Nowhere to Hide achievement in Halo: Spartan Assault

Nowhere to Hide

Prevent all Jackals from regenerating their shields in Operation B, Mission 3

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How to unlock the Nowhere to Hide achievement

  • lionpantslionpants216,651
    20 Jul 2013 22 Jul 2013 06 Aug 2013
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    You basically need to kill all jackals on the map without letting them recharge their shields. When you break their shields and they run away, after 4 seconds or so the shield will appear again. If this happens, reset the mission.

    I found the two marine that join you during this mission actually make this achievement a bit more challenging. So here are my suggestions...

    - Kill the first two jackals that appear NE when the mission starts.
    - Go south to the unmanned turret. Sit on the edge of the screen and let the turret kill the two marine.
    - I found the assault rifle effective at taking out the jackals.
    - Use the assault rifles your marines dropped for some more ammo.
    - Check every corner and path of the map for any remaining jackals before ending the mission.
    - If a jackal is near some trees and you think he may be able to easily run out of line of sight when his shield breaks, use a grenade.
    - The rocket launcher you can buy with credits makes this a bit easier, but is not needed.

    The achievement will pop on the "Mission Accomplished" screen.

    EDIT: MathGuy42 has pointed out that you don't even need to kill all the jackals, just make sure you don't let any regenerate their shields.

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    Ultras500I can confirm you don't have to kill everything, just make sure if you hit a jackal you kill it.
    Posted by Ultras500 on 08 May 16 at 21:27
    ChucklestyleKey to make sure you're watching your teammates to make sure they aren't hitting a jackal before you do. I had the best time by grenading the 1st 2 as in the solution, grabbing a needler, and using that and grenades. Each jackal drops a needler and grenade so you should have no issues for ammo for this loadout, plus plenty of extras around the map.
    Posted by Chucklestyle on 25 Mar at 00:26
    I Argonaut IFor me, it took several tries. I liked using the grenades on the jackals and the shotgun on the grunts. I didnt want long range bullets hitting a jackal that I could not see or wasnt targeting.
    My achievement popped only when the mission was done (as soon as I walked into the pelican)
    Posted by I Argonaut I on 02 May at 21:35
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  • MR PER0MR PER094,091
    30 Jul 2013 30 Jul 2013
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    I tried the other posted solutions and was having problems, there would always be 1 Jackal escape for long enough to get his shield back.

    For my loadout, I went with AR and sniper. I began as lionpants suggests, by taking out the 1st 2 Jackals NE of the start. I ran up and punched for 2 quick assassinations, then ran back to the Hornet before the marines could fire on the other Jackal slightly north.

    At the Hornet, I swapped the starting regen field for the active camo on the right side of the hornet.

    From there, go south west. Take out the 2 Jackals with a grenade, then let your marines die, again as per lionpants solution.

    Once they are dead, make your way around the map, using active camo as much as possible. When it shuts off run back to a spot where no enemies are shooting at you.

    While doing this, kill as little as possible. Lure out suicide grunts, and let them chase you for a while to get them away from clusters of enemies, and then pop them with a few bullets from the AR. When they are gone, make your way close to a target, camo just outside weapons range, run in and shoot ONLY the target. Use the sniper for 1 shot kill.

    Run away, Rinse, Repeat for other targets.

    I went southwest, north, west, then clockwise around the eastern half of the map. When the last target is down, sprint back to extraction point and bleep-bloop.

    The key is to kill only the targets and whatever enemies you have to, while avoiding the jackals as much as possible since they can't recharge if you don't take it down in the first place.
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    fighterx93chippWorked like a damn charm! Thank you!!! First try!
    Posted by fighterx93chipp on 13 Apr 18 at 06:51
  • ZZBroncosZZBroncos219,136
    26 Jul 2014 06 Aug 2014
    7 1 1
    To provide a bit of clarity, here is a more detailed explanation of what you need to do, how to do it and how to avoid doing more than you absolutely have to do.

    Couple of points:
    - Do not shoot any jackals unless you absolutely have to kill them
    - In fact, do not shot unless it is to kill the gold elites or to survive an area. If a stray bullets hits the shields of a jackal, you will most likely have to restart the mission.
    - Grenades are your friends
    - Marines are not your friends (for this mission!)
    - Minimalism is a good rule of thumb for this mission

    Alright, here is a quick walkthrough for this mission:

    1) Pick up the stealth armor ability that is located behind the Falcon.

    2) Kill the two jackals that are just north by northwest of the spawn. The assault rifle tends to work better to take down the shields of the jackals more quickly.

    3) There is an unmanned turret to the south of your spawn point. More importantly, there are a couple of explosive barrels on the east side of the area where you will encounter two more jackals. Dispatch the two jackals with your assault rifle, and then walk over to where the barrels are located.*

    * You may have to do some maneuvering to get the two marines to stand next to the barrels.

    4) Once they are there, just shoot the barrels and that should leave the marines 3-5 hits from death. Walk out in front of the unmanned turret and the marines should follow. Then just slide in behind them and the turret should finish them off. In other words, position the marine between you and the unmanned turret.

    5) The mission should now be significantly simplified and shorter without those two marines. Kill the gold elite around the unmanned turret and the three grunts. (1/6)

    6) Head back up the path you came, and activate your armor ability when you find the two or three suicide grunts. Head north and then north by northwest. Ignore the jackals in the trees. You should find a small alcove with a couple sets of exploding barrels and another gold elite, four grunts and a suicide grunt. Grenade the gold elite (2/6)

    7) Active your stealth armor ability, and head a bit south, and you should find a manned turret,2 jackals, and another gold elite. Take out the two jackals first, then hit the turret and elite with one of the grenades. (3/6)

    8) Head back to the original spawn point with your stealth armor ability activated. There will be a manned turret northwest from the spawn point, a gold elite and 6 grunts.

    9) Make sure you activate your stealth armor ability right about where the bodies of the two jackals that you killed at the beginning of the mission. You will want to move quickly through the area with the manned turret and tag the gold elite with a sticky grenade while you are invisible. (4/6)

    10) Proceed to the south, and follow the trail to the next elite. If you can hug the west side of the map, and skip this elite, you can move right along to the last elite in the far northwest corner of the map. Tag him with a sticky grenade (if you don't have one, there is a bin with 3 sticky grenades right by the last gold elite). (5/6)

    11) Most likely you will need to wait for the armor ability to recharge. Let it recharge while essentially hiding at the edge of the map.

    12) Once the armor ability is charged, head back the way you came, and make sure not to fire your gun. There will at least 5 grunt majors (silver grunts), 3 suicide grunts and 6 jackals. If you hit the jackals shields and don't kill them, I'm pretty sure that will fail to fulfill the requirements for this achievement. Instead, again, sticky grenade the elite (6/6)

    13) Utilize the stealth armor ability and get the hell out of dodge. Head to the Falcon and end the mission, where your achievement should pop. Do not fire your weapon for any reason, or toss random grenades.

    If you have any feedback, please let me know! I'll try to answer any questions anyone has!

    P.S. if all else fails, buy rockets + damage boost and blow everything up. That works too laugh
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    ZZBroncosCorrection: Its a Hornet, not a Falcon redface
    Posted by ZZBroncos on 06 Aug 14 at 20:32
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