Ultra fast food achievement in Mad Tracks

Ultra fast food

Beat 1 minute 15 seconds on 'Fast food'.

Ultra fast food+2.3
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How to unlock the Ultra fast food achievement

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    15 Aug 2007 27 Mar 2009
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    Here is a nice video of the Ultra fast Food achievement!

    I hope this will help some people for the achievement!

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    WiznyattI finally got this today...after like 2 years. The best advice I can supply is to try to make the first major shortcut which involves hitting the boost as you come up the slope off the second turn...pretty much right in the first few seconds of the race. The video shows the guy hitting it on BOTH LAPS but since I was really only hitting it smoothly 1 out of 10 tries I just focused on getting it on the first lap since restarting wasn't a big deal that early. This shortcut shaves off about 3 seconds on your lap which for me was really the difference maker. I could get 1' 17" pretty regularly so I knew if I could just hit the shortcut one time, get a little lucky picking up the boost power up and not hitting any table legs that I had a chance.

    Aside from that shortcut I made sure I boosted the loop-de-loop and either boosted after coming out of the loop OR take the shortcut under the table legs. I didn't normally boost up the slope before you hit the icy patch, it just made the car erratic coming out of the corner and if you hit the ice sideways it really messes up your momentum. The last two places to boost are if you get a nice straight jump off the ramp where you land between the candlesticks. If you hit it straight you can boost a little before you land and keep up good speed. The last place that I liked to boost was right after the candlestick ramp going into the right-right turn before you complete the lap. Just hit it before you take the first right and keep pulling the left analog to the right and you'll bang your way through the turns.

    I just tried to keep lap two clean, I did NOT try to take the shortcut a second time and still got a 1' 14.78". Crushed it right? Yeah...
    Posted by Wiznyatt On 02 Aug 15 at 18:15
    MattiasAnderson"Very easy achievement. Takes maybe an hour or so of practice at most."

    So easy that you had to make a comment about how easy it was. lol
    Posted by MattiasAnderson On 12 Nov 17 at 14:16
    KinectKid333This achievement really isn't that bad. It took me about an hour to an hour and a half of practice. You don't need even close to a perfect run. Here are my tips:

    1) Go for the jump shortcut at the beginning on the first lap, but don't go for it on the second lap. Try to get on the loop de loop before the timer reaches 10 seconds. If you're not there in time, just reset. Having a strong start will help a lot.

    2) Do you know why Olympic sprinters run on the inside of the track instead of the outside? It's obvious, right? The distance on the inside of the track is shorter. The same principle applies here. However, Fast Food is a much more complex circuit than a track and field oval. Sometimes the inside of the track will turn into the outside of the track when you make a turn. Calculate and memorize the fastest path, and stick to it. Try to stick to the inside of the track. This is honestly the biggest tip. If you can take the shortest route and race cleanly, you could probably get this achievement using only one or two boosters. That's how significant taking the shortest route is. That being said, I wouldn't recommend the shortcut where you go in between the table legs. It's too hard to pull off consistently and the time save is not very big.

    3) Know when to boost. Boost on the straightaways. Good places to boost are: the loop de loop, when you're on the floor after the loop de loop, right after you finish going up the first ramp (before the huge ramp and then the ice), right before the ice (make sure you are going perfectly straight. This is a risky place to boost. I usually only boosted here if it was my second lap and I was already behind schedule. Also, don't activate a boost once you're on the ice. You'll almost certainly crash), on the big jump when the camera changes (wait a little while before you boost so you don't hit the ceiling. Like the ice spot, you also need to be perfectly straight here. If you're not straight, wait until you land, then boost. It's a little slower than boosting in the air, but if you boost in the air while you're crooked, you will crash), on the very thin straightaway right before the finish line.

    Follow these tips and you should be able to get this achievement without too much trouble. My time was 1:13.87. Here's a clip of my run, but it will probably be expired because my clips always expire even though I always save them cry KinectKid333 playing Mad Tracks

    As you can see my run is nowhere near perfect. I messed up the shortcut at the very beginning which cost me about a second, and a lot of my corners were not very optimal on the second lap, so there is definitely a lot of room for error. Good luck.
    Posted by KinectKid333 On 14 Jul 20 at 08:07
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    This is achievement is really hard most of it is luck and the other half memory. you will need 4-5 booster's a lap to beat the 1:15 mark. Now go to arcade and set your car to sport as light will not be able to do the race, now start the race and go round it a couple times if you need to learn the track. Now all you have to do is use your boost at these parts in the race:

    boost number 1
    near the starting line there is a downwird slope with 3 crates try and collect two and you should be able to use it there.

    boost number 2
    after following the track you will see a loop the loop use it on the loop to gain extra speed.

    boost number 3
    after the loop and down the hill if you turn sharply use your boost and gain extra speed on the run.

    boost nuber 4

    when you are climbing the glass ramp if used the boost wil get you up with no effort.

    boost number 5

    after you get to the ice patch boost to make a speedy landing.

    *bonus boost*
    the last jump in the level is a small ramp that will take you to the table with candles on it.

    now of course you have to train with the boost timing to get it right, i spent ages trying it but finally got the achievment.
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    DEV1L MAY DIEonce you do the loop dont use a boost and go through the table legs to cut the corner and save a boost, also at end dont boost on the ramp leading up to the canle tableas you will spin or flip most of the time, instead boost once you land. also try and boost on the final strait which will slingshot you around the corner.
    Posted by DEV1L MAY DIE On 05 Jan 09 at 23:42
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