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All That Glitters

Pick up 5,000,000 gold.

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  • vSullyvSully766,387
    09 Sep 2013 09 Sep 2013 01 Sep 2014
    122 16 50
    Edit: I made a video showing my gear, skills, and a single 15ish minute run that yielded about 88k gold (that's ~350k per hour). It's at the bottom of the solution.

    This achievement is completely cumulative over every character you play, be it in standard or Hardcore mode. You can check your progress from the pause menu by choosing "Challenges," then "General," then scrolling down to the "All that Glitters" challenge.

    This achievement will obviously come over time (a very long time, I might add) without going out of your way, but since you're reading this solution, I assume that, like me, you can't have a single achievement hanging over your head without working on it in the most efficient way possible.

    When I had completed every other achievement, I had logged around 25 hours and was at ~850k gold. So I needed to grind just over 4 mil gold, which ended up taking me about 25-30 more hours. I play a Barbarian, btw.

    I started by grinding in Inferno difficulty on Easy. My setup was Frenzy (Maniac), Rend (Lacerate), Revenge (Provocation), Battle Rage (Marauder's Rage), War Cry (Charge), and Sprint (Marathon). Sprint was crucial so I could run through areas quickly. I immediately started working on adjusting my gear to focus on +gold from monsters and ended up maxing this stat out at 300%. Remember that a fraction of +gold from monsters on your follower counts, too.

    I'd set the quest to Heart of Sin, then start at the Arreat Crater level 1 and work my way through the Arreat Core. I didn't explore at all, instead just making a beeline for the next area. Even as I "downgraded" my gear to include the + gold from monsters stat, I could still absolutely breeze through everything. With this method, I was able to "pick up" about 150k gold per hour. I spent a while farming gold like this and improving my gear along the way. Lots of legendaries drop, even on Easy.

    I was discouraged at the prospect of having to grind for so long, so I did some experimenting to try to maximize on gold. I tried a Whirlwind build but found that there simply are not enough enemies to keep Wrath of the Berserker active, so I went back to the previous setup.

    I tried playing Inferno on Master I but I was killing so much more slowly than on Easy that it wasn't worth it. I continued playing on Easy until I was about 3.5 mil gold. Gear upgrades had pretty much stopped at this point and I wasn't even picking up any rare items any more.

    I tried playing through the same section in Hell difficulty on Master 1. Killing speed was slightly slower than Inferno/Easy, but I found that I was getting much more gold- 300k+ per hour. The only downside was that legendary items were only level 56, but my focus was on this achievement, so I didn't care. Another nice bonus was that I was getting lots of Tomes of Jewelcrafting, which don't drop in Inferno and are needed too upgrade Square gems (which do drop in Inferno).

    EDIT: apparently a patch has made it so square gems no longer drop in Inferno.

    As far as enemies go, champs/uniques and treasure goblins are the primary objective. They almost always drop a bunch of gold. Normal enemies seem to have somewhat of a tiering system regarding their drops, and this is what I found in all the hours I spent grinding this achievement:

    "Small" enemies (I use these descriptive terms loosely) rarely drop anything, including gold. I'd kill a dozen Stygian Crawlers, for example, and nothing would drop. All the damn time. I'd rarely focus on these guys, instead just making them collateral damage when killing enemies worth my time.

    "Medium" enemies seemed to drop slightly better than the small ones. I'd usually engage them if there were a bunch, but run past one or two. Stuff like succubi, blood clan guys, hellhounds, and fallen shamen.

    "Large" enemies almost always drop something, usually gold (sometimes multiple piles) and/or a gem, a tome (of secrets/jewelcrafting/blacksmithing), or a random item. These guys are always worth killing- Phasebeasts, Golgors/Malachors, Demonic Tremors, and Herald of Pestilence.

    Also, chests (including demonic vessels) always seemed to produce piles of gold, so I would open any that weren't out of the way,

    So I'd just sprint through the areas (literally- using sprint whenever I was moving), killing the worthwhile enemies, opening chests, and ignoring most of the trash enemies. I only picked up legendary items, gems, and tomes, and didn't mess around in my inventory during runs as to not waste time. Your mileage may vary depending on your gear (and character).

