Painting Yourself Into a Corner achievement in Payday 2

Painting Yourself Into a Corner

On day 1 of the Framing Frame job, steal all sold paintings without being seen.

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How to unlock the Painting Yourself Into a Corner achievement

  • GatorFistGatorFist400,831
    17 Aug 2013 16 Aug 2013 22 May 2015
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    -Painting Yourself Into a Corner-
    On day 1 of the Framing Frame job, steal all sold paintings without being seen.

    ***Probably HOST unlock ONLY***

    First, you must be at least Level 10. You need to put 11 skill points in to the Mastermind Tree. You need to unlock the Dominator skill which allows you to order non-special guards to surrender and handcuff themselves. [**Defrosted Jay points out that if you ACE the Dominator skill, you can order the guards to cuff themselves from the roof, instead of having to wander around inside the building.]

    There are always 4 wandering guards plus the guy at the desk that you need to take out (plus cameras of course). The wandering guards can overlap, so be careful and patient. The guy at the desk is special, and therefore *** to order him down you must have the Dominator skill ACED. If you do not have it ACED, you can sneak up on him and melee him and answer the radio. [thanks for clarifying he can be ordered down - King fiShiZ] BE CAREFUL while walking around, there is a random laser doorway that will trip the alarm, do not pass through it.

    **It seems 99% of the time you can only make 4 guards cuff themselves. Therefore, you almost certainly have to melee one of them!

    Once all 5 guards are neutralized, take out the cameras. There is one camera in each gallery and sometimes one in the lobby/hall area.

    Once the guards and cameras are down, you have free reign of the place (don't forget about the laser doorway though).

    Now it is time to get the paintings. Beware! Video says 7 paintings, it randomly varies from 6 to 9 so double check everything to make sure you have them all. Pick the front door lock and waltz out with the paintings.


    #1 - The lowest difficulty is 4 white dots, but difficulty doesn't really matter if you're stealthing, just make sure you don't pick a pro job, that way if you fail you can restart.

    #2 - This seems to only unlock for the host, so you probably want to do this solo. My friend was in game with me the whole time and he did not get it.

    #3 - There is NO need to go in the security room, just leave it (and the guy inside of it) alone!

    Video shows mission on PS3, but it is exactly the same.

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    Solobrus22awesome, that you can make them cuff themselves .. from the roof.. just do one-by-one
    Posted by Solobrus22 on 17 May 14 at 17:47
    KrisWalkinYou can only dominate four guards if you have a four man crew that each have dominator. One person with dominator aced can only hold up one guard.
    Posted by KrisWalkin on 23 Jan 16 at 06:38

    thats wierd.. Cause on both xbox and PC.. I'm able to dominate all guards (about 4) by myself.. i don't need 3 other people in my game, with aced dominator.
    Posted by Solobrus22 on 23 Jan 16 at 18:52
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  • InsidiousMrMooInsidiousMrMoo462,228
    25 Aug 2013 26 Aug 2013
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    I recommend doing this with a Mastermind/Ghost build you are going to want the Domination/Shinobi skills respectively.

    The basic strategy I used both times I did it was to pick the lock on the bathroom door and make my way through the building. When you encounter a guard use the domination skill to make them handcuff themselves (Be sure to do this where the Cameras can't see you). There are about 5 guard patrolling and one at the front desk, once all the guards are taken care of destroy all the cameras using melee and you are free to clean the place out.

    I ran this solo and in co-op and can confirm it is not host only who gets the achievement. Also the achievement description is a bit misleading, you can be seen as long as no alarms are raised or loud shots fired.

    I hope this helps out, once I found out you could use dominate I was able to net this achievement in one go.
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    Good guide. I thought I messed up as the last guy got off a few shots before I took him out however no alarm went off. Still got the achievement so gunshots are ok as long as the alarm does not go off.
    Posted on 27 Aug 13 at 07:58
  • amacteuramacteur347,073
    01 Jan 2014 08 Apr 2016
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    As an addition to what has been said before, here is my run playing solo/ full stealth on Overkill:

    This also includes the 2 other achievements related to framing frame job.

    Required equipment: Silenced pistol.
    Required skills: Dominator and Smooth talker (mastermind tree), Cleaner (ghost tree).
    Other skills from the ghost tree can help too (chameleon, shinobi).

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask, I'd be glad to help.

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