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How to unlock the Completionist achievement

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    This is going to be a long haul. I didn't feel it would be appropriate to just list the quests needed, without also explaining in what order, and how to complete them correctly. Secondly, if I were to give solutions to some side quests, but not others, what help would that be. Thus, this is a walk-through of the games entire side quest offering. Skip to what you need or follow it closely, and know that this will contain a lot of spoilers.

    Also note that many players have trouble finishing this even with a majority of the side quests done. There also seem to be a distinction between completing a side quest the 'easy way' or the 'correct' way according to game mechanics. Seeing as the description say to complete ALL, and this is not possible, be sure to at least complete them the 'right way'. You do not have to complete every single one, but do so to be safe. For me, the achievement popped before the last two side quests in Chapter 3, on difficulty Easy.


    Handyman’s Assistant - Part 1
    The first side quest you can encounter is right outside the shower area where the intro plays out. Talk with the mechanic banging away at the wall and offer to help. He needs 6 parts to fix various shortcomings around the makeshift prison camp.

    Part 1 of 6: After the fight with Fatso and after you get the Cracked Tube, turn around and into the area where you can leave for the Cistern later. The part is in one of two boxes on your left.
    Part 2 of 6: Heading back out you'll notice a guard and a dog to your left. The part is in a pile of rubble straight ahead.
    Part 3 of 6: Enter the Mess door, up the ramp. Third part is behind you in a corner.
    Part 4 of 6: Turn around and look at the mess hall open entrance. There is a passage to the right, and the part is just around a wall.
    Part 5 of 6: Continue along this path and jump down when prompted. Careful of the prisoners here who will attack you. Continue along the wall and around to another climbable wall.
    Part 6 of 6: Down the stairs from part 5, hug the wall right around to the exit. You do not want to trigger the scene in this area, when you approach Bob, yet. Enter the prisoners lodging area and look behind some dark crates where prisoners are exercising for the last part.

    Back to the mechanic to complete part 1 of this quest.

    Handyman’s Assistant - Part 2
    Once you complete the first part of the mechanic’s quest, the log will say to check in with him later, and he will disappear from the shower area. After you have sent Innocence off to work in the Power Plant, but before going into the well to hunt for Moles, he can be found to the left of the recruitment office in Camp: Crater Zone. Again, he needs five spare parts to fix what he is working on.

    Note that if you go too close to the entrance to the Mole caves and trigger the foreman Jack’s conversation, you have to finish that part of the main quest line before you can continue with the side quests.

    Part 1/5: Go behind him and along the wall. A box between some searchable piles will have the first part.
    Part 2/5: Next to Part 1 is a pile of thrash with the second part.
    Part 3/5: Northern centre part of the map, behind some small tents is a searchable pile with the third part.
    Part 4/5: Is found to the left of the entrance to the Mole caves, behind a large container. You can grab this after you finish with the main quest relating to the moles.
    Part 5/5: Is found inside the shack of the Kennel Master, through a door next to the Recruitment Office. Take special care here; if you have already started the Mean Dogs side quest, entering the Kennel will throw you into a fight with a rabid dog and set events in motion for the Mean Dogs side quest that you cannot stop. Best done before talking to Bob.

    When you finish the second part the mechanic will be available as a merchant.

    An Explosive Plan
    After you come back from the Mole Caves, after the main quest Mole Queen, and after you have rejoined with Innocence in the Mess, go back to Camp: Crater Zone. You should have previously heard on the speakers about a mutant hitting a guard that everyone is looking for.

    In the Crater Zone, it is a good idea to pick up Part 2 of Handyman’s Assistant, and pick up part 5 of this before continuing. In the vegetable garden opposite the Recruitment Office you’ll encounter some prisoners harassing a mutant. You will automatically interrupt them and be given a choice of dialogue. Choose only #2 “You sure it’s a good idea?”. Any other choice will void this side quest and #3 is defaulted and appears similar, so be careful.

    The three men will scurry off, but one Prowess will wait behind, just left around a corner, in from of the tent and three men. Speak to Prowess to start this side quest.

    Prowess wants you to loot a shipment to Joe (by the mine entrance) while he keeps Joe occupied. Just follow the conversation until you have several boxes in front of you, and open and loot them as quickly as you can. Open everything as you have plenty of time and you will get a ton of resources and other good stuff in addition to the bomb plans Prowess needs. The next part is to gather 3 sets of components to make the explosives. They are all located close by:

    Part 1/3: Head into the Dog Master’s area again. It’s inside his shack, in a box.
    Part 2/3: Inside the Recruitment Office, in a box to your left.
    Part 3/3: Inside the tent behind Prowess, in a box.

