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Rich and Famous

Reach Level 50 Fame.

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Achievement Guide for Rich and Famous

  • elefantenmenschelefantenmensch191,615
    19 Jan 2014 19 Jan 2014 02 May 2014
    103 15 40
    in addition to the other solutions I want to add, that once you've installed the title update, you're able to start a regular online boosting session with a friend via exhibition match. click on exhibition match, invite a friend and earn massive xp. you only need a good stack of silver in order to buy weak white fighters for about 420 silver and 550 silver to start the match.
    get beaten by your friend, then repeat in turns by switching sites. even for losing you'll rack up a lot of xp, plus, if you activate the in game fame bonus for 20 gold, you double your xp.
    during the 2x fame weekend I was able to jump from level 22 to 50 within 12 hours of gaming. with the activated in game fame bonus my gained xp was quadrupled(?)!
    hope this helped!

    **why negative? it's as easy as can be!!!**

    **update: I recently found out, that in the english version of the game it's called a wager match, not an exhibition match! **

    **update 2: since nobody mentioned it, I want to add that you can also do the in game challenges witch you fullfill by winning a certain amount of fights, killing enemies online etc. after completing the challenge, select it and press A to gain silver, fame or/and gold! UPDATE: as mentioned in the comments, the challenges wont give you fame anymore. instead you will earn gold, which isn't that bad, since you can buy the fame boost with it... **

    **update 3: here is a list of the required xp per level plus the ammount of matches you have to play, posted by Love01082008 below in the comments. thanks, appreciate your work!
    Lv 44 to 45 16 Matches 150800 Exp (5 dbl fame applied 5 W and 11 L matches)
    Lv 45 to 46 15 Matches 192000 Exp (10 Dbl Fame Applied 10 W 5 L matches)
    Lv 46 to 47 12 Matches 186000 Exp (12 Dbl Fame Applied 12 W)
    Lv 47 to 48 22 Matches 208000 Exp (6 Dbl Fame Applied 12 W 10 L matches)
    Lv 48 to 49 20 Matches 216000 Exp (9 Dbl Fame Applied 10 W 10 L matches)
    Lv 49 to 50 31 Matches 232000 Exp (This was 15 Wager matches as Loses, the rest were online arena I used 2 Dbl Fame in the process)

    Obviously on Lv 46 to 47 I must of had a residual carry over so I wager it is about 200k. If others verify you might be able to get better numbers and that means better calculations for boosting sessions and how many double Fame people should acquire. **

    good thing everybody is doing well in this game since the update! thanks for voting on my solution!
  • rafa1000houserafa1000house423,546
    15 Mar 2014 10 Mar 2014 07 Nov 2015
    74 9 20
    WARNING: Spartacus Legends servers close on December 22nd 2015.

    Edit: TRIPLE FAME IN NOVEMBER: You have until through November 30th to take advantage of the boost.
    Triple Fame for Spartacus Legends in November

    Using this method you'll earn the maximum amount of XP EVEN WHEN YOU LOSE:

    If you don't know how to boost playing Wager matches, please read "WAGER MATCH BOOSTING" section. If you know how to do it, the solution is just below.

    • Assuming you're the loser this time, wait for your gladiator's health is almost gone.
    Now your partner DON'T kill you and you need to taunt him 4 times in a row to raise your Crowd Favor bar. After the 3rd time it should be already full but you need to do it once more after it is fully completed.
    • While you're taunting your partner 4 times, he may also taunt you to keep his Crowd Favor full, but he only needs to do it 3 times, maybe twice (together with your 3rd and 4th one) if you made it at the same time.
    • As soon you made your last taunt (remeber that you need to perform at least one taunt after your Crowd Favor is fully completed), your partner's gladiator needs to use a grab (press cn_B button) to end the match without killing you, so you won't need to spend coins to revive your gladiator or to buy a new slave.

    (I used spoiler links to make the solution smaller)

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    A special thanks to my friend Pr0jectMichael who helped me to figured out how it exactly works. smile

    If you find something wrong or for negative votes, please comment how I can improve my solution. English is not my main language.
  • Strategy OneStrategy One640,604
    17 Feb 2014 16 Feb 2014 03 Feb 2015
    50 14 12
    External image

    This is my solution on how im working to get Rich and Famous achievement, I don't have it yet, but I am working on strategies on how to get it without wasting too much time, you can sit here and work on it every day, or you can do what I do and work on it every once and a while and save all the possible time I can without blowing all my time away.

