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Boom! Level 100!

Boom! Level 100!

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How to unlock the Boom! Level 100! achievement

  • SpeaseSpease347,829
    22 Jan 2014 19 Aug 2013 16 Sep 2013
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    Well there was another solution with a few facts about level 100, but it was deleted, I'd guess because it had as many up votes as down, presumably because the creator didnt have the achievement, luckily, I don't care, I mention this because some of the stats will be from comments on that solution, I dont remember who to credit, but I'll mark it with a *, while I believe it, I can't personally attest to it.

    I'm currently level 61, I've won 32% of my games, about as well as you can hope for, having spent no money and not bought any of what I consider "cheat" power-ups(anything but new hand and +50%) with silver coins, so I'll post any tips from playing


    Level 100 takes 102k points*

    at level 81, you will have about 50k points*

    at 61 I have about 25k points

    This will be a little misleading because when you start, you'll get, iirc, 84 points for a win without the bonus objective, 126 with the 50% bonus. At level 60 I'm getting ~130 for a win, ~200 with 50% bonus.

    What makes it go up is the level bonus, which best i can tell, goes up 5% every 5 levels, and starts at 5, so 1-5 its 5%, 6-10, its 10% et cetera.

    So while at level 80, you will only be half way, point wise, youre probably closer to 65%, maybe more, games played wise, because youll be getting an 85% bonus, which is added before the purchased 50% bonus

    This level bonus is added after the bonus objective 10 points

    At the end of a game, you get half as many silver coins as the amount of points you got, so you'll be getting those a bit faster too


    I notice a ton of people not understanding the +4 cards, here's how they work: when you play them , you are not supposed to have the color on the board BEFORE you played that card, so the person you played it against is asked if they think you had that color, if you did, and they say yes, then you have to draw, if you didnt they draw 6, if they draw, they get 4 no matter what

    You only get free scratches up to 10, plus one after your coin count reaches 10 or more, you have to actually click the free scratch icon to see the one after reaching 10 though, the timer wont be on the main screen, so you can get up to 19 coins on free scratches, If you had 9, and get two 5's more realistically, 15-17 though

    related to above, I try to make sure i go below 10 coins before i quit, to make sure i get two scratches before starting again

    add as many friends a possible, everyone can send 5 free gifts a day, more friend, more gifts, the better you do, the higher on their leaderboard youll be, and they probably just sent them to the first 5 people

    at the end of the week, you get free silver coins, top 10,000, which is easy, you get 2850, iirc, which is enough to get through a good chunk of the week with 50% bonus, top 1000 is 5700, top 100 is 14250

    I always have a new hand power up bought, which I only use on a terrible hand i.e.: 80+% of my cards are 2 colors and I have no color changing . So if i had, say 3 blue 3 yellow and one red, or all yellow and blue. If I have even 1 color changer, I keep it

    Buy +50% as much as possible, if you're getting top 1000 weekly, it's probably enough for most people to get through the week using +50% every game. way prioritized over new hand

    Don't wast points on the other purchasable cards, unless youre spending real money, or you're doing so well that you're making more silver coins than you spend on +50%s every game

    Try to always save a color changer for your last card, I've won countless times, when I likely wouldnt have doing this, two exception:
    When you have to change it, or someone will win(obviously)
    When everyone else is down to 1-2 cards, and the chance of anyone changing islow (or the two people before you, if you're using a +4)

    If someone has uno, and they draw a card, try to remember the color of the pile so you know what they dont have

    there are four +4s in the deck and four uno color changers, I like to keep track of them so I know my odds of getting screwed. The deck does get reshuffled in longer games.

    be ready when someone has 2 cards, I've seen people up to level 80 forget to press uno

    if you get the glitch where you cant see you cards, keep tapping uno, sometimes it does it for you, but if not, you can't with without repeatably hitting uno(because you dont know when you have it)

