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Achievement won on 30 May 13
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Posted on 30 May 13 at 08:04, Edited on 09 July 13 at 01:09
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Thanks to 'X509Cert', 'capicawl', 'Piratoniofor', 'BK bAN01TgAZ', 'Skrypek', 'x RepoUK x', 'Minioger', 'gazmaster1', 'JimmyT666', and 'Aero x360a' for all of their contributions to the completion of this solution!


Super Smart requires that you exhaust each and every move at your Rabbid's disposal. There are a total of 45 moves spread across 19 different interactive objects, as well as an additional 15 coming from simply interacting with the Rabbid itself for a total of 60 moves.

Interactive items appear at random when the device and Rabbid are left alone for a certain period of time. Eventually, the Rabbid will pull out an item at random which you can then interact with. Each item has a unique number of moves that can be performed. Once each move has been exhausted, the item will then unlock for use whenever you want, and the Rabbid will no longer pull that item out upon rest of the device.

While you are waiting for interactive items to appear, the Rabbid will sometime perform actions that do not serve a purpose. Tapping the screen when one of these actions appears will stop it and save a few seconds of time. Tapping the screen will halt the following actions:
- The Rabbid screaming, then running around the screen.
- The Rabbid displaying a sign saying "BwAHHHH!"
- The Rabbid running up to the front of the screen and tapping the glass.

When an interactive item does appear, use the list below to perform actions that you have not yet done. Each time you complete a move that has not been performed, you will hear a boat-like sound and a notification will appear telling you how many moves you have completed.

You can check your progress on each item by selecting the plus icon found at the top right corner of the screen and selecting the trophy icon (the last one). The circles found in the menu signify how many moves each item has. Filled circles symbolize the number of moves that you have performed for that specific item.

You must have at least one song downloaded on your device for this achievement. This is also required for the 'Get the party started' achievement.


If one of the explanations below does not work for you, or is too vague, please comment! I want to ensure everything is well-explained and your feedback truly helps!

Rabbid (No items)
15 moves

1) Poke Rabbid's eye.
Rabbid squints and stumbles.
2) Tap Rabbid's stomach.
Drum sound will play, Rabbid places hands on stomach.
3) Swipe up and down on Rabbid's stomach.
Rabbid will laugh.
4) Swipe right or left across the screen at feet level.
Rabbid will run in direction of swipes.
5) Make pinching motion with two fingers on left and right sides of Rabbid moving inwards.
Rabbid will burp.
6) Make small, clockwise motion with finger around the Rabbid's head.
Rabbid will spin around.
7) Tap, hold, and move Rabbid's ear, then release.
Ear will stretch and snap back.
8) Tap, hold, and stretch ear upwards. Blow wind into phone receiver. Start with small exhales through the mouth (nearly inaudible breaths) and increase in volume. 'JimmyT666' suggested using hand-free headphones plugged into the device and breathing into the built in mic to generate a result.
Rabid's ears will blow backwards and Rabbid smacks against back wall.
9) Tap, hold, and stretch ear upwards. Yell into phone receiver. Blowing wind into the receiver so that it generates noise also tends to work as well.
Rabid's ears will blow backwards and Rabbid will yell.
10) Hold your phone sideways.
Gravity will change and the Rabbit will move to the new floor.
11) Shake the device up and down quickly.
Rabbid will smack against the ceiling and floor.
12) Hold the device above your head as though you were taking a picture of your ceiling.
Rabbid will stand on the front glass of the device.
13) Jerk phone towards you in a quick motion.
Rabbid will splat against the display.
14) Jerk phone to the left or right.
Rabbid will smack against the wall in the direction you jerked.
15) Press the plus in the top left corner, select the music note, and then a song from your device.
The song will play and the Rabbid will dance.


Jack in the Box
1 move

1) Tap the box.
A small jester Rabbid appears and the Rabbid screams.


1 move

1) Tap the screen when the screen is black.
The light will turn back on and you will find the Rabbid dancing.


Mouse Trap
2 moves

1) Tap the mouse trap.
The mouse trap will activate and the Rabbid will laugh on the floor.
2) Swipe finger from mouse trap to Rabbid's mouth.
Mouse trap will get caught in Rabbid's mouth, Rabbid holds sign saying "BwAHHHH!"


