Demon Slayer (Hardcore) achievement in Diablo III

Demon Slayer (Hardcore)

Reach level 30 in Hardcore mode.

Demon Slayer (Hardcore)+0.2
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How to unlock the Demon Slayer (Hardcore) achievement

  • lionpantslionpants220,442
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    When creating a new character, press Y to enable Hardcore mode. If that character dies, it is lost.

    Play through on Easy difficulty to decrease your chances of dying. You should reach level 30 about half way through Act IV.

    Stack experience on kill gear to make it go a bit faster. Vitality isn't really needed. I played through as a Wizard using mostly Spectral Blades for some melee action. I'd imagine Monk would be the easiest class due to self heals and shields, but Wizard was very easy. I think I used 5-10 potions the whole time.

    Don't get cocky, and watch out for the big hitters or exploding monsters! Good luck!

    General Tips
    - Play on Easy difficulty.
    - Play solo.
    - Use a follower. The Templar seems to be the best for survival. Use his heals and taunt.
    - Choose passive abilities that are defensive/regen HP/interact with health globes just to be safe.
    - Don't be afraid to use potions, you can just buy more in town.
    - Use the blacksmith to make better gear, it helps a lot.
    - Don't forget to socket your helm with a ruby to help the level grind.
    - Salvage your vendor trash, don't sell it.
    - Save yourself! When you are surrounded and feel that death is imminent, pause the game and turn off the console. Unlike the PC version, progress is only saved at certain points!

    Boss Tips - Lethal Abilities
    Skeleton King
    - After summoning a group of skeletons, he will advance forward swinging his mace. Avoid this!

    Spider Queen
    - Easy.

    - When he stomps his feet or a red line of fire comes out of him, strafe to the left/right!

    - When she summons the group of minions, avoid their wind up attack.

    Zoltun Kulle
    - Watch out, his rock minions hit hard. Don't take them both on at once.
    - Avoid his fireballs and ceiling cave ins.
    - Stay out of slow zones.

    - First two phases are cake.
    - In third phase when he slams his tentacles into the ground, dodge all the green circles!

    - Avoid the poison gas.

    - You should be able to kill him before he does anything really, dodge his charge though.

    - Again, on easy she should be dead before anything bad happens.

    - Avoid the pools of evil.
    - When he summons the hell-gate crystals, kill them to stop monsters from spawning.
    - Dodge the big meteors.

    - Pretty easy, don't let the little monsters gang up on you.

    - Nothing lethal really.

    - The ice can be a pain, on easy he isn't really a threat though.

    - When he/she raises it's hands, avoid the patches of ground, or you'll get imprisoned by bones!
    - Avoid his lighting attacks in the last phase.

    NOTE: Before down-voting, please message me with any improvements you think should be made. If you think anything should be added to the boss section, let me know!

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    KugareIt was really easy with a wizard. Ray of Frost is a great distance attack and slow down enemys and diamond skin absorb damage. My life points never felt below 70%. I unlocked the achievement in act 3... way earlier than expected. Just make sure to use the blacksmith to create rare equipment with extra xp.
    Posted by Kugare on 11 Feb 15 at 22:56
    snake42069can you get the level 60 achievement with a hardcore character?
    Posted by snake42069 on 13 Mar 18 at 23:32
    Posted by lionpants on 14 Mar 18 at 14:29
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  • Strategy OneStrategy One680,407
    10 Sep 2013 10 Sep 2013 25 Mar 2014
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    Demon Slayer(Hardcore)

    External image

    This is a lot easier than it looks! First off, I would recommend playing it on regular where you can die so you get used to the game first. In Hardcore if you die, you lose that character.

    1)First off use the wizard because of I felt more comfortable keeping it ranged and he is easy to use to kill really fast.

    2)Play on easy! It makes things much easier and it doesn't seem to give you less exp. But dont expect drops to be the same! I didnt find a legendary until halfway through Act 2.

    3) Play alone! if you play with other people they can either slow you down or seperate on you and your enemies will be harder. Highly recommended to play alone!

    4) What I did was explore everywhere, kill everyone, destroy everything, and pick up all the books you can find for exp. Doing this I got to level 30 on the level Tower of the Damned Level 2 right before the Cydaea in act 3.

    5) If you have it use the Legendary Infernal helm! That 25% exp bonus is really nice! If not just put the highest Ruby you have in a socketed helm.

    6) Keep you Templar as your follower at all times once you get him! For his ablilites use Heal, Loyalty, Onslaught, and Guardian.

    (For Wizard only)

    External image

    In the beginning use Ray of Frost for bosses/strong minions until you get Disintegrate at lvl 21, Once you get that use it on big groups even because that will hit everyone expecially when you get the rune Convergence. As for your primary attack use Spectral Blade on big groups until you get Disintegrate. The blades are really good when you get backed into a corner especially because you can just start hitting everyone.

    For the other skills I used

    Defensive/Diamond Skin- Comes in handy when you are under pressure and are being surrounded by enemies, helps keep alive.

    Force/Hydra- its always good to have extra things hitting at the enemies, even when you are running away they will attack the enemy, can save your life!

    Conjuration/Storm Armor- This one is my favorite other than Disintegrate! Enemies comming near you will get hit by lightning which seems to be stronger the higher your damage! It gets even better when you get the first rune, any attackers melee or ranged will get hit by it if they hit your armor!

    Mastery- dont waste your time, both beginning ones suck in my opinion, and aren't worth the arcane to use.

    Passive 1/Blur- Reduce melee damage! Very good!

    Passive 2/Glass Cannon- Gives 15%, to damage, good news is you don't really have to worry about your resistance in Normal because there are hardly any enemies with abilities like Arcane magic.

    Attributes- When it comes to gear make sure you are getting up your intelligence and Vitality, most important, a huge thing to use is gems when they are socketed.
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    Sneaky G WizardFinally people are seeing how cool Wizards are toast
    Posted by Sneaky G Wizard on 17 Sep 14 at 10:08
    Apocalypse KaneNice guide +1
    Posted by Apocalypse Kane on 19 Feb 15 at 18:10
    Strategy OneThanks!
    Posted by Strategy One on 19 Feb 15 at 19:09
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