Adera (Win 8)

Adera (Win 8)

Episode 5: Season Finale

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Thanks for Flying Adera Airlines

Make a successful emergency landing in your glider.

Thanks for Flying Adera Airlines+0.2
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Achievement Guide for Thanks for Flying Adera Airlines

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    Just above and to the left your left hand-hold, there's a screwdriver hidden in a mini-screen. Click it, grab the screwdriver, then come out of the mini-screen.

    Get the screws from the left and the right of the glider (where the glowing puzzle pieces are). To get the screws you'll have to select the screwdriver first each time.

    Click the top-middle of the glider. You'll see two more screws. Get them by selecting the screwdriver and then clicking the screws. You will now lose the screwdriver. Whilst you're in this mini-screen, pick up the electrical wire and the rope that the 3rd and 4th screws just revealed. Move the electrical wire to the section in this mini-screen that requires it.

    You now have the four screws. Screw them into the place in the mini-screen where you got the screwdriver.

    On your right wing, you'll see a damaged bit of rope hanging down. Click it, and then drag the rope you picked up onto it.

    Now go to the circuitboard. This is a rather simple, classic type of puzzle. Connect the coloured electrical circuits without crossing any wire of a different colour.

    At this point, you can get the following achievement:
    Adera (Win 8)BlackoutThe Blackout achievement in Adera (Win 8) worth 12 pointsFill every available space in all three levels of the Wire Puzzle on the falling glider.

    To get this, fill every space on each level with wire (you can complete the first one by using every space, but not the second or third), and then remove the wire and finish the levels.

    When you fix the circuitboard, you'll have a cutscene, and the achievement will unlock.

    Edit: After getting the 'Blackout' achievement, it is very wise to restart the episode from the beginning, as then you do not need to do the requirement for the 'Blackout' achievement, and you can still get the 'Firewire' achievement later on in the game. Thanks to AP E JC for pointing this out.
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