    By the way- I never tried loading up on uber gear and grinding Inferno on Master difficulties, so I don't know if you can get more gold per time that way.
  • EurydaceEurydace494,401
    14 Sep 2013 13 Sep 2013 14 Sep 2013
    36 14 21
    I want to write this guide mainly to help Demon Hunters though it will work for anyone and is the best for anyone. It's mainly the same as vSully's guide (and he includes a video so you can see it in action as a Barbarian).

    At the end, I was getting a consistent 375-400k gold per hour. Nowhere else got anywhere close.

    Where and What?
    Hell Mode. Act 3. Master 1. Choose the quest to kill Azmodan.

    You will start by porting to Arreat Crater Level 1. Make a bee line all the way through the Act until you ENTER the Heart of the Cursed. At this point, port back to town and then go to the Core of Arreat. Run through there until you get to the entrance of the Azmodan fight. Don't kill Azmodan - he drops very little gold and it's not worth the time.

    Now, star over. If you went to all the areas I said, the first area will have reset and you can clear it again keeping your Nv stacks.

    What to Kill?
    You'll want to kill only the elites and bigger enemies. Bigger enemies means Heralds of Pestilence, Phase Beasts, Golgors, Malachors, and Demonic Tremors. They almost always drop gold. Everything else rarely does. Elites of course always drop gold so they're worth killing.

    You'll also want to stop and open all chests and demonic vessels as they always have gold as well.

    Of course, you'll want gear with Gold Find on it. There are lots of options and if you can find others to give you gold find items, you can get quite a lot of it. The maximum gold find you can have on your character through items and Paragon levels is 300%. You can check this on Easy. The extras from Master 1 and Nephalem Valor will add to the 300%. Thus, the max you can have is 435%.

    Generally, any item with gold find is better than anything else as long as you do enough damage to kill things quickly. You should be fine with anything more than 100k damage in the character screen and that's easy to get (I ran with 160k and also prioritized move speed and pickup radius).

    Demon Hunters
    Here you go. First and foremost - the most important thing to learn that I didn't discover until I had already lost hundreds of thousand of potential drops - DO NOT USE THE FERRET COMPANIONS. "But why!? They give me 10% gold find and pick up my gold for me!" Well, as it turns out, the gold the ferrets pick up DOES NOT COUNT TOWARD YOUR TOTAL. Yup. Don't make the mistake I did. This inspired me to write this guide.

    Bola Shot - Imminent Doom (There's not much use for this, but it's better than the alternatives for non-hatred abilities and it's useful against the illusion elites)

    Rapid Fire - High Velocity (Use this to kill everything quickly)

    Shadow Power - Night Bane (Heals you to help kill reflect damage elites and gives you a little extra hatred so you can go longer)

    Vault - Tumble (If you're moving, you should be vaulting)

    Preparation - Focused Mind (More vaulting)

    Strafe - Stinging Steel (Or drifting shadow if you don't have a lot of crit. Use this to generate preparation on the run if you're out. Otherwise, never use it)

    Night Stalker (More discipline means more vaulting)

    Vengeance (Extra base hatred so you almost never run out and more discipline means more vaulting)

    Tactical Advantage (The most important one - Wait 2 seconds in between each vault)

    Vault through the areas until you get to an enemy you want to kill. Kill them with Rapid Fire, then keep vaulting. Use other abilities as described above.
  • SambawebSambaweb578,690
    08 Sep 2013 09 Sep 2013 24 Nov 2016
    37 17 16
    EDIT: Before vote negative PLS comment first

    The "Normal" Method
    The normal boost method is.

    Play to Inferno akt 3 on EASY
    Get around 200+% gold find
    A pickup radius of round 30 inch/yard/meters

    Backtrack from the Waypoint "The Keep Depths Level 3" in the Bastion back to Level 1.

    With this setting i get around 100-150k gold in one hour. Round 50 Hours later and the achievement is done.

    The "Ultra FAST" Method

    I found out in a private Co-Op Session on one console with a friend and two 60 Champions that, when you play the game in Co-Op there is no split screen and there is NO "Single" loot.