    Return to Prowess for Serum, a grenade and a trap. Prowess also becomes a merchant.

    Mean Dogs
    A prisoner in the living quarters will tell you in passing that Bob is looking for you. When you go through the nearby door to see him, a scene with a rabid dog will play. Defeat the dog to have this side quest show up in your log. It will say to “Deal with the dog attacks” but hold on with this for a good time yet as we have to gather up a couple other side quests first that will void if you get too far in this quest.

    The next part of Mean Dogs is to go see the Kennel Master. When you enter his enclosed space next to the Recruitment office, a large dog will attack him. Put it down and talk with him. Next head into the

    Recruitment Office and mention the sick docs. You will be sent to find a doctor, found in the shower area where you start. When you are talking with the doctor you will have the option to kill all the dogs to be safe, but advocate finding a cure. The log will change to "find a veterinarian". Go to the Mess and either talk with Jey first, or head straight for the cook who used to be a veterinarian. To make a cure he needs 3 samples:

    Sample 1/3: Kill a rabid dog in the prisoners lodging area next to Bob.
    Sample 2/3: In the Crater Zone area, to the left of the mine entrance. You'll see two dogs and you have to kill both.
    Sample 3/3: In the Mutant (Dust) area off Crater Zone.

    With all three samples you can head back to the Mess and the cook will start making the cure. He will not finish it while you talk to him, and no amount of waiting will make him. You have to head back to the Crater Zone and trigger a scene where the dog attacks the guard outside the recruitment office. This event will void another side quest, Another Face, if you haven't taken care of that yet.

    Once the last dog is dead, head back and pick up the cure. Bring this to the Kennel Master to complete the side quest.

    The Blues
    Talk to Bob after the dog attack – marked on the map. When you first arrive in his area and approach Bob, a dog will attack and start the Mean Dogs side quest, but leave that for now. You will get The Blues side quest by pointing out that Bob doesn't look too good. He will not elaborate further now, but you will get the side quest in your log which says “Persuade Bob to speak”.

    Head to the Mess and talk to Jey about the guards. Jey will mention that Bob is one of the good guys. You can also talk to Jey again, and to Doc in the sand showers, for more background, but it isn't

    required to get Bob to talk. Back to Bob. Continue down this dialogue playing a nice guy, and you will eventually get 3 pieces of information about Bob and why he’s got the blues, completing the side quest.

    This opens the possibility for Bob to join your Escape Plan, so get him to come along. He wants to go home to his wife, and is very bored of being a guard.

    When Bob finally starts to talk there is no stopping him, and you can easily finish The Blues, start Escape Together (below) and convince Bob to join in one segment of dialogue. This is OK, and the ‘right’ way to do this, do not worry. Check out of Escape Together for additional info.

    The Lucky Charm
    It can be a little bit tricky to complete. The reason for that is that the side quest Mean Dogs will interfere with the completion of this quest. Here is the proper way to trigger and complete these:

    Complete the side quest Handyman’s Assistant part 1 and part 2, as well as An Explosive Plan before even approaching Bob and thus starting Mean Dogs. When you go to see the Kennel Master next to the Recruitment Office, you can pick up the fifth item for Handyman’s Assistant Part 2, and Part 3 for Handyman’s Assistant, thus completing those before talking to Bob. Complete the main quests First Steps in Prison, The Mole Queen, A Diversion, Water for the Trip, and Water for the Battle. This will start the main quest The Great Escape, where you can go to Jey and start the escape. You can now ask “Problem? You don’t look so good.” which will start this side quest.

    Jey mentions an Abundance guard who stole his trinket. The guard in question is the Abundance army sergeant standing with his dog outside the Recruitment Office. If the events of Mean Dogs have played out where his dog attacked him, you can no longer talk to him.

    After his refusal to give up the Lucky Charm try to reach an arrangement. Turns out the sergeant is looking to feast his eyes on something other than the Technomancer’s apprentice, which will trigger another side quest; Another Face. When you complete Another Face, return to Jey with the trinket who turns out to be a picture of his wife to complete The Lucky Charm.

    Another Face
    Gotten from Abundance army sergeant, during the side quest The Lucky Charm, only if his dog hasn't attacked him yet. The sergeant wants a picture of a girl, all of her, and preferably without too much clothes on.

