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Unstoppable Drift!

50,000,000 point drift!

Unstoppable Drift!+0.7
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Achievement Guide for Unstoppable Drift!

  • KeLvInDKeLvInD492,239
    27 Mar 2012 27 Mar 2012
    4 0 0
    Here`s my method for this long grindy achievement.

    - Car : Nissan 350Z
    - Tuning setup : Power stage 2 / Weight reduction stage 2 / Extreme nitro
    - Stage : Snow Widow.

    Nothing special so far but here`s the trick you need to stay in a single drift for more then 40 minutes while steering and accelerate at the same time. To make life easier i rubberbanded the right trigger (accelerate) so i only needed to concentrate in steering and staying in the drift at the straigh part of the track.

    Try to take the inside corner on each corner, start the slide and leave it until its over, wiggle the left stick to the right and a second later back to the left to start the next corner. When you`re sliding out too much just adjust the slide by countersteering while pressing up on the left stick. If you`re still feeling that you`re going to mess it all up apply a bit of braking power (left trigger) and slow down the slide, giving more time to adjust.

    If you feel that you`re getting messy, pause the game take a small break and continue.

    Give it a couple of test runs and when you feel comfortable go for it!
  • thefonz1986thefonz1986133,369
    16 Apr 2009 14 Apr 2009 19 Apr 2009
    7 3 8
    just play around with cars on snow widow (a custom dna lab drift endurance race so the pressure's off competing) i have yet to nail this but i made a good stab at it using a mazda rx7 (29.8 mil just slightly over halfway)

    use the rx7 (stage 3 everything for league 5, maybe even make use of prototype nos if it actually does anything) on snow widow, get used to the track and you will eventually get it....i have final score was 66,768,788
  • Taz B IRLTaz B IRL160,099 160,099 GamerScore
    23 Oct 2012 23 Oct 2012 28 Sep 2014
    1 0 0
    Go to Driver DNA Lab, select custom DNA race, create DNA race, scroll to the bottom and select Drift Endurance.

    Note: you need league 6 unlock, it can be in xbox live or normal career.

    Now select
    Location: Germany, Frost Bite
    Car: Skyline R33 Stock
    Mods: These are not necessary but i would suggest League 6 level 3 weight reduction, and level 1 power for a bit more drive-ability. I suggest these cause i almost straightened up a lot while i was going for this in the stock version, but in the stock R33 i did it first time in around 45 minutes.
  • 1 0 0
    Battle Royale on endurance (any mode, preferably career since u can do it in career) with the Holden Monaro (Fully upgraded) or the S13 (stock) good fun
  • SPEEDY8991SPEEDY899138,325
    30 Apr 2011 10 Jun 2011
    2 1 0
    me i just picked my favorite track witch was Battle Royale and just did it i used the Dodge Charger its a good track and a good car and they go well with each other and its a feedback track
  • z I TOP DOG I zz I TOP DOG I z139,996
    23 Mar 2011 24 Mar 2011 29 Feb 2012
    1 0 0
    i found the zonda the best and the tracks either snow widow or the battle royal that is a simple loop with loads of bends

    tip; feather the throttle and try to make the car flow around the track taking the same exact route every time and the more sideways the car the more points once able to go round the track easily to rack up more points quicker learn to force the car out more by pressing the analouge stick left then right or right to left depending on the track
    on battle royale once you hit 1,000,000 points you can get around 500,000 a lap
  • shortstuff143shortstuff14368,516
    26 Oct 2012
    1 2 0
    i found that a nisan 200SX with any full preformance set i prefer leauge 5 + the best tracks for me are french revolution, snow widow, immortal coil, caged dragon, frost bite, spirit of the emporers but my main recommendation is battle royale realy any track you feel confident in just keep trying i got to 19,999,999 just missing the drift marathon
  • Storm Of SoulsStorm Of Souls183,861
    30 Jul 2008 30 Jul 2008 30 Jul 2008
    2 3 0
    This is a hard one i did it with the full upgraded lotus in elite on battle rolyale just keep it steady there is no easy way to do this one
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