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Extra Credit

Complete 75 mission specific challenges

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How to unlock the Extra Credit achievement

  • meme28,799
    17 Aug 2013 22 Jul 2013 17 Aug 2013
    44 5 18
    I needed a list to keep track of what I was working towards... hope you find this helpful! I also added the level-specific achievements. [Reformatted so you can keep it open, snap to the side, and zoom in]

    Two findings: One, your progress towards the commendation is saved even if you die, and Two, you can abort a mission and have progress towards the commendation be saved.

    Warm up that Pitching Arm
    ...Kill 3 Grunt Minors with Frag Grenades 80 XP
    Rookie Target Practice
    ...Kill 20 Elite Minors170 XP
    Sidearm Slaughter
    ...Kill 50 Grunt Minors with a Magnum 164 XP

    A Shady Detonation
    ...Destroy 2 Shade Turrets with Plasma Grenades 86 XP
    Scorch Mark
    ...Kill 20 Grunt Minors with a Plasma Pistol 110 XP
    Taste Your Own Medicine!
    ...Kill 40 Elite Minors with Plasma Repeaters 300 XP

    Achievement: Escort Service
    ...Keep all Wolverines intact 5 G
    Gung Ho!
    ...Destroy 3 Shade Turrets with a Plasma Pistol 88 XP
    Expert Target Practice
    ...Kill 30 Elite Minors with an Assault Rifle 240 XP
    Sentry Post
    ...Kill 40 Grunt Minors with a Shade Turret 154 XP

    Stick to This!
    ...Kill 5 Elite Minors with Plasma Grenades 104 XP
    Burn Ward
    ...Kill 30 Grunt Minors with a Plasma Repeater120 XP
    Wrath of the Wraith
    ...Destroy 15 Wraiths with a Wraith 314 XP

    Meatgrinder Mayhem
    ...Kill 15 Grunt Minors with a Machine Gun Turret 104 XP
    Sting Like a Bee
    ...Destroy 4 Wraiths with a Magnum 128 XP
    Stand-Off Shootout
    ...Kill 100 Covenant with the Shotgun 470 XP

    Wave Breaker
    ...Kill 20 Suicide Grunts with a Machine Gun Turret 174 XP
    Ring of Fire
    ...Kill 30 Grunt Majors with an Incindiary Grenade 214 XP
    Power Punch-Out
    ...Kill 40 Suicide Grunts with a Melee Attack 254 XP

    Up Close and Personal
    ...Kill 20 Elite Minors with a Shotgun 210 XP
    Chain Reaction
    ...Kill 50 Suicide Grunts with SMGs 280 XP
    Burn Baby Burn!
    ...Kill 100 Covenant with Incindiary Grenades 494 XP

    Achievement: Nowhere to Hide
    ...Prevent all Jackals from regenerating their shields 10 G
    ...Kill 20 Jackals with a Needler 114 XP
    Trigger Happy Demolition
    ...Destroy 10 Shade Turrets with the Shotgun 150 XP
    ...Kill 50 Grunt Majors using Grenades 290 XP

    Clean-Up on Aisle Epsilon
    ...Kill 20 Grunt Majors with a Shotgun 170 XP
    Plasma Perimeter
    ...Kill 10 Elite Minors with a Shade Turret 154 XP
    Staring Death in the Eyes
    ...Kill 30 Elite Minors with a Wraith 274 XP

    Head On!
    ...Destroy 20 Wraiths with a Scorpion 414 XP
    Fight Vapor with Fire
    ...Destroy 30 Ghosts with a Scorpion 514 XP
    Back to the Grave
    ...Destroy 20 Wraiths using a Ghost 414 XP

    Precision Disassembly
    ...Destroy 4 Shade Turrets with a Focus Rifle 134 XP
    Shooting Range
    ...Kill 50 Covenant using Rifles 310 XP
    Plasma Burn
    ...Kill 40 Covenant with Plasma Grenades 284 XP

    Explosive Apparition
    ...Destroy 5 Ghosts usign Frag Grenades 194 XP
    Moving Target
    ...Kill 40 Drones with an Assault Rifle 190 XP
    Beam of Blight
    ...Kill 80 Covenant with a Focus Rifle 430 XP

    Achievement: Never Knew What Hit Them
    ...Kill a convoy target with every stationary gun 10 G
    A New Sheriff in Town
    ...Kill 20 Elite Minors with Pistols 234 XP
    Armed Ambush
    ...Destroy 10 Wraiths with a Machine Gun Turret 284 XP
    Dirty Davis
    ...Kill 20 Elite Majors using a Magnum 274 XP

    ...Kill 10 Elite Majors with a Needler 184 XP
    Guiding Light
    ...Kill 20 Stealth Elites with a Focus Rifle 270 XP
    Iron Fist
    ...Kill 20 Stealth Elites with Melee Attacks 284 XP

    Turn Off Their Lights
    ...Kill 10 Elite Majors with a Focus Rifle 190 XP
    Brutal Burnout
    ...Kill 5 Brute Chieftains with a Shade Turret 184 XP
    Special Delivery
    ...Kill 50 Drones with Plasma Grenades 224 XP

    Achievement: Brute Force
    ...Finish the objectives using only the Brute Shot, melee, and grenades 10 G
    All in a Day's Work
    ...Kill 20 Grunt Minors160 XP
    Death from Above
    ...Kill 20 Jump-Pack Brutes with a Brute Shot 340 XP
    Premature Detonation
    ...Kill 50 Suicide Grunts with a Focus Rifle 290 XP

    Who's Laughing Now!?
    ...Kill 10 Jackals with an Assault Rifle 150 XP
    Grapple Hook
    ...Kill 20 Jump-pack Brutes with a Needler 324 XP
    ...Kill 5 Brute Chieftains with a Brute Shot 200 XP

