mar 12 at 02:08
    BiG PaPa ChIlLI cannot get the trooper!!! Best I can get is around 195,000
    Posted by BiG PaPa ChIlL on 17 Jul 12 at 15:21
  • Frank9080Frank90801,022,596
    12 Jul 2008 04 Aug 2009 18 Aug 2009
    29 7 4
    First of all I will add a few tips to getting this achievement.

    1. As in the other solution use hyperspeed

    2. The only way will learn to shift is to start playing on hard or higher otherwise you will be stuck on medium forever.

    3.Try using a smaller T.V as this makes the notes easier to see.

    4. If you are stuck on a 5* or any song in general, load up Itunes or your music player of choice and listen to the song over and over and over again, or anytime you are on the computer. This is what I did for my last song, The Trooper, and it worked to perfection.

    5. Make sure you get a good night of sleep because you are not 5*ing Misirlou without it.

    6. Use Youtube for starpower paths. Then adjust them to your performance for those certain parts of the song.

    7.Here is complete list of 5* scores you will need
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    xX HN1C XxLol!!! Good solution and everything but uhh......what's up wit #5? You sound like somebody's mother the day b4 a big test in school Lmao!
    Posted by xX HN1C Xx on 06 Nov 11 at 22:00
    GunsTanksCannonIt's worth noting that all songs must be 5* in the same career save. If you start a new band, your old progress doesn't count towards this achievement.
    Posted by GunsTanksCannon on 02 Jul 13 at 14:12
  • Gay Asian TwinsGay Asian Twins77,482
    16 Jan 2020 16 Jan 2020
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    What I'm posting isn't much different from the video solution posted above, but just providing more detail/clarity/tips to help everyone out a lot more.

    * Watch the video posted above:

    *When it comes to the timing of disconnecting your controller, you want to do it later then you would think. Disconnect your controller as late as possible literally right before the menu usually pops up, and you'll get it pretty much first try.

    *In order to 5 star a song it has to be one you HAVEN'T STARTED yet. I used this glitch on songs I got 3 or 4 stars on, and all it did was turn them gold. Just create a brand new expert career and you'll notice each song will 5 star each time.

    *It takes about 2 minutes and 30 seconds each and every song you do, so if you attempt this achievement in one sitting it will take about 2 hours or a bit over, and 8 hours total across all difficulties because it doesn't stack.

    Hope this helps in some way!
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