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Blown Away

Defeat the Air boss

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How to unlock the Blown Away achievement

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    This huge dragon can be tricky to defeat.

    In the first stage, learn the movement pattern - the dragon will rear back and then breathe magic at you. Jump and press B to use the grapple, avoiding the magic by swinging. When the breath stops, the dragon will lunge at the cliff - dodge out of the way and then dodge back to attack it. Get as many hits as you can before it breathes again.

    When you have reduced the energy bar by more than half, run towards the dragon and follow the button prompt to leap onto its head and attack the eye.

    This will trigger the cutscene and the second half of the battle. You are on a narrow platform with the dragon ahead of you. It will continue to breathe magic and attack in a set pattern. When its head is low, attack it and force it back.

    When the energy bar is low enough, the dragon will be under the falling flames and can be killed by following the button prompt.

    Winning this battle unlocks air magic (LB and A).
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    Posted by FUBAR8888 on 23 Sep 15 at 21:14
    dodgerofjamThanks for this solution; definitely helped somewhat!
    I found the 2nd stage of this boss SO difficult... constantly being knocked back by him and not making any progress pushing him back made this the most frustrating section of the entire game!

    A few tips I would like to add to help anyone who is in the same position:
    Don't finish your combos. Only do 2 heavy attacks or 3 quick attacks before stopping and only after he's done his ground-pound move. Mashing the buttons just means wasted attacks.
    • Try and stay in the middle of the pathway. I was tempted to stray to the right but this just means you tend to miss more hits on him.
    Only perform your mana attack once if you can help it. Running back for the blue mask only gives the dragon bitch more time to regain ground.
    • Whilst his head's in the air, only tap the X button once in each cycle. This seemed to be the optimum for me; not hitting him at all gave him time to advance but hitting him twice left me open to attacks.
    • Use the Patan's Tusk weapon and the Flames of Kinich Ahau mana. Fully upgrade them if possible. These were the heaviest hitters and had the best recovery time.

    Good luck!
    Posted by dodgerofjam on 18 Dec 17 at 23:44
    Jeremy SaundersGood tips above but I'd suggest that in place of the Flames mana you just use the mana darts (pressing the right trigger). Three of those will push the dragon back or keep it from coming forward while you replenish health or mana. If you alternate attacks and darts it will make the fight much, much quicker.
    Posted by Jeremy Saunders on 20 Dec 17 at 23:32
    InviernoCero2Thank you dodgerofjam! Your tips were very useful for the second part of the battle in hardcore mode! clap
    Posted by InviernoCero2 on 27 Oct 19 at 22:30
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