Ring Leader achievement in Kinect Sports Gems: Boxing Fight

Ring Leader

Reach level 8 (or observe another player doing so) to gain the rank of Ring Leader.

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How to unlock the Ring Leader achievement

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    Boxing Fight is basically the same as the Main Event from a minigame which is identical to the minigame in Kinect Sports. It is a simple 1 on 1 against your opponent over three rounds.

    As with all Kinect Sports Gems, gaining levels is not based on gaining experience or burning calories. To gain levels, you must complete challenges.

    For this achievement, you will need to obtain 65 stars by completing challenges. Most of the challenges will come naturally, but some do require a change in gameplay.

    Game Tips

    Blocking - Blocking is essential for many of the challenges. Put your hands beside your head to block punches to the head, and your hands across your body (in front of your stomach) to block punches to the body. Blocking punches charges up your next attack. You can charge up your attacks three times by blocking three punches in a row before throwing a punch. The bar underneath your health bar shows how charged up your attacks are. Your opponent can do the same, so aim for whichever body part they are not blocking!

    Shot types - There are two basic punches; hooks and jabs. A jab is a straight punch, at either the head or the body, whilst a hook is a punch across the body/head. Hooks tend to be better at knocking your opponent about the ring, but leave you more open to attacks. A third shot type, which I barely ever used, is the uppercut. This is completed by swinging your arm upwards towards your opponent, and is great for knocking them down. I would recommend switching between types of punches to see which suits you best. The challenges you aim for will often dictate this anyway.

    Heavy punches - Head blows and body blows are completed by throwing heavy punches. The game doesn't explain what these are, so it can be confusing. At first I thought it was the power-up punches, so I was attempting to block three times before each punch. However, I found that this was not the case. For a heavy punch, bring your arm back and then step forward, whilst punching at speed. Imagine you are hitting that high school bully as hard as you can. You got it. Good job. Now do it again for funsies.


    I won't include detailed information on challenges here. See the King of the Ring solution for detailed tips on the more difficult challenges. Other than that, should you need tips for any other specific challenges, please ask for them in the comments section. Alternatively, I have created a walkthrough on TrueAchievements, which has tips for all challenges in the game:

    Kinect Sports Gems: Boxing Fight Walkthrough


    If you enter Settings, there is an option to 'Clear Missions'. DO NOT USE THIS OPTION! It will clear your challenges and ALL of your progress, so you will have to start all over, from Level 0.

    Please either comment below or send me a Personal Message if you have any comments or improvements.
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