    I went from lvl 24-50 in a single double XP event, if I had done it right I would have done 1-50 in a single event if I knew how to use everything correctly and not waste gold! If you want the fastest possible XP, during a Double XP event, swap winning in Wager matches, if you do this it is by far the fastest method! Make sure to note: you do need alot of silver! The loser loses 550 silver every wager match, and the winner doesn't gain any, but gets his 550 at the end of the match. Also the winner does earn more XP (See notes further down) so swapping is a great idea, I would recommend setting an amount of matches to swap with so its fair for both players!

    Most important!
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***


    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Other things to know and do

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    If you have any questions just comment or message me, I am done with this game, but I will try to help, if not someone who knows could answer the question. Also if there is anything wrong with my solution, grammatically, or wrong info just message me and I would greatly appreciate it! Any ideas or strategies would be appreciated and I will give credit to anyone who gives them to me. Thanks everyone and good luck!
  • PrinzHintzPrinzHintz532,294
    11 Dec 2015 17 Nov 2015
    11 2 1
    Not really a solution, but a heads up. As you play this title now you are obviously trying to finish it. To speed things up you probably use the XP boosts. Most of the players and sessions want you to have the amount of silver to buy the boosts (15k silver according to the game) and as you have to pay for each match you might get short of silver. Now here's my hint: Don't mind! You're getting gold instead of fame for completed challenges (LT on the map) so if you ran out of silver you can buy the boost for 1 gold! But only if you don't have enough silver. You get gold for rank ups and for challenges, so you should have enough gold. This way you can rack up 99 XP boosts easily for 20 gold.

    Good luck and good boosting.
  • acgrahamacgraham120,220
    16 Feb 2014 30 Dec 2013 13 Feb 2014
    18 11 2
    Just to help out a little.

    After the current update, on the fighting arenas at the bottom of the page you will see LT goals.

    Hit LT and have a look at the goals you have done. Hit A to claim your reward. There are three stages, the first is mainly money, which you probably wont need, the second is money and 2000 fame and the third is money, 4000 fame and a banner item or gold.

    I moved from 31 - 32 buy just buying different weapons for the gladiators and playing online matches.

    Hope this helps the grind.


    New update allows you to gain daily challenges. Winning 15 matches any type will net you over 10,000 fame points. Others are for online wins and plays, wager matches wins and even resurrection of your gladiator. Keep coming back each day to do these and you will get the achievement very quickly.

    Remeber just hit LT and A to claim your rewards.
  • Alwayz DamicanAlwayz Damican204,807
    21 Jan 2014 21 Jan 2014
    19 16 1
    The easiest way to boost fame in this game is through the wager match.. You can boost with a buddie an get 1000 fame for winning an 500 for losing. As of the weekend since there was double xp we were getting 8x xp so we got 8000 xp for winning and 1600 for losing. Just do the wager match An when your partner's health is almost gone use a grab to take the rest an you'll end up with the full fame an your buddie doesn't have to worry about paying to revive him
  • SatinyKestrel84SatinyKestrel8427,996
    02 Sep 2013 06 Jul 2013
    7 9 0
    So after grinding for this achievement for a couple of days, I have decided to clarify a couple of things. Also note that the above guides are pretty much spot on, so there is no need to repeat it.

    First off about the gold glitch. I have been playing around with the glitch a little, and to be honest it really doesn't speed up the process at all. Actually it slows it down. The fastest I was able to do the glitch was 3:02 per glitch, with an average of around 3:15-3:30. From level 15 to level 29 (where i am now) you get 5 gold per level up. That means it takes 4 dashboards to purchase 1 double fame boost, which lasts for 5 fights. Stay with me here. So we are looking at somewhere between 13-14 minutes to receive the boost. 5 fights take around 10 minutes, as each fight with loading screens take about 2. So it would take 23-24 minutes for every 5k fame, using the glitch. Without the glitch 10 fights would equal 5k fame, which would only take 20 minutes. So every time you purchase the boost using the glitch you are losing 3-4 minutes. That adds up quickly through the level.

    Secondly I'd like to add what I do for fame. I put my best fighter in the search for an online match, while grinding out with my other fighters. I really dont think it makes a difference. You do gain and extra 250 fame per fight, but sometimes you find a match in the middle of a match against the cpu, so it probably evens out. It just helps me drown out the monotony of pressing down xxx.

    Please give me a thumbs up if you like it. If not let me know how to improve. Thanks and hope you are having as much fun grinding as i am.
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