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Powerball Badge in Switchball

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Complete Caveworld

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Dat Boi Treezy
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Dat Boi Treezy
Achievement won on 15 Jan 10
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Posted on 04 November 10 at 22:56
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Cave World is the third world you will come to and just like the other worlds it comes with 5 levels. Im my solution i will cover the fastest way to complete each level with a video to guide you as well, you will have Cave World done in no time!

Level 1: Gold Medal time: 1.06

You can only start to follow the video from 0.43 but you wont have any problems to begin with. As soon as you come off the black rails (facing the direction you were rolling in) turn left onto the next set of rails, then roll past the 4 boulder tubes and into the checkpoint. This part is slightly different because the Arcade version has sets of mini stairs to climb to access the Powerball, but once you power up with the dash power you can follow the video again if needed.

At 1.06 the PC Version has an Airball transformer they can use to climb the stairs to the finish which for the Arcade nothing is there. You can still climb the stairs while dashing once or twice and it wont cause any problems.

Level 2: Gold Medal time: 1.51

At 1.27 straight away there is no Powerball transformer for us, for the Arcade this comes just before hitting the first checkpoint.

At 2.51 there is a Hidden Path which we can use too, dont forget to use your magnet power incase you dont land on the platform. There is a magnet that can save you very close to the platform and then another for after you shoot out of the second cannon. This path needs to be took for the Gold Medal time.

At 3.05 same ending as the last level with the spiral of stairs there is no Airball transformer for the Arcade version.

Level 3: Gold Medal time: 3.25

Try not to waste time pushing boxes for yourself to jump off once you have the jump power up, you really need to learn how to hit the thin post next to the chute so then you can just simply jump on the post and straight into the chute without any hassle.

Quick tip for the Dash powerup would be to do exactly the same as he does in the video. This seems obvious but before watching the videos i would always dash when the ball reached its highest speed instead of just before it would roll back down.

Incase you miss what happens at 5.26 basically you just need to load up a cannon and then blast it at the wooden box that is on top of a switch almost right in front of the cannon.

At 6.00 after transforming into the Powerball and then getting the Magnet power up go back along the path you just rolled up, fire yourself in the first cannon just like in the video. Then in the second cannon aim as high as the cannon will allow you to and keep hold of 'A' so then the Magnet on the platform can save you from a potential fall, then just roll to the finish. This route is needed for the Gold Medal time.

Level 4: Gold Medal time: 3.01

PC and Arcade versions are the same here so use the video so that you know what to expect. Only trouble on this level can be the jumps near the end but just try not to jump till the very last moment.

Level 5: Gold Medal time: 2.57

PC Versions Level 6 is the Arcade level 5, you can use the video if you want as it has certain parts that are similar but i wrote up this guide anyway at the time:

Once you roll to the Metal and Air ball transformers, transform into the Airball and roll up the steep metal path. Using the Airball up the metal ramp will save you a few seconds, once at the top turn left and roll to at the side of the left box so then you go past the box and straight into the Metal transformer. Once changed, roll back along the thin path and then roll into each box making a clear path for the narrow planks below.

Roll back down the ramp and transform back to the Airball and work your way across the ropes and platforms, hit the switch to deactivate the fan and roll through the checkpoint.

POTENTIAL SHORTCUT Just tried this and pulled it off, JUST! Transform into the Airball and head straight for the lower path, roll into the boxes blocking your way and put the Airballs weight into the box. This slowly makes the box (thats tied to a rope) roll around the Airball, it may seem like the Airball will fall off but its actually really easy to recover because of its weight. As soon as i thought of this idea i managed to pull it off first time, this will save you a ton of time!

Change to the Powerball on your right and then grab the Jump power on the other side of the path, then jump from plank to plank to plank until you hit the next checkpoint. Now you quickly need to change the power to the magnet power, but most times (for me) i never make it to the floating magnet in time. But if you have taken the shortcut mentioned earlier you can afford to purposely fall off the edge, this makes the floating magnet re-spawn at its starting position and you can just latch on to it straight away.