    Bear Hug
    ...Destroy 10 Wraiths with a Grizzly Tank 304 XP
    ...Kill 20 Grunt Minors with a Ghost 184 XP
    Drive By
    ...Destroy 20 Wraiths with SMGs 450 XP

    Molten Rain
    ...Kill 10 Elite Majors with a Plasma Repeater 210 XP
    Punctured Phalanx
    ...Kill 20 Jackals with SMGs 170 XP
    Blast of Glory
    ...Kill 100 Suicide Grunts with a Plasma Pistol 540 XP

    Is This Yours?
    ...Kill 20 Suicide Grunts with Incendiary Grenades 224 XP
    Border Patrol
    ...Kill 100 Covenant with a Machine Gun Turret 544 XP
    Hammer to a Gunfight
    ...Kill 10 Brute Chieftains with a Magnum 254 XP

    Achievement: Vidmaster Challenge
    ...Complete the mission with Hollow and Black Eye Skulls active 15 G
    Blind Spot
    ...Kill 10 Drones with a Wraith 194 XP
    Let it Rain!
    ...Kill 20 Stealth Elites with SMGs 320 XP
    Come Out of the Shade
    ...Destroy 10 Stealth Elites with a Shade Turret 254 XP

    Light at the End of the Tunnel
    ...Kill 20 Grunt Majors with a Focus Rifle 240 XP
    Scorched Earth
    ...Kill 10 Elite Majors using Incendiary Grenades 254 XP
    Fight Plasma with Plasma
    ...Kill 100 Grunts with a Plasma Pistol 370 XP

    All Charged Up
    ...Kill 30 Jackals with a Plasma Pistol 230 XP
    Dynamite Fishing
    ...Kill 50 Grunt Majors with Grenades 370 XP
    Stick Around!
    ...Kill 100 Covenant with a Needler 554 XP

    Achievement: Foot Soldier
    ...Finish the objective without using any vehicles/turrets 10 G
    Ghost Blaster
    ...Destroy 5 Ghosts using a Plasma Pistol 240 XP
    Plasma Transfusion
    ...Destroy 10 Shade Turrets with a Ghost 234 XP
    Road Warrior
    ...Kill 50 Covenant with a Ghost 374 XP

    Rodent Removal
    ...Kill 10 Jackals170 XP
    ...Kill 25 Elites with a Assault Rifle 310 XP
    Perosus Latrunculus Exterminatus
    ...Kill 20 Jackals with a Brute Shot 210 XP

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    i ride infinityI'm having the same trouble with mine on the challenges achievement. Can't get the W8 one to pop.
    Posted by i ride infinity on 05 Apr 14 at 06:17
    l306l PoRkRoAsTFor those of you who have completed all 90 challenges on a different platform and can't get this achievement or the one for all the challenges in operation F, just go and complete a weekly challenge and both of those achievements should pop up for you.
    Posted by l306l PoRkRoAsT on 06 Apr 14 at 19:48
    LGS I HitmanThanks for the list.
    Posted by LGS I Hitman on 06 May 16 at 23:43
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  • Shel2theburneShel2theburne328,646
    20 Jun 2014 20 Jun 2014 13 Jul 2019
    27 3 9
    Not so much a solution but a tip. If you're like me and you have this game on multiple platforms and you completed all of the challenges on one system and unlock the achievement but when going to the other system to sync your save and you find that the achievement will not unlock.

    My first thought was to just play a level and complete it and it should unlock but that didn't work. So the solution to ungltiching your achievement is to complete a weekly challenge which will unlock this achievement and also the "A for Effort" achievement which is to complete all operation F Challenges.

    Hope this helps for those that were like me!

    You can still do this in 2019, if you set your date on the PC back to 2014. The weekly challenge will appear and the achievements (Extra Credit and A For Effort) will pop after you finish just one of the challenges.
    Thanks to jaKopoLeon for that info!
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    EarthboundXOK, just unlocked them both, the timestamps say 2013 on them, which is really weird looking.

    Hopefully that won't be an issue in the future.
    Posted by EarthboundX on 20 Dec 19 at 03:18
    Actl MarinesThanks, its working on my windows 10 and my windows phone 10.
    Posted by Actl Marines on 21 Jan 20 at 07:48
    ThorniestUchihaconfirmed that it still works
    Posted by ThorniestUchiha on 22 Dec 20 at 17:23
  • Shadow 00 FoxShadow 00 Fox615,624
    19 Oct 2014 19 Oct 2014 20 Jun 2019
    23 1 4
    I had a save file in the cloud, so did all these assault ops originally on the 360 version, then the Xbox One version again, and happily this time I didn't have to redo them all! My achievement popped as soon as I did one of the weekly challenges. Even better, you only have to do 75 instead of 90. I recommend skipping the ones I have marked as "Very Hard" and/or "Very Slow" just to save time.

    General Tips:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Enemies, Turrets, and Vehicle Descriptions:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    I wrote this solution to be used with the Ctrl-F function to easily find whichever Op you are looking for. Simply type into the Ctrl-F search box whichever letter, number, and letter code you're looking for!(i.e. A-1a, D-2c, E3-b, etc)


    All missions Assault Ops grouped by mission:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
    All missions Assault Ops at once(best for using Ctrl+F):
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
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    Shadow 00 FoxThanks! toast
    Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 31 Oct 15 at 00:35
    ClassyWingsThanks for the tip to play a weekly challenge for it to unlock!
    Posted by ClassyWings on 19 Jan 16 at 12:19
    Shadow 00 FoxWelcome! :-)
    Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 19 Jan 16 at 18:02
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