Scarlett-Approved Stalker achievement in KILLER IS DEAD™

Scarlett-Approved Stalker

Unlocked all challenge missions.

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How to unlock the Scarlett-Approved Stalker achievement

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    To unlock a challenge, you must find Scarlett - there are either 3 or 4 in each map that she spawns on. Once you find her, hit the A button and you unlock a challenge.

    Episode 1: None

    Episode 2: None

    Episode 3: 3 Scarletts
    1) Combo Challenge 1
    At the start of the level, run up the stairs (NOT straight forward down the ground floor corridor- it is missable!) and Scarlett is standing in plain view at the top.

    2) Katana Challenge 2
    When you enter the main "hub" area, there is a pink heart (NOT one of the playing cards) that you need to stand on. Wait a few seconds and it will raise you up to the upper level where Scarlett is waiting.

    3) Target Challenge 1
    After you create the "keyboard" staircase, you enter a long corridor. Destroy all the cat statues and Scarlett appears.

    Episode 4: 3 Scarletts
    1) Trick Challenge 1
    After you pass through the first mirror, look left and there are some green pots. Destroy them and use your drill arm (may need to unlock this - date some girls Gigolo style if so!) and Scarlett is in this hidden room.

    2) Target Challenge 3
    After the first in this map, go upstairs and press the green button. Go back downstairs and into the room you just unlocked - DO NOT proceed on top floor! Smash all the green pots and Scarlett appears.

    3) Survival Challenge 1
    Before the boss, you need to jump back through a ground floor mirror (after David says "I can't wait to meet you" and you clear a room of eyeballs). As you enter the main room, you hear the noise that sounds when Scarlett spawns. Don't go through the mirror, but run upstairs and she is standing near the open balcony (where you can see the battle area to fight David.

    Episode 5: None

    Episode 6: 3 Scarletts
    1) Katana Challenge 3
    After Vivienne helps you while on her motorbike, go under the stairs and smash the boxes.

    2) Combo Challenge 2
    When you are working your way up to the elevator, you will see a green target door. Enter the next door in a clockwise direction and push the button in front of the TV.

    3) Trick Challenge 2
    Go through the aforementioned green target door, Scarlett is in a box to the right of the stairs.3

    Episode 7: 3 Scarletts
    NOTE: This is an open map area so you might get these in a different order!
    1) Katana Challenge 1
    You'll have to clear some bushes for one of the scrolls and defeat the enemies. After that, look at the big red torii ( and then turn 90-degrees to the right. Look up a bit and you'll see an eyeball enemy. Shoot it and it will explode, causing a tree to stop the water. Scarlett is in a cave behind where the waterfall was.

    2) Katana Challenge 4
    There is a scroll at an old Japanese-style house. Instead of collecting it, run around the back of the house. There is a drill-able wall and lots of bamboo. Destroy the white bamboo and Scarlett appears (other bamboo gives health, blood, etc.)

    3) Combo Challenge 3
    After finding all 5 scrolls, the door to the boss will open. AS SOON AS YOU PASS THROUGH, turn left. Do not continue forward because the camera locks and a conversation begins. Scarlett is just to the left behind the now open door.

    Episode 8: None

    Episode 9: 4 Scarletts
    1) Survival Challenge 2
    After using the turret to clear a path, Scarlett is in a box along the newly-opened corridor.

    2) Target Challenge 4
    After you fight the eyeballs on the staircase, you'll enter a room which has spawning enemies that you must beat to unlock the doors. In front, you will see breakable boxes. Clear those and the door at the end will open once all enemies are dead. Enter and turn left. There is a drill-able wall behind some more boxes.
    NOTE: Be quick; you are on a timer here!

    3) Target Challenge 6
    After Vivienne helps you, run across the rotatable bridge and enter the door to the left. Scarlett is inside.

    4) Survival Challenge 3
    After you need to make you way past Big Head's lazer beam eyes, you will come to another staircase. At the top is a green hand button - DO NOT PRESS YET. If you press it, the boss fight begins. Instead, go back down to the bottom of the staircase, you can get behind the stairs and Scarlett is in a box there.

    Episode 10: 4 Scarletts
    1) Weapon Challenge 1
    Inside the room where you have to shoot 2 power circuits. You'll find 3 beds on the left side, go behind the 3rd bed you'll find fingerprint panel attached to the bed just apply your fingerprints and voila. (Credit: Dkn990 and Jrddd)

    2) Survival Challenge 4
    After opening the door by shooting 2 power circuits, lots of gun-toting enemies will spawn. Kill them and then go to the gantry above. Scarlett is in a box there.

    3) Trick Challenge 4
    After using the turret, there is a ladder on the right side of the open car. DO NOT enter the red room before climbing the ladder as the door closes behind you.

    4) Target Challenge 7
    On top of the train when you need to crouch to avoid the signals overhead, Scarlett is in one of the boxes on the far right side.

    Episode 11: None

    Episode 12: None

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    DiesskaySame... And the fact I needed 7 challenges instead of 6 to get the achievement must mean that it's buggy.
    Posted by Diesskay on 06 Jun 14 at 09:40
    Quantum BinmanDid you get any of the scarlets from the dlc vampire mission? Those ones don't count so you may be missing one of the required challenges, perhaps?
    Posted by Quantum Binman on 15 May 15 at 14:33
    ProscalineYou definitely have to complete the mission for these to count. Just a heads up.
    Posted by Proscaline on 18 Feb 17 at 03:38
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