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I Can Save The World

Get the good ending.

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How to unlock the I Can Save The World achievement

  • Zenn PZenn P484,795
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    Charlie MurderI Can Save The WorldThe I Can Save The World achievement in Charlie Murder worth 54 pointsGet the good ending.

    To get the Good Ending you must defeat Smockula the Defiler, followed by The Angel of Chaos at the Live Devil Amusement Park stage(Final Stage) while having all 5 of Smockula's body parts equipped. The body parts also count as relics which will be needed in your inventory for the I'm Thorough achievement. These body parts include:

    1. Smockula's Eye (Defeat Beautiful Queenie at Hermit Refuge Camp)
    2. Smockula's Heart (Defeat Gory Mound in the Derelict Crypt at St. Sander's Cemetery)
    3. Smockula's Liver (Defeat the Brainstem Boss at Camp Falconbats)
    4. Smockula's Tooth (Defeat Chained Monstrosity in the sewer at Direblade Plaza)
    5. Smockula's Brain (Defeat The Gorged Tumor on Brinelake Dock)

    You can acquire these Body Parts by defeating specific Bosses at certain locations throughout the game. Breakable gold chests will appear after beating these Bosses, break them open with attacks to unveil a glowing body part floating in the air. You can take a picture of the body part by pressing Down on the d-pad to bring up your cell phone and hitting A while it's in focus. If you do this in Co-op, each player participating should get 1 part each after waiting a while for them to drop(upon taking a picture of them). Please see I Collected a Being solution on how to find all 5. The billboards displayed in the background 2 screens after entering Live Devil Amusement Park will also show you their locations.

    Charlie MurderI Collected a BeingThe I Collected a Being achievement in Charlie Murder worth 25 pointsAccumulate Smockula's Body.

    Because you need to equip 5 items at once, this means you will need to have the "Relic III" ability unlocked for your character, since it allows you to equip 5 relics at once. It should become available in the the level 15-25 range. If playing in Co-op however, this is not necessary if other players collectively have the parts. Failing to have all 5 relics equipped before facing Mortimer will result in you receiving the Bad Ending instead after beating him.

    However, when facing Mortimer with all 5 body parts equipped, the body parts will spin around in the air spawning a new enemy called Smockula the Defiler. Defeat it without killing Mortimer (as they'll both be fighting you). This will revert Mortimer back to his original human state. You will then receive a more difficult extension of a Boss Form than the Bad Ending version, requiring you to progress through another stage before facing the game's Ultimate Boss, The Angel of Chaos.

    Additional Notes
    1. The game will check off which Body parts you have or dont have as you make your way to Mortimer in the Final Stage. More specially after entering the barred gate to his Amusement Park. Area with all the spectators cheering.
    2. Each Body Part must be equipped, not just in your inventory. So be sure to hit Back button then scroll over to your relics and equip each of them. You must at least have the Relic III ability to equip them all.
    3. This achievement is NOT difficulty specific so it stacks if you do it on Chaos or Total Anarchy difficulty on your first time.
    4. If playing in Co-op, only one person needs to have all 5 body parts equipped to get the Good Ending in Co-op. Or your group collectively can have all 5 parts(e.g you have 2 parts and a buddy have the other 3) and it will still stack, making the Relic III ability not required.
    5. If you locate some of the body parts in co-op, the glowing body part will eventually drop duplicates after a while so that all players can equip them into inventory.
    6. After defeating The Angel of Chaos you will get the Good Ending and thus this achievement.

    You will need to do this in order to obtain the other Story-based difficulty achievements as well.

    Charlie MurderI'm The King of Rock and RollThe I'm The King of Rock and Roll achievement in Charlie Murder worth 69 pointsGet the good ending (Chaos playthrough)

    Charlie MurderI'm All Sorts of FamousThe I'm All Sorts of Famous achievement in Charlie Murder worth 77 pointsGet the good ending (Total Anarchy playthrough)

    You can select Chaos difficulty after beating the game on Normal, then Total Anarchy difficulty will be open once you finish the game on Chaos. Difficulties will be selected by entering Black portals in a special dark zone that becomes available after beating the game for the first time. There will be a long green road, just follow it and it will lead to each black portal to play on the next difficulty. This difficulty selection zone can only be accessed with a character you or the host beat the game with upon selecting them.

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    Yok GoodlighterThanks.
    I did it in co-op but in local and it works, I have a smokula's heart again.
    Posted by Yok Goodlighter on 06 Aug 14 at 09:18
    olde fortran 77This is a little odd, but I equipped all the items, defeated Lord Mortimer (but not Smockula), and the game ended. I had to re-play the end (not the whole game; went straight back to the end) and defeat Smockula first in order to go to the final battle.
    Posted by olde fortran 77 on 28 Sep 14 at 19:01
    Sky OO6thanks :)
    Posted by Sky OO6 on 04 Jun 18 at 00:25
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  • The Elite NaxThe Elite Nax273,708
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    (Look above (at FeLizP's solution) for how unlock the path/alternate way to get to the good ending)


    As for actually setting yourself up for fighting your way through the stage and the boss AS REX (because it is swarming with enemies that deal a decent amount of damage) reference this:

    -Fill up all the space you have available in your inventory with food (the higher the Backpack skill you have the better to hold more food). I suggest the Frostface Pilsner from the bar at Dive's End (right after the Mallrus Shopping World and next to the Forbidden Lot)

    -Set your Anar-chi skills to S.H.A.R.P.S., Gun Show, Sploder Mark, and Enhulken

    -Enhulken basically significantly powers your attacks up like your melee attacks, Anar-chi attacks, weapon attacks, and anything else. I first use Enhulken then immeditaly use S.H.A.R.P.S. to get rid of mobs clumped together. Keep in mind this makes your slower and a bigger target.
    -Sploder Mark rigs the nearest enemy to you to explode and this helps immensely because not only does it kill that enemy, it deals damage to surrounding enemies and staggers them
    -Last have Gun Show on because it randomly throws out guns that can deal damage to enemies on impact, and supply you with a random arsenal at your disposal. I suggest the going to the uzi's (the stun while shooting very quickly), shotgun (deals a lot of damage and stuns too), and any assault rifle (nice bursts and stuns as well).

    -Simply put for how to approach attacking/beating the boss, use Sploder Markto get rid of the smaller mobs that spawn (this can also result in him taking damage), and if they have guns, take them. Once you have a gun activate Enhulken and first hit the boss with S.H.A.R.P.S. right after then get some space between you and the boss0 and shoot the boss with the gun you picked up because it will deal more damage per shot. If you don't have a gun just use Gun Show on the boss to deal a small amount of damage and obtain some guns.

    For any further clarification or help please comment and I'll be happy to answer!smile
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