Distinguished Service achievement in Halo: Spartan Assault

Distinguished Service

Earn all medals in the game at least once

Distinguished Service0
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How to unlock the Distinguished Service achievement

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    There are 32 types of medals. You can see what ones you haven't earned from the Main Menu, on the bottom in the Records Section you should see a Medals option.

    Double Kill, Triple Kill, Overkill, Killtacular, Killtrocity, Killamanjaro, Killtastrophe, Killpocalypse and Killionaire: Kill 2-10 Enemies within 4 seconds of each other. I found these fairly easy to get on mission A-5. You have to stay alive for about 2 minutes while waves of enemies attack, if you are lucky you can get to 10 kills on the turret but it all depends on how the enemies swarm you, it is also fairly easy to get if you go a bit suicidal with the Shotgun. You also have Incendiary grenades in this level, they are useful for setting up a zone instant death for a few seconds.

    Killing Spree, Killing Frenzy, Running, Riot, Rampage, Untouchable: Kill 3, 6, 10, 15, 20 enemies without getting hit. Using experience to use the Sentry makes this slightly easier. Play carefully but stay on the offensive, use grenades to your advantage. I got an untouchable on mission A-5, but it's not as easy as a Killionaire.

    Rifle Spree, Target Practice, Contact: Get 3, 6, 10 kills consecutively with a Rifle without getting hit. Mission A-1, once you play it a few times very easy place to get this.

    Pistol Spree, Pistol Perfect, Gunslinger: Get 3, 6, 10 kills consecutively with a Pistol without getting hit. Once you've earned a Contact Medal redo A-1 with your pistol instead.

    Grenade Spree, Cluster Bomb, Make it Rain: Get 3, 6, 10 kills consecutively with Grenades without getting hit. Mission A-1 again, You start with 3 grenades and there are 3 more near your spawn in a box to the right, giving you a total of 6. Try to hit at least 2 grunts with each and you will have this easily. Make sure to not kill with any other weapon while going for this, it must be 10 grenade kills in a row. This really frustrated me because I didn't realize and I kept stupidly killing a grunt here or there with my rifle.

    Splatter Spree, Road Rage, Sunday Drive: Get 3, 6, 10 kills consecutively with a Vehicle without getting hit. Mission A-4 you start near a Wraith, use it through the level the main thing to worry about are other Wraiths just keep your distance and keep shooting. You do NOT need to run over enemies, any weapon of your vehicle counts.

    Assassin: Kill an enemy with a melee attack from behind. Mission A-1 try to assassinate an enemy after they come out of a drop pod. I don't have much advice for this one I got it accidentally.

    Sentry: Destroy an Enemy Vehicle with a Shade or Machine Gun Turret. At the end of Mission A-5, just before the timer runs out, Wraiths show up, use the Turrets to destroy one.

    Anticipation: Kill an enemy with a charged shot Using a Plasma Pistol hold down Left and Right click for about 2-3 seconds and release both at the same time. If the shot hits a Grunt it should one shot him Sorry, I only know the Mouse and Keyboard controls, but if you do the Tutorial it will teach you how to do this.

    Demolition: Destroy a Structure with a Grenade Mission A-2 when you get to the first objective throw a grenade at it.

    Swiss Army: Kill 5 Enemies with 5 Different Weapons I also got this one by accident, just use a variety of weapons.

    Wrecking Ball: Destroy a Vehicle with a Vehicle Mission A-4 will give you tons of chances to do this
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    MathGuy42Thanks for all the great suggestions. A-4 for Sunday Driver worked great!

    For Make It Rain, I used C-3. You have at least 3 grenade boxes, camo, and some enemies drop grenades. The enemies aren't as docile as A-1, but it still felt easier (or at least less luck based) than A-1.
    Posted by MathGuy42 on 21 Jul 13 at 21:59
    John CabooseThe grenades are definitely a pain. I only have 10-kill "Let it rain" medal left. Nice solution.
    Posted by John Caboose on 23 Jul 13 at 14:50
    SliktorI found the Assassin medal particularly easy on B-1. Just run up behind one of the many, many suicide grunts and melee them. They ignore you completely as they run down the screen.

    Also, to charge a Plasma Pistol on touch screen, press and hold with your finger on the right-hand side of the screen (the side you use to shoot) and it will charge. Aim and lift your finger to shoot it.
    Posted by Sliktor on 29 Jul 13 at 02:00
    coipSunday Driver! Good guide. I spent hours trying to get this and kept failing because, for some reason, I thought I had to run the enemies over, which is nearly impossible to run over 10 in a row without taking fire. So glad you pointed out that I could use the vehicle's weapons and then directing us to Mission A-4. After knowing that, it was a piece of cake.
    Posted by coip on 05 Aug 13 at 17:49
    HybridchldThanks for the tips on Let It Rain, i was getting rifle kills too.

    I'll give you a thumbs up when in get the Win 8 version Might be an idea to post this over on the WP version aswell
    Posted by Hybridchld on 09 Aug 13 at 03:10
    obtuse languageLet It Rain was the one thing that I kept missing... never occurred to me that was the reason. Derp.
    Posted by obtuse language on 16 Sep 13 at 17:43
    TheIcemanComethGreat solution. Make it Rain was also my last one. Took a few tries because I kept getting hit, but not too bad.
    Posted by TheIcemanCometh on 27 Dec 13 at 16:47
    OsirisIt says I have all of the medals yet it isn't unlocked. Any ideas?
    Posted by Osiris on 11 Jan 14 at 21:14
    MathGuy42Osiris, I think you meant to post on the X1 version. For X1, you must redo every medal if you've previously done any on Win 8 or WP8. I see that you've unlocked the X1 achievement now. You have previously played on WP8. The good news is that when you go back to WP8, you'll only need to get any medal and the achievement will immediately unlock.
    Posted by MathGuy42 on 12 Jan 14 at 00:06
    ZZBroncosSentry: Play A-4 again, and just clean out the area around the second Anti-Air Wraith while avoiding doing any damage to the turret that is right next the Anti-Air Wraith. Hit the Anti-Air Wraith with a bunch of the little turret rounds from your Wraith. Jump out of your Wraith, run into the turret that is right next to the Anti-Air Wraith and start hitting the Anti-Air Wraith with turret blasts. Boom easy medal
    Posted by ZZBroncos on 22 Jul 14 at 18:10
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