Cash Enough For Love achievement in KILLER IS DEAD™

Cash Enough For Love

Have a total of $100 million in cash.

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How to unlock the Cash Enough For Love achievement

  • Quantum BinmanQuantum Binman240,417
    08 Aug 2013 08 Aug 2013 26 Jul 2014
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    METHOD 1
    The fastest way I could find for this was to keep playing the "Weight limit" sub mission on Normal mode with the standard costume. DO NOT use a special costume as you will lose 95-99% of earnings per mission while using one (EG: "Ulti-Mondo).

    Keep your combo meter up so your blood level stays high and spam the adrenalin burst (RT+X) attack for instant kills - this ensures the elevator continues to move upwards all the time.

    You should get a minimum of $600,000 for about 1min10 or less (my personal best is 57seconds), or $1mil+ if you can manage to make it without being hit once.

    It's a fairly hefty grind that will take several hours and hurt your fingers most likely, so don't waste your money on presents for the women until you hit the $100mil mark and pop this achievement - you really don't want to grind more than you need to! Please note that this requires a TOTAL BALANCE of $100m at one time. It doesn't count any earnings which have previously been spent on presents or upgrades.

    METHOD 2
    An easier, but more time-consuming way to boost the cash would be Episode 1 on "Very Hard" with no upgraded costume. Just avoid all Tokio's bullets and you will make $500k in about 90seconds each time. You get a lot more money for being on the hardest setting so don't waste your time on anything lower.
    (EDIT: Skip all the cut scenes for that speed, and install the game to reduce loading times if you can, will take a good 5mins per run if not)

    1) As soon as it starts, hold left and get behind the dumpster

    2) Once Tokio stops firing, move out and hug the right side (he will always shoot left, then run away).

    3) Follow Tokio around the left corner, and stick to the left to get behind another dumpster.

    4) Once Tokio stops firing, move to the right hand wall and then walk forwards to next dumpster (again, he will always shoot where you WERE, not are... so don't stay on the left!)

    5) Wait for him to fire and then move diagonally forward and left towards far dumpster - if done correctly, Tokio will just run away and not fire another burst.

    6) WAIT at the corner as he will shoot. As soon as he finishes, move to the far side (left wall) and get behind dumpster.

    7) As soon as he turns and runs, move out and get behind next dumpster on the right.

    8) Once he fires again, move out and to left side for final dumpster. Tokio will then run away for the final time - follow him and end the mission $500k richer for less than 60seconds of actual play

    UPDATE - August 29th 2013
    Starlight126 has kindly put together a video showing both methods, and very kindly allowed me to include it within this solution. The visual assistance should hopefully make both even easier to understand!

    UPDATE - July 27th 2014
    If you stumble upon this guide as a PC user, go through "Method 2" on Nightmare difficulty. Having 100%'d the steam version, I can tell you that it's much faster.

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    Quantum Binman
    Nightmare is a PC only difficulty
    The solution made that clear 2 years ago laugh
    Posted by Quantum Binman on 27 Aug 16 at 10:24
    Nukes A Lot 2Nightmare is a PC only difficulty /s
    Posted by Nukes A Lot 2 on 30 May 17 at 19:17
    The S bot 9000Finished the game on every difficulty, got all AAA ratings besides gigolo missions and still only at ~70 million. I love the aesthetic and humor of suda51 games but man I hate how they always throw in these grindy achivementsangry
    Posted by The S bot 9000 on 24 Jan at 20:23
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  • MasterHouzeMasterHouze400,059
    03 Jul 2014 01 Jul 2014 14 Apr 2015
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    Easy way to earn $1.800.000 ~ $2.000.000!!!

    External image

    -First you need to buy Dark Booster.

    -Equip the Dark Booster arm, start the "Weight limit" sub mission on Very Hard.

    - Hit the start button, then choose to return to the office.

    - In the office equip the normal arm, go back to mission select. Start "Weight limit" sub mission on very hard again.

    - Now you will start with full blood at the sub mission, just keep using RT+x, and killing some easy enemies... to refill your blood bar.
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    SeljuEvery time change costume, so make a nuisance. But this is the best method.
    Posted by Selju on 24 Mar 17 at 03:03
    RedJonin1Thank you for post this method. Really great and work amazing. Thumb up :-)
    Posted by RedJonin1 on 12 May 17 at 10:12
    MasterHouzeThanks toast
    Posted by MasterHouze on 12 May 17 at 15:29
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