    Head back to Jey and tell him what the sergeant wants. He’ll tell you about a person who has a whole bunch of pictures, namely Fatso. Fatso can be found with his gang in the closed off area after the Camp: Crater Zone entrance. Be careful though - talking to him will start a fight with Fatso and four of his ‘brothers’, a challenging fight no matter the difficulty level. If you win, the picture is yours. Return to the army sergeant to get the Lucky Charm and complete Another Face.

    Escape Together
    Once Bob joins your team of escapees, this side quest will show up in your log with the first part checked off, “Convince Bob to join the group”. The next part is to find Bob in the Power Plant which happens after you complete everything in the main quests.

    Bob will join you in the fight at the train station, but at a point he will die. There is nothing you can do about this. The quest will complete at this point.

    NOTE: There is another side quest here called Indigestible Meal where you poison Bob and send him to the sick bay as means of saving him from the ensuing fight. Several players have posted doing this instead of Escape Together, and that the achievement didn't unlock. To be safe, always do Escape Together instead of Indigestible Meal.


    Immediately beginning Chapter 2 you will run into some guards. If you play the following scene any other way than described below you will miss out on a side quest that happens much later during Chapter 2.

    When asked, answer “I just escaped from prison” and when the guard mentions Prowess (from the An Explosive Plan side quest in the camp during Chapter 1) say yes. Follow up with that you think Prowess is okay.

    Requiem for Dreamers
    After you go to your old place and evict the squatters in the main quest “An out-of-the-way place”, a person named Frugality will show up on your map. It is not possible to pass him without triggering a scene. Agree to help him get rid of the junkies at his workshop.

    Go past Frugality down the tunnel and to your left. Stop in front of the door and listen to a conversation between Providence, Chance, and a junkie. Your goal here is to help Providence find a solution.

    Chance and the Junkie turns out to be her sons. Do not instigate a fight and offer to find the dealer below. Once he is taken care of, you have to talk with Providence again to complete this side quest.

    The Dealer
    Follow the good solution in Requiem for Dreamers to start this. Be sure to talk to Tranquility before going to The Slums. When you reach Shadowlair: Slums, look at your map to find the location of the dealer, named Serenity. You have no option but to start a fight with Serenity and his 3 thugs here so be prepared. If you manage to drop Serenity first, you do not have to fight his gang. Serenity will see things your way and The Dealer will complete.

    False Identification and A Bartender with no ID
    Before leaving Shadowlair: The Sand to pursue other quests, head for the north-east part where a man called Tranquility is marked on your map (triggered by visiting Charity, and your old home, completing these main quests). Talk with him about the checkpoints and lastly ask “That guy who does papers you were talking about…” and answer “Deal.” to also get A Bartender with no ID. Both side quests are found in The Slums where you are already headed for The Dealer.

    The Slums consist of two areas, the second dubbed “North neighbourhood” where you will find the forger Probity in the upper north-east corner. You can always check by the first map marker in this area, but the army is raiding the place, looking for Probity.

    After talking to Probity it is apparent you have to help him get rid of the army. You have two ways of going about this. One, you can just head back and insult the army guys to start a fight, but this will both fail the part goal of “averting suspicion” and if you play on a higher difficulty, put you in a dangerous fight. The better way of handling this is to look at your map for another quest marker down in

    the lower middle part of the map. Head there and look for a crate where you can hide some misleading evidence. Now you can go back to Probity’s workshop and tell the army “I figure you've got the wrong target”. This way you will not have to pay 10 Serum for Tranquility’s papers.

    False identification is complete and when you head back to Shadowlair: The Sand and talk with Tranquility, so is A Bartender with No ID.

    After entering Tierville, you will happen upon the same guards you met in the beginning of the chapter. If you answered as described, the officer in charge, Integrity, will have a job for you. You have to find two pieces of evidence of a smuggling operation going on in Tierville. Once you get your hands on Smuggling, you can run back and finish this before continuing.

    Part 1/2: Is found marked on the map right here in Tierville. In a room with two smugglers.
    Part 2/2: You have to go back to Shadowlair: The Slums (North Neighbourhood) for this one, but it is also marked on your map.

    Working for Charity Part 1
    When you get back to Charity after resolving the main quest Find Faith, the information you were promised will have to wait for a bit longer. Talk with Charity again and offer to do some work while you wait. This will start this side quest, which revolves around completing two other side quests that will also add to your log; The Bad Payer & The Exhibitionist.

    Once both those side quests are complete, return to Charity. For the Bad Payer, be sure to give Charity all the Serum back, “Squeezed him till the last drop” - 50 Serum, be sure to not spend it before turning in this side quest - and not keep it as this will again unlock a further side quest.

