Darksider of the Moon achievement in KILLER IS DEAD™

Darksider of the Moon

Cleared all episodes on Very Hard Mode.

Darksider of the Moon0
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How to unlock the Darksider of the Moon achievement

  • Quantum BinmanQuantum Binman240,471
    06 Aug 2013 29 Aug 2013
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    Not so much a solution, but please be aware that difficulties in this game do not stack.

    You will need to complete all 12 story episodes on Normal, Hard, and Very Hard (the final difficulty unlocks upon game completion for either of the other 2 difficulties).

    You do not need to start a new game for each play-through - just return to the level select screen and change the difficulty. This way you can keep all your upgrades and abilities so you will smash through other runs with relative ease.

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    WyndoI just finished Mission 10 on Hard, but I've seen no way to re-play prior mission. For instance, I missed finding Scarlett in a couple spots. Do you know if it's necessary to beat the game entirely before you can re-play prior missions?
    Posted by Wyndo on 30 Aug 13 at 01:00
    Quantum BinmanYou can replay prior missions at any time after you finish the game from the world map screen so nothing is missable :-)
    Posted by Quantum Binman on 30 Aug 13 at 01:01
    cooorpseI think it's ok to comment about the costumes, I just bought them and smash everything.
    Posted by cooorpse on 02 Sep 13 at 00:35
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  • WyndoWyndo161,744
    31 Aug 2013 31 Aug 2013 03 Sep 2013
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    I've posted some tips for each mission's boss in the mission achievements here, and in the case of the later missions, tips for the whole level. Those are based on beating each mission on Very Hard without the Ulti Mondo costume or Dark Booster arm "infinite blood" upgrade, so check them out if you're struggling with a certain mission or boss.

    Very Hard unlocks after you beat the game on Hard (or if you beat it on Normal, I believe -- not sure first hand because I did Hard mode first). As Quantum Binman says, you don't need to start a new game. All the story missions will then be available on the map. You can tackle them in any order. The achievement will unlock once you've completed all twelve on Very Hard, regardless of the order.

    There is a definite increase in difficulty in the last few missions, but for most of the Very Hard play-through, it will probably seem a little easier because now you've got skills you've unlocked and your blood/health have presumably been leveled up quite a bit.

    Unless I'm mistaken, you can play through on Very Hard using the "Ulti Mondo" costume (doubles your attack damage) and an upgraded "arm" that gives you unlimited Blood. They have to be purchased in the store, but they unlock after beating the game on Normal (or maybe just Hard - needs confirmed). If this is the case, it would make a "Very Hard" play through a whole lot easier, and some of the tips below (like conserving blood for finishing moves) unnecessary.

    The downside is drastically reduced rewards for completing the mission, but that might not be an issue if you're struggling to complete some of the missions without those upgrades. Using those upgrades have an added benefit of helping achieve AAA ranks, but since that counts for any difficulty level, there's not much use in AAA-ing Very Hard mode unless you just want to try it.

    Some additional tips:

    Always remember to re-stock your 10-ticket supply of Mika tickets at the store between missions. A few times, I actually forgot to do it until my first revive in the next mission, where I noticed my supply was low.

    When reviving, you can sometimes fail. But there's something that may help. You'll probably be tempted to start out mashing X as fast as humanly possible. Don't. It seems to me that the game wants you to mash faster as you approach 100%, so if you're really good at mashing X, you may be making things harder for yourself. Start mashing at about half speed until 50-60% percent, then get faster so that reaching 100% is a breeze.

    Don't bother upgrading any sub-weapon (middle row on the upgrades menu) except for the orange gun, which you'll want to upgrade to the max. I rarely had much luck with any of the other sub-weapons, which are unlocked by finishing Gigolo missions in between levels. It's clear from playing through twice that these are optional, and the designers planned on people not necessarily even using them. It's possible that there are certain enemies that are susceptible to these sub-weapons, but I never found the need to experiment. You may want to upgrade other sub-weapons after you've upgraded everything else (there's an achievement involved for it), but my advice is to not rely on them during battle, and to try to avoid hitting RB by accident, which cycles between them. I did this quite a bit, but would cycle back to the main orange gun.

