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Find Three hidden paths

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How to unlock the Spyglass achievement

  • Rusty Nail zhRusty Nail zh853,176
    05 Feb 2010 05 Feb 2010 06 Feb 2010
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    When you find and complete a Hidden Path a message will come on the screen that says "You Found a Hidden Path" in a blue box.


    Level 1-2 (credit goes to UraMallas)
    After the second checkpoint you'll turn left and immediately come upon reqular ball switch and some checkered cloth in front of you. Switch back to the regular ball and jump on the cloth to get to the other side. Stay under the cloth and turn the camera so that it is perpendicular to the cloth and you should be able to see two metal bars below the platform. Be very careful and position yourself to jump on the bars so that it will catch you. Stay on the bars until the end (camera is a bit wonky under here) and then jump onto the wood from there jump back onto the normal path and you should get a blue screen that says "You have found a hidden path."

    Level 1-4 (credit goes to pavementpoop)
    After the third checkpoint you'll come to a gap with two boards over it. Go across the gap and change into the metal ball and go back thto the gap staying in the center of the path. You'll see that the boards look a little different on your side of the gap, carefully navigate onto the boards and you will fall directly onto two metal bars. You'll fall through the boards on the edge not through the two boards over the gap so be prepared for it. From there, follow the path under the boards to get this Hidden Path.

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    Level 3-2 (credit goes to J2ouai)
    After heading down the first set of tubeslides right at the beginning of the level, you will come across an area that has two seemingly useless magnets on each side; both having power buttons you can switch them off with. The area also has crates you climb with the help of a hanging magnet. Turn off the magnets and head up with the magnet. Up on the platform, transform into the metal ball and push one of the metal crates to create an opening. Then head back down to the magnets and transform into the power ball again, grab the magnet ability and go back up and past the metal crate you just pushed. Continue onwards past the cloth, suck yourself toward the magnet and launch yourself out of the cannon onto the floating magnet to the left. Use the second cannon to launch yourself onto the next magnet.

    Level 3-3 (credit goes to J2ouai)
    When you reach the cannons, fire them as normal and take the path to the power ball and grab the magnet ability. Head back to the cannons and fire yourself out of the first one onto the platform where the second one is. Then fire yourself straight ahead, aiming as far up as the cannon will go, and hold A once you fire. You should magnetize and stick to a big magnet close to the exit.


    Level 4-3 (credit goes to atomicsuperman)
    As you exit the tube onto steel rails just prior to the rotating hammers, wait for a platform to appear in the distance under you. Fall onto it (use the edge of the tube lip to help you get off of the rails).
    Ride this elevator and it will float high up until you can fall into a second tube. Ride this tube under all rotating hammers and you will come out at a cannon. At this point you are back onto the main path level. Two cannon shots and you are at the exit.

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    BusyRichThanks Rusty (and those Rusty has credited) - I got this achievement easily with the above tips.
    Posted by BusyRich on 08 Mar 10 at 12:25
    Rusty Nail zhNo problems! Yeah, I'm just the provider. Glad I could help.
    Posted by Rusty Nail zh on 08 Mar 10 at 12:57
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  • TheBlackDragonXTheBlackDragonX406,088
    04 Mar 2008 26 Sep 2010 16 May 2013
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    There are approximately 6-7 secret paths within the game and if you plan on getting the 'Speedroller Master' and 'Speedroller Expert' achievements you are going to have to learn these secret paths to help you gold some of the levels. You will know when you have found a secret path because a message will come up on the screen saying 'secret path unlocked'. The locations of the three easiest paths are as follows:

    •Sky World Level 2 - A little way into the level you will have to change your metal ball into a marble ball for a second time. After this you will have to go across a bit of cloth. Once you have passed the cloth stop and zoom into your ball as close as possible using your R stick. From here roll backwards off the edge (towards the direction of the table cloth. You will drop off the edge, here you will see a pair of metal bars you can land on. You will need to practice dropping on these bars as it is quite tricky. Once you have landed on them you need to keep following them until you make it back on the main level part much further on.

    •Sky World Level 4 - At the third checkpoint, just after you have got down from the spiral path you will have to change your current metal ball into a marble ball in order to get over the wobbly wooden planks. Once you have done this and crossed the planks there will be a metal ball changer. Go into this and change your marble ball into a metal ball then go back to the wobbly wooden planks. From here it gets tricky, you will have to go onto the wooden planks with your metal ball and drop through them and try and land on the metal bars below. This will take some practice but when you do it you just simply follow the bars until you are back on the main course further up the level.

    •Cave World Level 3 - Once you have reached the third checkpoint, after you have used the two cannons to fire the cannon ball to knock off the wooden box, put your special ball into the magnetic changer right in front of you. From here head back to the first cannonand fire yourself into the large metal box towards the second cannon. Then get into the second cannon and fire right in front of you aiming the cannon as high as you possibly can. As soon as you have fired yourself immediately press and keep hold of A. You will then be magnetised to set of magnets on a path near the end of the level.


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