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There Can Be Only One

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How to unlock the There Can Be Only One achievement

  • YOOPER 906YOOPER 906939,742
    04 Jan 2018 04 Jan 2018
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    I was struggling with the final boss fight for about 20 minutes when I decided to kind of cheat the game a little (not really cheating but it pretty much ensures you can do any of the game without taking damage...sort of).

    I used the last weapon you unlock in the game. I don't know what it's called but it's the one that you pick by pressing down on the D-Pad. I didn't have any magic for the fight so all I had was my weapon.

    I dodged his fire attacks at the start then rushed him and mashed the X button. I hit him 3 or 4 times then rolled away. Whenever I saw his sword light up, I rolled away because he was going to attack. He never did his long range attacks on me because I was always close to him. Occasionally he would jump in the air and slam down on the ground. If he did that, I would roll as far away from him as possible.

    Here's the trick and it's a pretty obvious one. You can save whenever you want, and if you take damage reload your recent save. This is very helpful on higher difficulties as you can pretty much run through the game with full health. Every time the boss tried to attack me and I successfully evaded his attack without taking damage I would save. If I took damage, I would reload my last save which had me at 100% all the way through the fight. Don't worry too much about loading times as it's almost instant.

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    SKOOT2006Spot on dude! Rush him and avoid the sword. I think I only got hit once. Made short work of him in no time
    Posted by SKOOT2006 on 20 Jan 18 at 21:04
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  • CandidFever3CandidFever3349,496
    23 Dec 2017 23 Dec 2017 23 Dec 2017
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    This is unlocked after you defeat the final boss, Heng Long, and watch the final cut scene. Long has various kinds of attacks. One is a fire arc, which you can simply jump over. You'll know he's about to do this if he swings his sword in a figure eight like formation. His linear fire expulsions must be dodged by means of running or rolling by tilting cn_RS in various directions. Periodically he'll rise into the air and throw homing fire balls at you. You can dodge them with rolls or move away from their paths while repeatedly jumping, which also works very well. If he rises into the air this may also mean he's going to smash the ground. This attack raises several spikes around his location. While the spikes are still up, he may begin a new attack. Another attack he uses is a simple combo of two slashes. Later on in the fight, he'll summon meteors. Before impacts, yellow circles form on the ground. Look out for these, running around and rolling to avoid them. These may also damage Long himself. I would recommend using Patan's Tusk to hit him since it dishes out reasonably large chunks of damage with each swing. During the second phase of the fight you won't have any weapons or abilities, so you should be much more careful. Around the middle of this part of the fight Briggs will rip out Long's heart in a QTE. This doesn't weaken him much, but it does take away a lot of health. Once his health bar goes down to zero after some more fighting, the final cutscene will begin. Only by decapitating Long and piercing his head with the business end of Kukulkan's Fangs is Briggs able to finally defeat him. This gives Briggs control of Long's sorcerer powers. After the cut scene is over, you'll unlock this achievement.
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