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Super Agent in Flashback

Super Agent157 (60)

Complete the game in Hard Mode

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Complete the game in Hard Mode

This achievement is pretty straight forward, just finish the game on hard mode. When you start a new game you'll have the option to select the difficulty. As far as I know you can't change it unless you start a whole new game so you don't have to worry about that.

In Conjunction with other Achievements:
Playing through and completing the game on Hard mode will also earn you the Easy and Normal mode achievements. I completed my very first playthrough on Hard mode and while it was challenging at times it's wasn't too difficult (honestly the game glitches and slowdowns made it harder than any of the actual enemies)

If you're attempting 100% completion then I would recommend playing through on Easy difficulty for at least your first playthrough. It since it takes more than 2 playthroughs to completely level up to 30 and earn all of the upgrades anway. Your accumulated XP and equipment upgrades will cary over in repeat playthroughs so you might as well wait until you've got some upgraded stats and familiarity with the levels before tackling Hard.

Once you've completed the game if you choose to "continue" instead of creating a "new game" you will be able to start the game from the beginning with a newly selected difficulty and keep all of your xp and upgrades from your previous games.

Some Tips for Hard Mode: (some minor spoilers here)
Basically on hard mode 4 things will change:
-You will deal less damage to enemies
-Enemies and hazards will deal more damage to you
-Enemies will have better accuracy
-You will have less time in timed missions (such as the generator mission and the final escape).

The only real tip I have for setting up the game is to turn on the damage display in the assistance options. This will show the number of hitpoint that you've gained or lost as well as the number of hit points you inflict on enemies, it's not vital but it does help.

Tips for Timed Areas:
For the two timed areas you'll basically want to figure out where to run and you'll need to play it near perfectly to make it in time. There is some room for error, but not much. In both levels you'll start off with a check point so don't worry about dying a couple of times just figuring out the layout of the area before you make a serious attempt.

Tips for killing Drones:
The easiest way to kill drones is to use heavy shot. in most cases you can take them down in one shot and if you're lucky you can take down more than one drone with a single shot. This will also help towards your Heavy Shot achievement. Just try to avoid getting to close as they can zap you and be careful not to be standing near where they land as they will explode and cause you massive damage if you're too close.

Tips for Killing Mutants and Replicants:
If at all possible to execute a stealth kill (this is explained in the Stealth tutorial in the VR area) a stealth kill will take them down in 1 hit with no fuss. If you don't have that option you'll want to shoot rapid fire (a turbo controller will help) you'll inflict more damage per second this way than using heavy shot or grenades. Once you have the shield learn to use it well to block the incoming shots. If you're out of shields then rolling can often help avoid getting hit. You can even roll through enemies to get to the other side of them if necessary.

If you can, try to only take on one at a time and try to "use cover" by standing on a level above or below the enemy. Any setup where you're able to unload on them while they have trouble shooting you is good. I also recommend trying to stay out of melee range as these enemies will cause you massive damage if they manage to melee you (far more than getting shot).

In some instances if you are overwhelmed with 3 or more enemies at a time it's a good idea to try to run to a safe area and let your health and shield recharge (rolling while escaping is good too) for a few seconds before they catch up to you. Once you've obtained the teleporter for yourself you can also use that as a way to escape multiple enemies without them following you (in-fact that's the easiest way to deal with the 3 Replicants in the area where you obtain the teleporter).

Tips for Killing cyborgs:
Cyborgs are the easiest to kill you'll want to try to run behind them and shoot at their Jet Pack... a single hit to the jetpack will cause them to spin out and explode (this will also count towards the explosion achievement). I usually try to stand under them and run back and forth while firing up as fast as possible, this makes it difficult for them to hit you and it gives you a good change of hitting their jetpack.