Rubber Duck
1 move

1) Tap the duck.
Rabbid will throw duck off screen.


Fog / Cloud
1 move

1) Swipe upwards from the bottom of the screen.
Fog will clear.


4 moves

1) Swipe upwards from fish bowl to Rabbid's head.
Piranha will jump out of the bowl and back into the bowl.
2) Swipe downwards, anywhere.
Rabbid will stick head in bowl, Piranha gets stuck on tongue before being spit out.
3) Swipe from left side of screen to right.
Piranha escapes from bowl and chases Rabbid.
4) Swipe upward and tap the fish as it jumps out of the water.
Piranha will grow in size and grab onto Rabbid's ear.


Toilet Brush
4 moves

1) Swipe from right to left across the Rabbid's head.
Rabbid will brush its teeth.
2) Tap Rabbid on ears.
Rabbid will attempt to clean ears, brush gets stuck.
3) Swipe upwards on either side of the Rabbid.
Rabbid will imitate an airplane like motion with brush,
4) Make a slow upward swipe from the bottom of Rabbid's stomach to the bottom of the head. You may need to also simulate a scrubbing motion by swiping downwards in the same swipe for it to work.
Rabbid will scrub itself as though it was in the shower.


3 moves

1) Tap microphone.
Rabbid will like microphone.
2) Swipe in any direction
Rabbid will begin rapping.
3) Tap microphone more than twice.
Rabbid will bite, and eat microphone... and electrocute itself.


Cell Phone
3 moves

1) Tap the green answer call button when the "phone rings".
Rabbid screams into phone.
2) Tap the red deny call button when the "phone rings".
Rabbid makes angry face and puts phone away.
3) Tap on Rabbit when "phone rings".
Rabbid makes silly face and eats phone.


Pop Gun
3 moves

1) Tap the Rabbid.
Rabbid will squint eyes, point gun at screen, and "shoot", which takes out the light for a second.
2) Swipe downwards.
Rabbid fumbles and drops gun, which shoots it in the bum.
3) Swipe from the bottom right corner of the screen upwards at level with the Rabbid's eye, then swipe left in one single motion.
Rabbid will "load" weapon and shoot itself in the eye.


Jet Pack
3 moves

1) Swipe in any direction.
Rabbid spins clockwise, and hits the ground.
2) Tap Rabbid's stomach.
Rabbid flies forward and hits the front of the screen.
3) Tap the Rabbid's stomach a second time once it is airborn.
Rabbid flies backwards and spins around before hitting the front of the screen.


3 moves

1) Swipe downwards.
Rabbid attempts to smash guitar on floor, which hits it in face.
2) Swipe left to right or right to left.
Rabbid shakes guitar violently.
3) Swipe upwards.
Rabbid shakes guitar in front of itself, gets tongue caught in strings.


3 moves

1) Swipe right.
Rabbid will place shield down and use it as a surf board
2) Swipe upwards.
Rabbid places shield on back and imitates swimming motion.
3) Swipe from the top right corner of the screen downwards until your finger is level with the shield, then swipe left in a single motion.
Rabbid will use shield as a mirror and make silly faces.


Toilet Paper
3 moves

1) Swipe upwards.
Rabbid eats toilet paper and poops it out.
2) Swipe downwards.
Rabbid imitates reading motion on toilet paper before throwing it on the ground.
3) Swipe from left to right, or right to left.
Rabbit attempts to throw paper from one hand to the other in a rainbow like motion.


2 moves

1) Swipe upwards.
Rabbid messed with top of bow before being poked in the eye.
2) Swipe from left to right.
Rabbid will aim and shoot arrow to right, which returns through left to stick to its bum.


2 moves

1) Swipe from right to left.
Rabbid begins breakdancing.
2) Swipe downward on right side of screen.
Rabbid does the robot.


2 moves

1) Swipe right.
Rabbid bows and attempts to perform Bruce-Lee like spins with the Nun-chuck
2) Swipe upwards.
Rabbid will spin nun-chucks close to front of screen.


Rugby Ball
2 moves

1) Swipe upwards.
Rabbid fumbles the ball.
2) Swipe from the right side of the screen to the left.
Rabbid places ball on ground, and dances.


2 moves

1) Swipe upwards.
Rabbid smacks sausage against its left hand three times.
2) Swipe from right to left.
Rabbid will imitate gun like motion.
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