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Gather all Treasures.

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NOTE: EarthboundX said:
You don't actually have to be able to use the items that are dropped, to add them to the list as found. For example, I tried to get the Shield of Protection from Evil as the Thief, she picked it up and dropped it, but it still counted as found.
TOWER OF DOOM (less items)

Figure - this item is in a path, when you need to choose between 3 ways in the city, choose the last one. After going through the tunnels with water, in the next part there isa key, press A and a door will open, inside this is a treasure with the Figure.
izret102 said:
Figure WILL NOT appear if you have house rules on. Unsure if it is only the one for loot drops or all... turn the rules off. First try it was there.
Scroll of Lightning Bolt - This is just a random drop from any enemy. These are higher level, so select a level close to the end to try and find it. NOTE: The Elf is the only one who can use it, so you must be her to find this one.
TombOfAnubis said:
load up the level where you discovered the dying soldier in the thicket and are given the option to head to the town or go to the fort to help the soldiers. Go to the fort, and from the entrance screen take the stairway leading up to the ramparts, then continue to the right across the ramparts to the Displacer Beast fight. This seems to be the most common enemy drop for the scroll.
LV 1 Blue Slime said:
Ran the Tower and the Displacer Beast around 15 times each with no Lightning Bolt scroll. Googled, and someone suggested just using cloud kill on the first 3 enemies in the tower and then restarting if you don't get it. Took about 15 tries but that worked for me, so if the other 2 methods don't work, try that... Got the scroll level 8 from a gargoyle in the last level playing the elf, who IMO, is much easier to go through the last level with. Mine had the sword of legend, though I don't know if you have to unlock it first for her to have it. Either way, it was much easier than using the MU.
Scroll of Cloud Kill - found in a treasure chest in the first side room of the final level.

All Other Items - A run through of the game with each character should yield all the other items needed. I ran through with the Cleric first, then the Elf and got everything but made sure to check all side rooms and killed the dragon.

Earrings - See below:
BG Curator said:
I have found the earrings in Tower of Doom...they are NOT a random drop. I believe the only place they can be found is the cave with the ogre, and only with the fighter. Choose the fighter as your character, select chapter 1, and kill the first few enemies. When the caravan guard gives you the choice of heading to the mountains after the monsters or going to the town, choose the mountains.
Proceed through the level until you reach the ogre boss. On the far right side of his area are two treasure chests. If you are playing as the fighter, the top one will contain the earrings. Other characters receive different items.

1. Stealing with Thief - use a Dash Attack into an enemy (double tap in the direction and the thief will run)

2. If you cannot seem to get through a barrier of fire or ice, most likely you need to kill an enemy or some scorpions. If you cannot reach them, you can die in the barrier and when you return, the enemies will be killed by you dealing damage when continuing.

3. If you are playing co-op, the item only counts for you if pick it up. Things picked up by your co-op partner DO NOT count for your treasure total. So make sure to hold on to a special item and have your partner die and come back as someone who can pick it up to make the grind go faster.

4. Do not go for this achievement until you have completed the game from start to finish with each character! Always choose the optional path that is available when playing as a specific character, such as the forest path for the Elf and the cave for the Dwarf.


Need to be Stolen by Thief
Ring of Protection from Evil - Select level "The Cave of Rafael" and start with the Dwarf. This way, in the next area, when selecting a path, a third path will open for you instead of the traditional fire or ice pathway. Choose the bottom option and you will be brought in a cave with some falling stones. If you are playing solo, then you must die with the Dwarf at some point and continue with the Thief. After the cave, you will come to a boss fight with Tel'Arin (the dark elf you fought earlier) and another green elf. Use the Thief to steal the Ring of Protection from Evil from Tel' Eleron (the green elf).

Egg of Owlbear - Stolen from Owlbears with the Thief in the first level ("The village of Trintan) or whenever you encounter them.

Circlet - Steal this from Shadow Elves.

Purchase Only (At Gnome Shop)
Warhammer, Morning Star, Two-handed Sword, Bastard Sword - all of this can bought in Gnomes Shop, after the chapter "The Grove of Destruction." A Gnome appears after you kill the D. Beast, and chose the option to save their village. After the next boss fight the gnome appear again, and he'll say you are too big to enter but can purchase a potion to enter their village. The shop is the first door but is locked when you arrive. Simply go into the next door, and talk with anyone inside. When you go back to the village, the shop will be open. You will need a Fighter to unlock all the weapons available. You get the Morning Star and Two-Handed Sword available by selecting them a few times with the finger. They are hanging in the background of the shop.

