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Complete the 'Archangel' Quest

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How to unlock the Archangel achievement

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    **Due to server closure, this achievement is unavailable on the 360. This method still works on the xbox one where servers are still operational.

    10,000 Total healings as a Cleric.
    "Heal" Spell ONLY
    **Healing yourself does not count towards this, and neither does the "sanctuary" spell.
    ***Heal spell with the engineer class does count towards the quests! (Credit to jonker3262 for confirming this!)
    ^It is still advisable to use only the regular cleric class. Confirmation on whether or not the achievement pops with the engineer was confirmed by jonker3262^

    *(People, myself included, are unlocking this at about 170k cleric score. So if you started with about 20k before going for this, you may end up with a cleric score of around 190k when this unlocks.) You can only check your cleric score once you have completed a few pages in the missions tab. *Thanks Orng Man for pointing this out for us!


    ****Update January 20th 2014
    The Bounty Hunters special event runs until January 29, 2014 AND has a Cleric helmet with the Fast Heal buff in orange (permanent). IF you get the item from the special event, you'll be guaranteed to always have the Fast Heal buff instead of trying to get it in white (movable). Heal+ is recommended on the engineer class, as you do not always get the heal spell when playing. ~ lightsup55 (Thanks for bringing this up!)***** So even if you miss this event, it seems you can still get your hands on this buff later on!


    *Title Update 2
    There are now more quests added for completion, and one of them is 6k cleric healings. This is now a good way to at least track your progress if you're just starting out, or a way to see if you're finally almost unlocking this grindy achievement. Thanks to assassinjay1229 for bringing this up!


    Co-op is indeed the best way to go about getting this quickly and efficiently. The first 2 rounds are normally rushed, so don't be upset if you only get around 20 heals in the first part. The second round you should net closer to 30+ heals, and the last round depends solely on your team. In a good game you can net yourself close to 100 heals on the final round. So for a full co op game (3 rounds) You can knock out a good 150+ heals.

    [- Note: You cannot use Sanctuary.
    - Players leveling up gain empty HP bars to be healed.
    - AP/Cooldown buffs are very useful in allowing you to heal more than you normally would be able to, and more consistent. So look out for these buffs!] - Credit to: The Nerevarine, Thanks!

    **Note: A key item to have is armor with sacred song+ on it. This will allow you to deploy the team skill inside the castle at the very beginning to raise everyone's AP bar including yours. This will allow you to almost constantly heal people whenever they're hurt/lvled up.

    **Also helps to have an item with respawn speed lvl 1, lvl 2, or lvl 3 (or any combination). This way if you die, you will almost immediately spawn instead of losing valuable game time.

    **Conserve AP (any lvl) will save you some extra AP when casting quick amounts of heal spells (like at the enemy castle's gate). More AP means more Heals!

    **Mobility speed up (any lvl) will help in keeping up or even catching up to your teammates.

    ***** "As of Version 1.1, you can Spawn Stronger by paying with Happy Stars! I recommend to use that to buy faster AP recovery whenever possible to speed up healing immensely. You can also get some Spawn Stronger for free Tickets by completing some missions in the new mission mode (faster AP Recovery is only available in Co-Op mode)." - BlossomedSakura (Thanks for this tip!)

    At the beginning of the game after you have cast your's or joined someone's sacred song, immediately start healing people as they are exiting the castle. Now don't focus on building the towers with everyone, or building rams, etc (You can stand at the tower base and still get the xp for "building it" while healing others). Just focus on staying close behind a large group (or the one's rushing ahead), and keep using your heal spell on as many people as you can. When you finally get to the castle, stay back so you're not attacked by ballistas/missiles/enemies, and continue to heal those attacking the castle gate or nearby it. When they breach the castle, the game will most likely be over, so rush in with them and take out the big tower or be in the castle healing on the upper floor to make sure you get your +300 exp bonus towards the lvl 50 achievement.

    **Note: If another player casts sacred song in the castle before you, join it. You just have to be in one to get the AP boost. If you miss getting into that one, throw yours up as soon as they launch theirs. Most people will join in it as well for the exp and in game lvl boost!

    ----Also on a boosting note: I believe if you can get at least 2 other people with you, and if you get a level that has purple puddles or anything that will slowly take away your health; I believe you can just constantly heal them, and plan who heals and when. Don't know if it would be faster or not, but just an idea for the boosters out there :P

    *****Hope this has helped those who needed it, as well as those who just needed help with something. If there is anything missing or out of place please let me know immediately so I can fix it. You will be credited if there is any extra helpful info you add to the comments section below. I thank you for taking the time to check out my guide and I look forward to creating more in the future!*****

    Here's a vid of me using the cleric. The first part was kind of sloppy, but you can see how you can get a lot of heals in a round. I only uploaded round 2 and 3 as the first round is pretty meaningless, unless your team stays back and farms exp. The third round shows how you can farm mass amounts of heals :D
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    GiinceeCo-op mode doesn't have 3 stages anymore. It just has one and this one is like the last stage back when it had 3 stages...
    Posted by Giincee on 01 Aug 18 at 23:51
    JulesFromSicilyThis achievement is a FREAKING PAIN IN THE ARSE! angry
    Posted by JulesFromSicily on 29 Aug 18 at 14:12
    FrizbogGot it with 30:23 playtime and 147,120 cleric score. For the last four thousand heals, I was averaging between 55 and 60 per match.
    Posted by Frizbog on 30 Sep 18 at 19:24
    JulesFromSicilyGot it yesterday, at last... virtually counting every single healing after the "6,000" notification. My God, what a pain! After 83 hours and 48 minutes - 32 as a Cleric, averaging 40-45 healings per match - I completed this game... and I'm never going to play again another Free-to-Play in my whole life! wave
    Posted by JulesFromSicily on 03 Nov 18 at 06:26
    TDK Skin WalkerAnyone know if heals in skirmish mode count?
    Posted by TDK Skin Walker on 05 Dec 18 at 18:59
    MEAT STEW4U30 hours and 24 minutes as Cleric. Only had 139,821 Cleric score, however. Good luck in the last week everyone.
    Posted by MEAT STEW4U on 10 Dec 18 at 14:21
    oaksproutTo those of you who already got this, does the archangel quest pop up in game before you get the achievement at the end of the game or does it just pop randomly at the leaderboards after you pass the 10k mark?
    Posted by oaksprout on 16 Dec 18 at 05:02
    FrizbogI thought it popped in the middle of the game for me, when I got my 10,000th heal. But I'm not 100% sure.
    Posted by Frizbog on 17 Dec 18 at 15:51
    oaksproutTo answer my own question, There will be an in game hero pop up in the middle of the match when you get your 10 thousandth heal and then the achievement will pop at the stats screen at the end of the game. Sorry to anyone who didn't finish grinding this one on time.
    Posted by oaksprout on 17 Dec 18 at 17:20
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