    The Bad Payer
    Charity wants you to find Morality and make him pay what he owes. He can be found north-west in an alley in Tierville, so head there first. Morality and his three gang members won’t give you much of a choice other than to fight him, but after he falls, you get a choice to kill him off or spare him. When you are aiming for Completionist it is very important that you actually kill him off as this will unlock another side quest down the line. Head back to The Slums and look up Humility.

    The Exhibitionist
    Charity wants you to take care of Humilty, a flasher bothering the working girls. He can be found opposite of Tranquility and you can either intimidate or beat him up to solve this easy task.

    Working for Charity Part 2
    Completing the first two side quests in Working for Charity in the way that is suggested will now unlock two more side quests. The Transporter & The Mafia’s Threats. When you go back to Charity with both these done, Working for Charity is complete.

    The Transporter
    Talk with Honesty down at the bar next to Charity.You can start this now or later, but get things rolling by telling Honesty “Let’s go now”. Now you have to meet up with him at the far side of the entrance to Tierville.

    You will be escorting Honesty with lots of money to a banker. Follow his instruction, beat down any opposition, and head for the marker in the upper right corner of Tierville. Honesty will die along the way, but fulfil the trip to the banker yourself honestly. The banker will give you a receipt you can take back to Charity for completion of this mission.

    The Mafia’s Threats
    The Mafia is threatening Charity and you have to alleviate that threat. You will find the Mafioso in question north of the market square in Tierville, but beware. There are six guys total here you have to fight - not an easy task if you are ill-equipped or playing at the higher difficulties. Otherwise it’s a good idea to mop up this quest too when you are doing The Transporter as the goals and completion of both are close together.

    The Coin Killer
    Talk with Faith next to Charity before or after completing part 2 of Working for Charity. The Coin Killer is rather vague in it’s description, but you are to look for clues. This side quest ties in with Fidelity Lost, so head to The Slums and get that started first (below).

    After Fidelity Lost is complete, you are on your way to talk with Serenity from The Dealer. Get a description from the two men suspected of murdering the working girls and then head south to North Neighbourhood to speak with the forger Probity about the coin. He will tell you the coin is made in a workshop, and we know of only one such close by. Back to The Sand and Frugality. You can speak to Providence in the nearby shack to learn a little more about the coin, close to Frugality, but he will give you your next clue; an address in Tierville.

    Head there and towards the quest marker on your map. Talk to a man named Chastity first. Do not kill him - question and bluff him first. Turns out he only re-sells the drug, or so he says. Just around the corner is a man called Gallantry. Have a chat with him and you get a similar story. You can also talk with the army man close by (from Smuggling) but no one has any useful information. Go back and pick a fight with Gallantry. After a fight you get the option to kill him or not, and the side quest will update indicating you have the right man.

    Do NOT kill Gallantry. Spare him to unlock a new side quest in Chapter 3. Head back to Faith to complete this and the last available side quest in Chapter 2.

    Fidelity Lost
    Head off for The Slums aiming for the next main quest Meet with the Resistance and you will find a forlorn looking man by the name of Fortitude - marked on your map after you finish Working for Charity. He’s looking for his wife that has been lost for 10 days, named Fidelity. If you agree to look for her you will get a picture and a clue to head to the market in Tierville to inquire further.

    In the market, look up Valiance, the merchant guard, and show him the picture you got from Fortitude. You have to continue through the east alley towards the entrances to Undercity and The Slums.There is a big fight coming up and after a cut-scene of the dead wife and a talk with Providence (the mother from The Dealer) who suggests the girl was drugged then killed. This will update your side quest The Coin Killer.

    You have to search the body to find a coin and complete Fidelity Lost, and if you exhausted Providence’s dialogue, you will have to go back to Serenity (The Dealer) in The Slums to learn more about the drug. Talk with Fortitude on the way there to complete Fidelity Lost.

    NOTE: Before Chapter 3
    After you save Mary and she wake up in your old shack, she will want to sleep with you. Refuse her once, and then twice to open up a ‘romance’ side quest in Chapter 3. This is not needed for the achievement.


    Right off the bat, starting Chapter 3, you will have two side quests in your log, one relating to the side you chose. These are both ‘romance’ quests revolving around Mary, Judy, or Devotion. Note that none of the romance quests are required for the Completionist achievement. If you complete one, the others will fail. The romance quests are A Passionate Woman (Resistance), Electrical Relationship (Mary), and The Spy Who Loved Me (Devotion).