Let go of the magnet once you reach the other side, roll through the checkpoint and switch to the dash power. This part gave me loads of trouble because to me it seems like each jump needs different timing, but this comes down to trial and error. First jump i pressed 'A' just as the ball hit the bottom of the dip, second and third jump needed more speed and power so i waited until almost the last point. But for the second you may have to pull back a little bit once you go up in the air, i was constantly scraping the ledge and managing to fall off.

Then for the last part head straight to the magnet power up and grab it, roll left towards the switch and hit it to activate the magnet on the platform across from you. Use your power to get across to this ledge and roll over the rails to transform into the Metal ball. Use the Metal ball to knock the rotating planks into place so you can roll across them after changing back to the powerball.

Before knocking the last plank, make sure you are knocking it into place from the side where you can just roll directly to the power ball transformer. Otherwise you may end up rolling within range of the magnet which is still switched on! After you roll over the planks you will see the finish!

Level 6: Gold Medal time: 6.30

Level 6 for the Arcade is the PC's Level 5! So follow PC version Level 5 for help on this level.

To begin with you will see that everything that is supposed to be done at the beginning is skipped, roll straight for the fans in the path and watch how to get past them at 0.26

This is not easy to do at all but saves so much time that it makes it worth practicing to get better at, plus if you fail you only have to roll from the start again anyway so it could be a lot worse. Basically you need to roll into the blades of the first fan but hold your position they for a split second so you have enough space for a run up into the rail. If you can hit the rail hard enough this makes it harder for the fan to blow you off the edge.

That part is easy but getting past the third can be a little bit tricky, you need to jam the blades of the second fan. But first of all fight the air its blowing at you without going to fast and falling behind the fan and not to far away from the fan so that you get caught in the air of the third. Once you are set to make a dash from the second fan, go for it! Put the weight of the marble ball into the third fan, you should be able to roll past no problem but sometimes it cant be helped that you wont have enough of a run up to make it.

Obviously practice is key here but its definitely worth trying the shortcut everytime because of the large amount of time you will save!

Follow the video again if needed, there is only a small difference so far at 1.36 where the PC's Airball transformer is situated just before the rope bridge, for us this is just after the first sets of rope bridges we roll off.

At 1.44 he changes to the powerball and takes a time saving shortcut thanks to the cannon. For us this area is completely different, using the Airball you have work your way along the Sideways and narrow rails. There not as hard to handle as they first look, just be sure to lean into the rail depending on which side its on. Take time and care when changing position or dropping onto a flat part and you should be fine.

Once you hit the checkpoint you can start to follow the video again from 1.59. Now this section is slightly different in size and the PC have boxes to push instead of the heavy metal balls, but the same method is required for us to pass too. Start by pushing both Heavy Metal balls through the first air vent and then your marble up the vent too. Push one of the heavys onto the first switch to the right to activate the rightside vent where you need to push the other ball into this vent. Roll through this vent and push the heavy onto the switch you will find at the end of the platform, this activates the middle vent that lets you access the next floor so use this vent.

After you reach the next floor push the new found heavy ball back down to the floor you just came from, this bit i find really annoying because of the two black hooks that the heavy can get stuck inbetween. Unfortunately this can be a huge time killer and has cost me the Gold medal several times, only tip i can give is to face the camera in the same direction that you want to push the heavy and be gentle and slow when pushing the heavy past the hooks.

Then push this heavy into the vent on the leftside (once you turn your camera back round), then get the best run up that you can and knock the heavy from the rightside to the leftside switch. This activates the vent on the left pushing the heavy up, use this vent as well and push the heavy onto the switch at the end of the ledge. This activates the last fan on the next floor up allowing you to carry on rolling to the next checkpoint.

At 4.27 you can start to follow the video again. But the last part is surprisingly very easy, once you reach the other end of the rails you will see the finish!

(Credit to Omgarrett for the videos)
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