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400 Days

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400 Days

Two out of Three achievement in The Walking Dead (Xbox 360)

Two out of Three

Won a game of Rock/Paper/Scissors.

Two out of Three0
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How to unlock the Two out of Three achievement

  • bs000bs000
    05 Jul 2013 05 Jul 2013 05 Jul 2013
    This achievement is earned during Wyatt's chapter of the game. A few minutes into the chapter your friend will suggest playing rock, paper, scissors to resolve a dispute. Select "Okay, that's fair" to play. Win best two out of three and the achievement will unlock.

    What your friend chooses appears to be random, with no reoccurring pattern that I could see. If you lose two, quit to menu before it auto-saves and resume the game to try again. This way you won't have to replay as much of the chapter.

    If you've already missed this achievement, rewind or start a new game on Wyatt's chapter. Rewinding will cause you to lose progress you've already made, so start a new game on another save slot if you don't want to lose progress or change the decisions you've already made.

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    o P1P3L1N3 oStupid achievement.
    Posted by o P1P3L1N3 o On 27 Jun 16 at 10:50
    FireDrake007I followed FLYN NE WEATHER's advice and got the results he predicted.
    Posted by FireDrake007 On 18 May 21 at 03:22
    MariaAgnesQuinnI’ve genuinely lost 8 times in a row. I think I hate Eddie now
    Posted by MariaAgnesQuinn On 03 Jun 21 at 16:54
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  • ChockaShockaChockaShocka
    26 Aug 2013 26 Aug 2013
    Thanks to misterman08 for the following comment/solution: smile

    "i noticed on my game and again is probably different from everyone elses that if i picked before he said 1 he would choose paper if i picked between when he said 1 and 2 it was rock and after he said 2 it was scissors" Posted by misterman08 on 18 Jul 13 01:57:54

    So, I just started up the "400 Days" DLC and chose Wyatt's picture (he has glasses, mustache, beard, long hair) from the collage of stories to choose from, and about 8:25 into it they play the game. Then I did what misterman08 described. clap
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    eNaRGeI don't know if this worked or just random luck, but did this method, picked the "Paper" solution, got Win/Draw/Draw/Win. Don't know if it works, but worth a try.
    Posted by eNaRGe On 15 Mar 16 at 02:00
    Mental Knight 5Going to have to negative vote cry Not enough description of what the guy next to the word "Wyatt" looked like. Spent hours playing rock, paper, scissors as Bonnie.
    Posted by Mental Knight 5 On 19 Mar 18 at 23:59
    Angels Kill Too^Idiot
    Posted by Angels Kill Too On 25 Oct 21 at 03:36
  • Nuka Cola CapNuka Cola Cap
    Locked 06 Jul 2013 08 Jul 2013
    I've reloaded a few times confirming a thought and it seems to me Eddie picks scissors quite a lot, I picked rock twice in a row and won every time I tried it (8 reloaded tries)

    Other people are experiencing Eddie preferring paper as opposed to scissors so if you see him use paper on his first try you could try going with scissors twice?
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    JOKERMAN50It works 9/10. If you win the first round Eddie is likely to change his choice from the first round then repeat his second choice. Eg. You play paper he plays rock, you paper again he changes to scissors and repeats scissors on third round. It is random but mostly predictable.
    Posted by JOKERMAN50 On 31 Jul 13 at 00:43
    lildevilbmxerworked like a charm
    Posted by lildevilbmxer On 18 Dec 13 at 00:02
    beets101I dont get it. First pump we drew. Second i won third he won. I was expecting a 4th pump but the game gave him the match thus missed out on the backing out b4 the save. So now i have to play agai from the start of the chapter.
    Posted by beets101 On 05 Apr 14 at 21:43
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