    ALL the items and gold in the session drops for ALL players and ALL players can grab it. But the best and funniest part is that it looks like that magic and gold find are "Stacked" from ALL characters for ALL characters.
    With a second player i found round 400-500k gold in ONE hour. If you can get 4 Co-Op players on ONE console together and they have all 4 round 200+% gold find and only ONE grab the gold, with a high pickup ratio, then you can get this achievement ultra fast and very easy.
    With this method i got the chevo in round 17 Hours playing.

    If you play Co-Op you can play ALONE with 2-4 connected controllers the other players follow your champion the hole time :D

    That's the solved mystery

    Have fun and good luck to boost this Achievement :)

    If you work on this achievement you get automatically the

    Diablo IIIDeep PocketsThe Deep Pockets achievement in Diablo III worth 40 pointsPick up 500,000 gold.

    as well

    Edit: Gold find and boosting for gold is in every difficulty best in akt 3 in my opinion :)
  • PhonySpoonPhonySpoon845,021
    18 May 2015 16 May 2015 16 May 2015
    8 1 3
    EDIT: Ok, it turns out I didnt read the solution below me first. Mine is quite similar, But I feel like I went into a lot better detail and hand holding to guide you through it smile

    I will preface this solution by first saying that I scoured all over the internet and could not find anybody EVER suggesting to do this actually very clever method. I will also say that I have not tested other classes as I only have a Witch Doctor and it may work for other classes.


    1. Witch doctor with the passive skill for 3 Dogs and also the Gargantuan and a follower for a total of 5 "followers".
    2. The Puzzle Ring
    3. A wired controller or some way of keeping a wireless controller going for long periods of time.
    4. As much gold find % as you can possibly have (maxes out at 375% just fyi)

    Ok, ready for the magic? Here goes. Assuming you have followed my requirements up until this point...load up the start of the last quest in Act 3-Inferno-Easy difficulty. I'm sure that this will work on other difficulties but doing it on Inferno EASY will make sure that A) You don't die, because its easy and B) BECAUSE its on Inferno...you will be getting lvl 60 loot as well. Anyways, when you spawn in town, first go to the blacksmith and repair everything. Then go to the waypoint and go to Arreat crater level 1 and keep moving through the level until you find one of these steel dragon head fire breathing "traps" that do damage to you, Clear out all the enemies around it so that nobody bothers you. Stand yourself so that you are getting hit 5-6 times by the fire breathing steel dragon head. Voila!

    Now...you may be wondering to yourself, "uhhh....Phonyspoon...what am I accomplishing? Well, young Padawan, by getting hit by the Steel Flamey Dragon Head thingamabob, everytime it hits you is a chance that it will spawn one of those weasily little Treasure Goblin/Pygmy/Whatever nincompoops. You, being a Witch Doctor with the requirements I set up for you (or being another class and figuring out ways of your own), will just sit there while your minions kill them before they can scamper off into that horrid portal.

    Now that everything is set for lots of idling time, I will tell you how I test this. I set it up at about 5am right before I went to bed one night. I woke up at 1130am to a GLORIOUS GOLDEN BED of, well...gold all around me that ended up totaling about 64k. Interestingly enough he only dropped one legendary.

    Herein lies the problem and the no so minor oversight by yours truly: Durability.

    At some point in the night my puzzle ring and its feeble 28 durability (along with every single other piece of equipment i had on my shriveled little body), broke. Which means, you guessed it, it stopped serving its purpose of spawning those little worms.

    So, here's a modification to this process: Do everything I just told you...but check up on it every once in a while. Maybe every hour or so go to your inventory and see what the durability of your puzzle ring is. If its not up to par, fast travel back to town and repair, then go back. If you are like me, try not to move at all when you are within the depths so you can pick up all that glorious loot in one fell swoop. Thanks for reading people and feel free to leave a comment and an up vote if it helped you....or at least leave a comment if you down vote please!

    P.S. If you are going to leave it on for extended period of time, PLEASE for the love of god install the game to your Hard drive. Think about the poor Xboxs kids. The Xboxs.....
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