Level-Specific Items
Sword of Legend - In the Cave of Rafael if you enter the first cave to the left while falling, you will find a Cursed Sword 2. It is on the other side of the fire wall after you kill the scorpions. Pick it up and equip it then try to swing it. You will be hit by the curse and lose health. After about 50 swings/hits, the sword will change into the Sword of Legend. You need a sword-wielder, such as Dwarf, Fighter, Thief, or Elf to pick it up.

Holy Avenger - Play the chapter Skies over Aengmore with a Cleric, then after killing the boss, select to go in the caves. Go up in this next area until you see a rock that you can push aside to reveal a hidden room, in this room lies Cursed Sword 1. If you try to pick it up several times with the Cleric, it will turn into the Holy Avenger. The Cleric cannot pick it up, but a sword-wielder can. You can opt to have a second controller come in as a Cleric to change the item is the easiest way in single player.

Sword of Flame/Sword of Frost - These are in closed off areas when you go through Lava or Ice Caverns after Cave of Rafael. You must kill something off-screen, like a bug or scorpion to get through the barriers, or have a ring of resistance on your character. Again, you need a sword wielder to pick these up.

Storm Blade/Staff of Elemental Power - this can be found in the last cave of the Cave of Rafael in the third cave room (the one on the right) as you are falling. You can get it with Fighter or Dwarf (maybe also with Thief or Elf but not confirmed). Use the Magic User to get the Staff of Elemental Power from this chest. The Storm Blade can also be found elsewhere: Achilles8249 said:
Just wanted to add that the Storm Blade is on the last level where you jump through the window and not in the cave of Rafael. Use the elf to get it in the chest.
Scroll Level 8 - Start the final level with a Magic User. Use the Start button to get the green one. When you defeat the boss Ezerhoden(the ghost-like boss), this item is/may be dropped. You may also find it on the gargoyles in the final levels as an item drop. NOTE: Gargoyles can only be killed by magic.

Medal - This is located in the bottom off-screen in the final levels. It is in a treasure chest in the area right when you come in where the Shield of Protection from Evil is located, which the room where there are doorways blocked by blue flames and lightning. NOTE: You may also get this by using Love01082008's naming trick listed at the bottom.

Shield of Protection from Evil - This is located in the final level behind some blue flames that have gargoyle statues around. This is the area where there are doorways blocked by blue flames and lightning. You need to kill the gargoyles to get through those doors. NOTE: You need a character that can wield a shield, such as Cleric, Dwarf, Fighter, or Elf. You can walk back through the wall, which has some blue outlines to it. In here is a chest behind some ice walls. You can get to it by going all the way over to the right, then push up into the walls of ice. You will get frozen and knocked back, but you have just enough time to get through the barrier if you move fast. Another option is to push into them until you are killed. When you continue, dash through the barrier while you are invincible. You can also backflip through the barrier with the Thief. There are gargoyles to the bottom of the screen and more treasure chests if you are so inclined.

Staff of Wizardry - This is located in a chest surrounded by flames in the area after defeating Tel'Arin. It is found in the area in Stage 10-3 where there are exploding fire traps on the floor. You'll see a window on the north wall before entering the room to fight the boss, this window is actually a secret room you can enter. There is another treasure chest behind flames this time. Use the same tactic for the Shield of Protection from Evil to get it. You must be the Magic User (not Elf or Cleric) to pick up this item.

Short Sword Level 1 - The Elf starts with a Short Sword Level 2. Start the game as a Dwarf instead. There is a hidden room if you press up by the first house you see in the background, after crossing the bridge after saving the villagers. There are some chests inside, one of them has the Short Sword Level 1.

Hand Axe Level 1 - The Dwarf starts with a Hand Axe Level 3. Start the game with a Fighter instead. The hand axe is in the same chest as the short sword if you have a Fighter.

Hand Axe Level 2 - For this one, play as a Fighter and after battling the Displacer Beast choose not to help the gnomes and pursue the sorceress. When you find yourself in the forest labyrinth, the Hand Axe Level 2 is in one of the chests inside the second opening where the ghouls are located.

