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Millionaire Pair

Get 1,000,000 points on a song in Cooperative

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How to unlock the Millionaire Pair achievement

  • Crimson RidleyCrimson Ridley422,452
    24 Sep 2008 30 Sep 2008 22 Jan 2009
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    Best way I found to get this Achievement is Free Bird - Lead on Hard, Rhythm/Bass on Hard.

    You can mess up a few times but try to keep a 4x Multiplier as much as possible. Never activate Star Power until you have a 4x Multi.

    Go through the lyrics portion of the song until Fast Part (One long Blue Note) so you know where the Star Power phrases are. You want to have a full bar to set off as soon as Solo A starts for major pointage. After that, activate Star Power as soon as you have it or if you know a section that would be better suited, but never before you have a 4x Multi.

    I ended with 50k over a million with quite a lot of mistakes (Friends Orange button was playing up).

    You need to be quite good at Hard and it would be wise to have 5 starred the song in Single Player before you start.

    Good luck and I hope this helps.

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    TrimSkinkHaters gonna hate, Some gamers gonna thumb down cause they have a thumb up their ass. Thumbs up for me. This is the last cheevo for me, and after failing at it several times, last night (my partner isn't as quick), I think I can now beat it.
    Most people know this already but this can't be done Online, I believe.
    Posted by TrimSkink on 07 Feb 14 at 12:06
    Friggin GreaseI didn't think GH2 was online. Me and a friend (We are both quite good at expert) tried this with Jessica, Free Bird, and X-Stream (All those chorded notes) on Expert, but the closest we ever came was like 965,000

    Now most of my skill is gone, and my buddy has 3 kids... I don't think I'll be able to grab this achievement anymore, and it's too bad, it's the last one I need.
    Posted by Friggin Grease on 14 Dec 14 at 23:19
    IMCOn the off chance anyone is still looking, this is possible to get on Expert Rhythm/Easy Lead on Free Bird. Final score was 1,010,567. Expert Rhythm got 98% and Easy Lead got 99%.

    The main things to focus on are activation points and keeping that 4x combo at all times, there is a small margin for error, I choked the ending on Rhythm and missed in the solo and my friend on Lead missed a few times throughout the solo too, along with one time when missed while activating so we spent an activation with no multiplier.

    My friends couldn't manage medium, but easy removed the tricky parts that were costing us the combo.
    Posted by IMC on 12 Apr 19 at 16:04
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  • JayourJayour916,946
    26 Apr 2009 01 Nov 2010 20 Aug 2011
    30 1 2
    Scoring a million points on a song in co-op mode is insanely hard, you'll need to be extremely good at the game and you'll also need to know someone locally who is too.

    It's only obtainable on 2 songs*, those songs being Jessica and Freebird, now it's up to you which song you choose to tackle this achievement on but before you do decide let me give you some information.

    Jessica is a lot shorter than Freebird but it's margin for error is minimal, you'll really need to nail this song and you'll both need to be on expert.
    Tto date the highest score achieved for it is 1.1 million.

    Freebird, this song is incredibly long and it can be very boring to play over and over when trying to reach a million points, however, with the songs length comes a massive margin of error, the high score for this song to date is nearly 1.4 million with both players on expert, to make Freebird even more enticing, you can both play on hard and if you play well enough you'll still manage to score the required amount, if you don't have a friend local who is great but you are (or vice versa), one player can play on expert while the other can play medium, even with this set up you can still manage a million points.

    Of course, if you're both great at the game and can handle it, play on expert to guarantee yourself the million points!

    I've linked in a video of 2 guys playing on expert and hitting over a million points to give you an idea of when to use star power, try to follow this star power path and so long as you don't mess up loads you'll manage the achievement!

    *referenced from the high scores, GH2 co-op mode.

    *Credit to Kov and KoT for the video
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    LordMathias1985I did some checking around, and apparently it's possible to get 1mil+ on Jessica with both players on hard as well, neither of which got 100%
    Posted by LordMathias1985 on 18 Jul 11 at 11:13
    guns vs kittensThat video made me go back and play my GH2. Thanks.
    Posted by guns vs kittens on 20 Aug 11 at 00:36
  • VictimOfDesireVictimOfDesire1,269,910
    26 Feb 2011 27 Feb 2011 12 Oct 2012
    26 1 4
    All of these guides have been stating that you have to do good on Hard/Hard on Free Bird to get the achievement, but for the people that cannot find a partner that can play this song well on Hard, I have an easier solution.

    I just got this achievement yesterday with my girlfriend and what we did was I played on Hard for rhythm and she played Medium for lead (this is important that the Hard player plays on rhythm and the Medium player plays on lead because the rhythm player will get the more trickier parts that will get you more score in the end.) You're going to want to shoot for about 98% notes hit for both players. We ended with 1,044,428 (because we had 1,000,000 before the end wankery so we stopped trying) with me hitting 97% and my girlfriend hitting 99%, missing only 2 notes.

    Be sure to save your starpowers for the two choruses, because a good chunk of your points will come from those triple notes that the person playing on Hard will be playing. After using full starpower bars on the two choruses, we just used starpower as soon as we got it for the rest of the song.

    Hopefully these tweaks that I offer will help struggling players achieve this strenuous achievement.
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    GETxACHIEVEDxThis guide works... Just got 843,000+ using this but because my brother can't play medium as well as your girlfriend he just gave up. So I guess I need to find another person who can play this game decently locally. Thumbs up
    Posted by GETxACHIEVEDx on 14 Aug 12 at 21:59
    MC0REBEThis works. Although I haven't got the achievement yet, I got to 915k without a good star power path so I might be able to grab this achievement this week. +1!
    Posted by MC0REBE on 01 Sep 12 at 18:07
    coinfrenzyI live in las vegas nevada if anyone lives near
    Posted by coinfrenzy on 11 Feb 13 at 08:20
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