    Edit: sharndowg pointed out, you always get a wild card when using "new hand" After realizing this is true I noticed, even if you have one wild card, you get that exact card back + another from the new hand. This did not work, however, when I had 2 wilds off the bat, on new hand, I got the two I already had. This is very useful if you're flush with points from the leaderboard

    good luck, I'd say a safe estimate for number of games, again, unless you pay real money, would be 800-1000

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    Noodles JrOhhhhh, you're right. Looks like I might actually finish this game after all :D
    Posted by Noodles Jr on 26 Jul 15 at 10:39
    xCEL7IC ZOMBIExwell pissed off at this game,was level 73 when it decided to reset me to level way im grindin this again angry
    Posted by xCEL7IC ZOMBIEx on 17 May 17 at 09:07
    CurtiesonSince they have added to the server closure timeline, please add to your solution at the very, very top that under the current version if you unlock this on Win8/10 PC that it will unlock as soon as you open the app on your phone. Just play a couple hands on each when you are in your high 90s.

    There seems to be a lot of misinformation around this.
    Posted by Curtieson on 04 Jul 18 at 02:22
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    in addition to the other solutions, here are the costs for keeping up the win streak after you've lost a game or the time runs out:

    Win streak / cost / time

    1 / 25 coins / 12 h
    2 / 200 coins / 6h

    3 / 2 tokens / 4 h
    4 / 2 tokens / 3h
    5 / 300 coins / 2h

    6 / 4 tokens / 1h
    7 / 4 tokens / 45 min
    8 / 500 coins / 45 min

    9 / 6 tokens / 30 min
    10 / 6 tokens / 30 min
    11 / 700 coins / 30 min

    12 / 8 tokens / 30 min
    13 / 8 tokens / 30 min
    14 / 900 coins / 30 min

    15 / 10 tokens / 30 min
  • ScottybonzoScottybonzo278,490
    20 Mar 2015 19 Mar 2015 19 Mar 2015
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    The key to getting to lvl 100 fast is your WIN STREAK BONUS.

    If you can keep that as high as possible then you will see the levels pass in no time.
    The higher it is the bigger multiplier bonus you get at the end of the game

    However it is quite hard to keep it high unless you have a pile of tokens due to the fact that your win streak bonus only lasts for 12 hours. You can "buy" to extend it using silver coins for first few streaks (1-3) then tokens. However again this becomes increasingly difficult because the time you get for each buy becomes shorter each time.

    Now to get tokens you need to
    a) buy them with real cash
    b) do the scratch card EVERY 45 mins
    c) win them in tournaments

    Buying them either as a bundle or premium/regular scratches is not an option for me, however you COULD win the jackpot 1000 token on the scratches.
    You could think about becoming VIP this gives you upto 5 extra tokens per scratch card and hence will allow you to play more games.
    A word about the number of tokens you have- once you get to 10 or more the scratch cards will stop till you get below 10 again. This may be different if you go VIP maybe someone can confirm this.
    Tournaments - generally you win 3x your entrance fee ie buy in 5 tokens you win 15 if you place 1st. ThesE DO NOT COUNT FOR OR AGAINST YOUR WIN STREAK.

    ***IMPORTANT*** When the game offers you to enter a Special Tournament then you should aim to win that. Not only do you get some tokens but you get DOUBLE win streak bonus for 24hrs. So as you can figure out keeping your win streak high all your points and coins will get doubled.

    I was earning between 20-150 points a game depending on place
    Trying to keep streak high and using the tournament bonus I was getting upto 3000 points per game if I won. I only managed to keep a streak of 14 because you need to use tkens to keep the streak going after the time is up and if you DONT COME 1st or 2nd then you need to use more tokens to keep it at the same level again

    At the time of writing I am lvl 99 with 99.5k points 131/293 win\loss ratio Won 10 tournaments. I've gone from about lvl 60 in about 70 matches,

    To gain extra points always remember to buy the 50% point power up and try where possible to do the bonus action
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    Ravi ArpooPity the fools who don't listen to you. Having just got the cheevo in 3 weeks have to agree the regular game win streak and the UNO/ Jade Tear tournaments for score multipliers are the key.
    Posted by Ravi Arpoo on 14 Apr 15 at 01:20
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