Random Item Drops - increased chance of getting the drop by defeating the enemy quickly or hitting it with special attacks, such as aerial or desperate attacks.

Skin of the Displacer Beast (from D. Beast)
Cloak of Displacement - During the fight with the Displacer Beast, it might drop the Skin of the Displacer Beast. Pick it up and in the next gnome shop, click on the merchant to exchange it for the Cloak of Displacement for any character. This also is the item given to the Thief or Magic User for the Dragon Scales. The Dragon Scales are easier to get to drop for some reason, so I would suggest doing it that way.

Dragon Scales (from Black Dragon)
SPECIAL NOTE: I noticed the drop rate increased dramatically when I selected the Fighter and used his "Desperate Attack." You can keep it going if you turn on "Vampirism."
Dragon Shield - After fighting the Displacer Beast a gnome will approach you asking to save its village. Refuse and you will be brought into a forest labyrinth. Always go up and you will end up fighting a Black Dragon. During the fight, it might drop Dragon Scales. If you are a shield-bearing character, such as Dwarf, Fighter, Elf, or Cleric, you can exchange them in the next shop by clicking on the merchant and you will get the Dragon Shield. You must have free space in your inventory.

Horn of the Dragon (from Red Dragon)
SPECIAL NOTE: I noticed the drop rate increased dramatically when I selected the Fighter and used his "Desperate Attack." You can keep it going if you turn on "Vampirism."
Dragon Slayer - In the level, "The Cave of Rafael" enter the second cave on the left while falling. You will discover hidden treasures and a Red Dragon. Choose to fight it. During the fight it might drop Horn of the Dragon. If you are using a sword-wielding character, such as Dwarf, Fighter, Elf, or Thief, you can exchange them in the next shop by clicking on the merchant and you will get the Dragon Slayer. You must have free space in your inventory.

Staff of Magical Power - Same as the above, only do it with the Magic User. This is done much more easily by playing co-op with a Fighter who can slash the dragon until it drops and the Magic User can pick it up. This is also located in a hidden room in Area 10 but it requires multiple players to activate the floor stones and open doors.

Staff of Snakes - Same as the above, only do it with the Cleric. You can also get this in "Cave of Rafael" in the third cave on the right when falling by opening the chest in there with the Cleric.

Love01082008 said:
Burning Arrow
The 2nd item I had trouble with is the Burning Arrow, I beat the game twice with the Elf and it never appeared, since the Elf is so versatile with skills she gets scrolls as alternative drops, making it harder to get the burning arrow to drop. While doing the above method when you reach the stairway and all out battle, towards the end shadow elf archers will pop on the sides and fire arrows then disappear, since my 1st player was a magic user I would cast Cloud Kill, one of the archers dropped it. It does not need to be in your inventory, just going over and picking it up then watching it drop counts.
**Credit to xD RoDD for his solution, but I wanted to clarify some key elements.

NAMING TRICK - This is most useful for getting the hat/helmet for a specific class, but can also be used to get accessories for a specific class.
Love01082008 said:
...Each character gets a specific type when given a name from a numeric translation. To keep it simple, just use one letter for their name... If you name your character letter "A" then you would get a Medal to start the game. If you name your character letter "G" then you would get the Gauntlets of Ogre Power. List courtesy of BJayakody of GameFAQs guide.

Type Item
A = Medal
B = Boots of Speed
C = Hat/Helmet suited to your class.
D = Ring of Protection
E = Ring of Fire Resistance.
F = Ring of Spell Turning.
G = Gauntlets of Ogre Power.
H = Rod of Fire(Mage), Earrings(Elf), Anklet(Fighter, Dwarf), Brooch (Cleric, Thief)
I = Bracelet, Rod of Cold(Magic User)
J = Orb, Necklace(Elf), Rod of Lightning(Mage)
HopkinsBear said:
I had trouble with the Ring of Spell Turning not unlocking with the naming trick (kept unlocking medal instead), if you have this problem just name the elf KAYLA and it should give it to you.
izret102 said:
Scroll of Lightning - Turn on the House rules to increase SP drops. Load up final level should drop in the first room. Will definitely drop before reaching final boss.
If you are having trouble finding something not on this list, let me know and I will add it. Hopefully this clarifies finding some of the more difficult/hidden items. It still comes down to luck for the random drops, but using combo attacks, desperate attacks, and killing the boss quickly increases the drop rate.
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