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Mutant achievement in Mars: War Logs


Finish the game in Extreme mode

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How to unlock the Mutant achievement

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    The way I accomplished this achievement was I followed a few simple rules

    1. Max First Aid on Renegade Tree then only Upgrade your Combat Tree
    -Most enemies don't give you enough time to use your tech abilities
    -Being able to roll away is key to running away and surviving fights
    -Stealth is not an option in many areas
    -Combat Trance is also really helpful
    -This also gets you the Specialist Achievement

    2. Be a Bad Guy and take serum from everyone
    -This will ensure you have enough to buy supplies
    -This also makes it so you can simply intimidate people instead of fight them and still get the quest done

    3. Always be stocked with Health and Bombs
    -Health can be made but is 5 serum cheaper when purchased from a vendor
    -Bombs are great for knocking down any enemy to give you time to heal or quickly attack one enemy
    -Warning bombs do hurt your companions

    With these in mind here are some other helpful tips for your play through.

    Always have your friends with you, the game will give you options to go it alone, DONT. Even if your buddy is useless just put him into defense mode. This benefits you because some of the enemies are focused on him and not you.

    If you have the option to spare someone - which will end the fight early - do it! Unless you really want to kill that person this allows you to progress faster and save your gear for other fights.

    While your scavenging sell your useless junk Example: no point in having 100+ pieces of cloth or scrap if your not using it.

    My preferred weapon was one that had the capability to wound, this helps you either kill your target faster or allows you to bounce around from one target to the next.

    Final tip keep trying! This game can be super cheap at times and can really test your patience at certain points and you'll need to approach the same fight but a different way. Example: entering from the side and instead of the front or first targeting a certain enemy. Good Luck!

    Tried to keep this as spoiler free as possible, I definitely welcome your feed back on whether this was helpful to you.
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    Im the Loraxthanks
    Posted by Im the Lorax on 20 Feb 14 at 20:25
    Cellar AtticI found stocking up on ammo for the nailgun an invaluable part of getting through this difficulty. It made killing moles a lot easier, as I could do it from a distance and not worry about them surrounding me too much. Same goes for technomancers, who were a real pain. It also made the final couple of battles really easy. And once you get the 50% discount at stores (assuming you're a good guy) the ammo becomes that much more affordable.
    Posted by Cellar Attic on 13 May 14 at 16:58
    JORAXUsing Stealth heavily in Chapter 2 and relying on the nailgun in Chapter 3 really helped me out. First chapter was pretty tough, as was the first party of chapter 2 before I got the stealth take-down move. I played the good guy instead of harvesting serum and that got me cheap ammo (8 credits for 5 shots) and +50% health/damage on my ally. They were still weak but at least lasted long enough to distract everyone while I used the nailgun to clear all but the shield guys (who I finished off with counterattacks).
    Posted by JORAX on 24 May 14 at 07:08
    DarwinXI found a way to get infinite money if you go good. Once you hit good rep, merchants sell 5 Nailgun ammo for 8, and will buy back 1 Nailgun ammo for 2. You can keep buying and selling them back, and you will keep getting more money (which in turn means you can use your Nailgun without worrying how much the nails cost).
    Posted by DarwinX on 13 Jun 14 at 14:54
    Crimson DrifterHow do you become good? I'm on my easy play through, followed side quest guide and Mentor guide, haven't taken serum from anyone, now I'm at beginning of Chapter 3 and still neutral.

    I'm wanting to get good rep to take advantage of nail gun ammo trick DarwinX mentioned on my Extreme play through. Any tips or suggestions?
    Posted by Crimson Drifter on 15 May 15 at 14:26
    Crimson DrifterDidn't figure I'd get a response. At the end of the game on extreme, neutral the entire time, I should have just sucked serum the whole time. Even with being neutral and taking no serum I'm heading into the Tech HQ with over 20+ health packs, 80+ nail gun ammo, and 15 grenades with 200+ serum to spare and without doing much treasure looting.

    Pro Tip: Make sure you DO NOT undertake the "Sympathy for a Farmer" side quest in Chapter 3, if you do you have to fight a mole queen and several lesser moles while traversing the main quest. It's a huge waste of resources and the XP gain from the quest is minimal
    Posted by Crimson Drifter on 18 May 15 at 18:20
    Karachi KingI lucked out on that Mole Queen in Chapter 3. She spawned, but somehow didn't get alerted, and I was able to stealth kill her. laugh

    No idea about reputation. I just always ended up good by not killing people. Maybe how you deal with side quests affects it?

    I found the sand throw to be very useful throughout the entire game. So many enemies (including most technomancers) don't have eye protection, and while blinded, they swing wildly and can do a lot of damage to their allies.
    Posted by Karachi King on 10 Jul 16 at 23:31
    Crimson DrifterI definitely agree with Sand Throw, its great!
    Posted by Crimson Drifter on 11 Jul 16 at 03:01
    Rotating CubeI had the same experience as Crimson. The completionist/mentor route set my reputation to neutral even when you don't suck the serum out of people / use good responses to questions. It's why I decided to just drain everyone in my 2nd playthrough (extreme diff.).
    Posted by Rotating Cube on 21 Jul 16 at 07:56
    Deco76BRI went good and had no problem with money. After you have Combat Trance and Nail Gun the game was a breeze. Use Combat Trance then shoot as much as you can. Then the run roll shoot routine. First I got ranged and technomancers, then when down to 3 or 4 melee enemies I could line then and counter attack. They attack 1 ar a time and you can bloco ali 4 do a little run and repeat. Ocasionally I'd throw some bombs, much more with moles and areas with tight space.
    Posted by Deco76BR on 05 Sep 16 at 10:26
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