    The Coin Killer Strikes Again
    Enter the Farming Village and talk with the first NPC you come upon, Equity, and he will tell you about a girl murdered. This will only happen if you did not kill Gallantry in Chapter 2.

    After you talk with the resistance, or go back to your starting location, you will again happen upon Gallantry attacking a young lady Patience. Kill him and the quest will complete.

    Theft from the Stores
    In the Farming Village, speak with Impartiality to get involved with a mutant vs. people issue. Impartiality tells you about a gang of mutants who stole the farmers food. If you offer to help, he wants you to teach them a lesson, but not kill them.

    Head into the Industrial Complex to the left and you will find the mutants. Talk to Garbage first and hear what he has to say. Try to help the mutants and when Garbage is stalling, say “Out with it!” to unlock another side quest, A Helping Hand for the Mutants. Go back and talk with Impartiality to complete the quest.

    A Helping Hand for the Mutants
    Offering to lie about the food the mutants stole will have Garbage asking you to also find some medicine. The medicine can be found in the Farming Village, in the south-west corner by some clearly marked boxes. Give the medicine to Garbage to complete the quest.

    Sympathy for the Farmer
    In the Farming Village, head up towards the Hydroponic Fields on the right side and talk with Tolerance. Moles are destroying the crops and you have to destroy moles. Be very careful when heading out for this task. Exit behind Tolerance climb a ladder where you will immediately be thrown into a fight with a Mole Queen and several lesser moles. Return to Tolerance to complete the side quest.

    The achievement should pop anywhere near the last three side quests you complete. Any comments and corrections (yes, I probably did a lot of spelling mistakes =) are more than welcome.

    From my site The RolePlaying Grind:
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    Nikolai420A job to do did it for me too. I didn't think I was getting the cheevo but this quest showed up when I passed dude again later on. Made my day! Great guide btw although I only checked it when I was in at the end of chapter 2 to see what I was missing. Good thing you don't need to complete em all. I missed sabotage quest earlier.
    Posted by Nikolai420 on 16 May 14 at 18:29
    JORAXI did not have to do "Sympathy for a Farmer" and this popped after killing the Coin Killer in chapter 3. Excellent guide, got a lot of use out of it along the way. +1
    Posted by JORAX on 24 May 14 at 06:22
    TriRockExcellent and insanely detailled solution. I would give 2 thumbs up if I could!
    Posted by TriRock on 30 May 14 at 11:51
    All the TigersReally would have been nice to know that talking to Bob too soon messes with the achievement.
    Posted by All the Tigers on 03 Aug 16 at 10:57
    Draco719At the beginning of chapter 2 I answered the guards exactly as you said oo, but later on they were pissed off that i had lied and automatically attacked me I had no options
    Posted by Draco719 on 27 Jan 17 at 06:01
    Charles D WayneI have the mission " The transporter " in chapter 2 for charity but i dont get the " The mafia threats " mission can somebody help me ?
    Posted by Charles D Wayne on 25 Feb 17 at 00:17
    WeisGuy9An excellent list and very helpful descriptions. The only change I might suggest is the order of the quests listed in Chapter 1. Due to the guard with a dog outside the recruitment office, it seems that Mean Dogs should be last on the list. I ended up having to restart a much earlier save and replay a good portion of Chapter 1 due to the various tie-ins and crossovers of the Chapter 1 quests. After "An Explosive Plan", I would list "Escape Together" since you get it the very first time you talk to Bob. After that would be "The Blues", "The Lucky Charm", and "Another Face", with "Mean Dogs" last since you need to really complete all the others before progressing in "Mean Dogs".

    Other than that, a most excellent solution and a definite thumbs up! Thanks!
    Posted by WeisGuy9 on 28 Dec 18 at 19:07
    Zeke StableThe 3:1 like to dislike ratio on this is a crime. Considering this guide is for a small indie title almost no one cares about and only a few thousand people even own, considering the only other walk through I could find was some vague a.f. list of the side mission names on xboxachievements, considering the level of excruciating detail involved just for one lousy achievement... and ten down votes?? Geez, man. Tough room.
    Posted by Zeke Stable on 07 Apr 19 at 00:05
    InquisitorZac“The Mafia’s Threats” - missed doing this quest in chapter 2 since I didn’t kill the guy. But the chievo still popped after the last farmer follow up side quest I had in chapter 3. A++ guide. Thumbs up here.
    Posted by InquisitorZac on 11 Nov 19 at 02:40
    AllgorhythmThumbs up. Great rundown.
    Posted by Allgorhythm on 05 Jan at 17:18
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