    If you haven't already done it, upgrade "Healing" to the max. This lets you trade blood for health by pressing LB, and when it's fully upgraded, you can usually find a spare moment even in battle to distance yourself a little from the enemies (or the boss, as the case may be), and heal. This works best in areas where you're relying heavily on melee attacks that keep the blood meter going back up.

    Auto Heal helps also, but it's slow and of no use in a battle. But if you're low on health and between battles, you can always just wait there for the healing to finish. From what I can tell, the last part of the meter will never fully fill in though.

    When in battles against a lot of enemies, try to get your blood meter up enough to perform one-hit kills with RT + X. This works almost every time against the lesser enemies. If you're dodging and getting behind shielded enemies, it can work against them too. It will work against larger enemies at times, but it's best to simply thin out the other guys so you can focus on the big ones. The same tactic can be especially useful in the timed areas, since whittling away at their health the normal way will eat away at your remaining timer.

    The big slow-moving brutes with clubs need to be taken out with RT + X, which means you need at least one blood rose filled. I often painted myself into a corner, using all the blood to heal or to shoot, meaning that even when I'd make progress against the brutes and get the RT + X prompt, there wasn't anything I could do. Filling up the meter by attacking them directly rarely worked. However, it seems that the game will place pots or boxes in the same area which will often have one or two units of blood you can find. If you're going to rely on shooting the enemy from a distance, though, don't break the pot/box or collect the blood until right when you're prompted with RT + X, since you'll waste it by shooting.

    When there are floating machine enemies, try to take them out first with the main (orange) gun. They're easy, and can help you avoid taking unnecessary damage while you fight melee against the other enemies.

    Where there are enemies shooting you from ledges or areas you can't reach, try getting some distance from the walking enemies and shoot the far-away guys for headshots. In some cases, if you're simply fighting the melee enemies and dodging a lot (B + left stick), you'll trigger a dodge burst against the snipers which let you do a one-hit kill with X against them.

    For most battles, what worked best for me was to just get fairly good at dodging and slicing, without relying too much on the gun. Hit X a few times, move while pressing B, and continue. Most of the time you'll probably maneuver around them, which is great for keeping up the attack against shielded enemies. But sometimes you'll get a dodge burst (specially when surrounded by several of them) letting you mash X repeatedly for a second, rack up extra damage. I ended up pretty much needing to alternate X's and B over and over, to see me through many of the fights.

    You can guard break with Y or guard smash by holding Y then releasing for a second (if upgraded). This works even at a short distance away, which can be helpful. However, don't both trying either one when you're surrounded by a lot of enemies. Keep up the slashing and dodging instead. However, when there are just a couple, of if you've somehow lured one away from the rest, guard smash can work well or mashing Y repeatedly can work against those shielded enemies. Once they're vulnerable, go to town with X.

    The gold/purple ninja guys also need an RT + X finisher, so it's a good idea to keep a blood rose in reserve if you build it up and are in battle against one. Fortunately, it's a little easier to refill it with melee against them, than it is against the big brutes.

    Good luck!
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    RhyoliticYou can zip through Very Hard with just the Ulti-Mondo costume quite easily. The worst level for me was the one with the Giant Head. Used something like 9 Mika Tickets (this was before I bought the Ulti-Mondo suit). The rest of the levels, if I used one or two, it was a big deal.

    It seems like the Ulti suit also gives a bit more time for the Just Guards than the regular suit, so that's something to consider as well. That may be just my perception of events, but it did seem easier to pull those off. It also seemed like the Ulti suit increased the damage dealt by the turret on the train section. I had a LOT easier of a time on that section on Very Hard than I did on Hard.
    Posted by Rhyolitic on 05 Sep 13 at 08:31
    WyndoI think part of it comes from just being better at the game by that point, plus the other upgrades. I finished all the levels on Very Hard without the Ulti-Mondo or Dark Booster, and while those things probably would have made it a breeze, I'm kind of glad I did it the other way. Feels like more of an achievement.

    I *really* like the controls in this game. I just don't get where people knock the action in reviews. This is only of the few action games I've played where I feel like I'm actually in complete control of all the moves. Where I'm fully aware of how and when to dodge and block, counter, how to do it all in the flow of combat. Contrast that to something like Deadpool -- which I'm playing now, and is great and all -- but it just doesn't feel the same. I want EVERY game to trigger slow-mo counters when dodging. :)
    Posted by Wyndo on 05 Sep 13 at 14:23
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