I'm All Sorts of Famous achievement in Charlie Murder

I'm All Sorts of Famous

Get the good ending (Total Anarchy playthrough)

I'm All Sorts of Famous0
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This achievement may unlock before the requirements are met.

How to unlock the I'm All Sorts of Famous achievement

  • Das ChaseDas Chase31,521
    19 Aug 2013 21 Aug 2013 16 Jul 2014
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    I recommend you BEAT the “BAD ENDING” before unlocking the good. I originally beat total anarchy under the bad ending and received the achievement.

    If you join a friend’s game that has this level unlocked and beat it you will receive the achievement which will unlock “I’m The King of Rock and Roll” if you do not have, confirmed by St Jolly777. *No worries St Jolly777 I’m used to carry your extra weight!

    1) Are you maxed out?
    My stats were not maxed out and I thought you have to level up to max out your stats. This is false. To max out your stats buy food that says +(x)% "Speed." A stat will change from white to green. Mallrus Shopping World sells a candy bar at the very end of the middle store that gives +1% to all stats. *Max level is 50 and max stats are 350%.
    2) What equipment are you using? (HAVE -Gloves: Rapid Jabs / Shirt: Shockwave Falldown)
    It is the end of the game and you have amassed a fortune it is time to spend it. In order to obtain premium equipment I recommend shopping at Dive's End which is to the right of The Abandon Lot. The equipment offered at Dive's End is random which means you will not get premium equipment all the time. I spent 1 hour exiting the game and running back to Dive's End to check if they had better equipment.
    3) What food are you using?
    Mallrus Shopping World sells sandwiches in the far right store. I prefer sandwiches over beer as beer has side effects. *Beer side effects can be canceled with a certain relic.

    Enemies: (damage %s are based upon my equipment)
    Large Demon – The easiest enemy to kill and they drop weapons for you to use. Threat level: 5
    Small Demon – Main attack is counter followed by a jump grab. The once you are grabbed this becomes a problem as stronger enemies can obliterate you. *Counter this by either punching then walking up or down very fast, or tap B to grab, cause counter, and then B again to grab. Threat level: 4
    Minotaur – Typically a rare enemy with the main attacks of a strong punch or charge. The charge is easily avoidable but the punch is devastating. The punch can typically deal around 50% health and is hard to prevent the punch unless you knock him down or avoid. Threat level: 3
    Asylum Psychopath – Save killing him till last as you can throw items at him to use up his counter attack and then do a full out assault. His running kick can be counter but I have difficulty doing it.
    Humans: Only appear during boss fight. Typically have pistols or semi auto rifles during the first two stages. Threat level: 2
    Humans with shotguns – KILL IMMEDIATELY! Typically appear during the final stage of the boss and can easily one hit kill you. Threat level: 1
    Final Boss – (All three stages) Attacks should not be life threatening and typically deal around 50% health max. Be aware that when hit with these attacks allow other enemies to easily attack you. Threat level: 2
    Scorpion thing – Range attacks that hit can deal 50% health damage. Standing attack deals 50% health damage. You can prevent this attack by simply attacking them. Running attack probably the most dangerous attack and can one hit kill you. My strategy is to throw weapons at them and avoid all contact. Threat level: 1


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    L J EDMNot long after starting the game, a friend power levelled me on the last part of the game on this difficulty, I unlocked every good ending achievement.
    Posted by L J EDM on 23 Jun 14 at 19:07
    GamerDtK78Can you recommend a character to make this playthrough a bit easier ?
    Thx in advance.
    Posted by GamerDtK78 on 13 May 16 at 12:26
    Fire Hawk DYou know, I would mention that if you keep leveling up the Relic ability you get to equip every relic you have. The vast difference in power makes me much more confident in finishing this playthrough.
    Posted by Fire Hawk D on 28 Dec 18 at 01:40
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  • DuranFXDuranFX218,780
    27 Dec 2019 29 Dec 2019 17 Jan 2021
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    The description just seems to be wrong, both for the Chaos and Total Chaos achievement you don't need the good ending. Just kill the boss, that makes it a lot easier.
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