Tips for Killing Morphs:
These are the hardest enemies to kill but once you've got the strategy down it's not too bad if you're only facing one at a time. You're usually safe as long as you keep moving and the enemy is in "blob" mode. While running around charge up your gun for a heavy shot. Pause for a moment somewhere and let the blob catch you for a split second then quickly run out from under them (don't roll or you'll lose your charged heavy shot). If you were successful then the morph will stand up and try to shoot you, wait until they've fully stood up so you're sure they're not going to just go back into blob mode and then fire your heavy shot.

IMPORTANT: While in blob mode and while standing up they are completely invincible. It's only once they've fully stood up that they become vulnerable. So don't waste your time shooting them while they're a blob and don't waste your charged heavy shot shooting them before they've fully stood up.

Most of the time a single shot will return them back into blob mode and you can repeat the processes. If for some reason they stay upright or your missed your shot then consider yourself lucky and charge up your gun and fire another heavy shot. Be ready with your shield if going for a second shot as they will more than likely shoot you. Though getting shot doesn't do much more damage than other enemies in the game.

Try to avoid standing over a morph when it stands up, this will cause you massive damage and knock you down at the same time, and in general they'll be able to keep attacking you and kill you before you get a chance to stand back up. Like Mutants and Replicants if you can escape to a vantage point that lets you shoot them without them jumping up to your location use it to to your advantage. Also if you face 2 or more at the same time without a safe spot just run away or use your teleporter to escape.

Tips for Killing the Auxiliary Brain:
When you first reach the Aux Brain there will be no enemies around, you'll want to shoot heavy shots into the yellow switch above your head until it gets all the way to the left, once it does it will disable the shield in front of the brain on the left. You'll want to hit it with heavy shot after heavy shot (if you're quick you can get 2-3 heavy shots before the shield comes back up. The first shield drop will spawn a morph. Take him out while you're 1 on 1 and repeat the process again. This will drop the 2nd morph, the game shouldn't spawn more than 2 morphs here so make sure you take the first one out before the second one spawns.

If you're not good at taking out morphs then you could simply try to to just avoid them while taking down the shield and shooting at the brain. It's difficult but both ways work.

Tips for The Final Boss
There is actually a teleporter glitch that that lets you pass through locked doors, including the door that holds you in the room with the final boss; effectively just skipping him altogether (you can see this in the attached video).

If you'd like to kill him legit, or the teleport glitch gets patched he's not too difficult with this strategy I came up with:
As soon as you enter the room climb up the platforms on the left side, once you get to the highest platform: crouch select your teleporter and then tap the throw button to drop your teleporter at your feet. Then climb down and climb to the highest platform on the right hand side. Don't worry too much about the little projectiles getting thrown at you, they wont do much damage.

Once you're on the upper right hand platform you can use heavy shot to take out the orbs at the end of the arms. Take out the ones closest to you first. Technically they're weak on the back side but if you hit them towards the edge it will count as a hit. Each orb you successfully take down will drop a morph, You can pretty much ignore them while they attempt to jump up to you and fail.

On occasion the morphs will stand up on the platform in the middle of the room, if this happens fire your heavy shot at them and be ready with your shield. Once you hit them you can go back to firing on the orbs.

On rare occasion a morph will manage to get up to your plaform, if this happens use your teleporter to teleport to the left hand platform where you planted it at the start of the boss fight. It's not impossible but it's unlikely that a morph will make it up to you twice before you take out all of the orbs. If it does happen try to run up back to the right hand platform.

The hardest part of this strategy is that the game suffers slow down with so many enemies on the screen at once. Dealing with the low frame rate makes it difficult to time your shots.

Once you've dropped all the orbs you'll have 5 morphs down at your feet. They seem to be able to easily get to your platform as soon as the boss dies so you'll want to just run as fast as you can for the exit at the bottom right. rolling will help a lot too.

I hope you found this helpful... if you find any errors or know of a better strategy or other tips please leave a comment, if you have any other questions leave them in the comments and I'll try to answer them.

And if you made all the way to the bottom than Thanks for reading :)
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