Cappuccino to go, Please achievement in Payday 2

Cappuccino to go, Please

In the Cafe escape, secure all loot and escape within 30 seconds of the escape van arriving.

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How to unlock the Cappuccino to go, Please achievement

  • DeadGreg84DeadGreg84111,449
    31 Aug 2013 01 Sep 2013 20 Nov 2013
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    Cafe escape spawns very rarely.
    In order to get it you need to play Framing Frame. Cafe escape will happen after Day 1.
    We went through Framing Frame and got at least 6 paintings. After putting the painting into the van stay for 2-3 minutes and fight with the police (you need to have the yellow bar saying: Police assault in progress).

    Since the game is so random you might have to do this many, many times before you get this escape. Stay patient.

    Once you get the escape there are 2 possible exit points (they are behind the wire fence, easy to spot them). Once you locate one exit, move all the painting by that exit and stay alive until escape van arrives.
    If the escape van arrives at second exit than just die and restart. If the van arrives at 'your exit' then you should be golden.

    Once the gate door opens you have 30 seconds to load all the paintings to the escape van so if you follow what I have described you will be fine.

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    AxeNappe38707thefrozeneskimo description was completely correct in my case...thx
    Posted by AxeNappe38707 on 23 Jun 14 at 07:44
    HmizzzWe were on the cafe escape, and we managed to secure our 7 paintings within 15 seconds. Didn't pop.
    Posted by Hmizzz on 08 Aug 14 at 13:11
    Chilled EclipseFinally got this achievement after much frustration. Just a heads up, you DO NOT need 6 paintings, you only need to put 4 in the van. Just keep getting away during an assault and the escape will come up sooner or later. No need to stay 10 minutes either.
    Posted by Chilled Eclipse on 26 Aug 14 at 21:38
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  • Mobius EvalonMobius Evalon514,151
    06 Jul 2014 07 Jul 2014 30 Jul 2014
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    This achievement is available after day 1 of the Framing Frame job.

    The amount of yellow stars seems to make no difference whatsoever, so as long as the job is not Pro it will work. Because you need to shlep paintings from the building to the van, I recommend few or no yellow stars. I personally did this with one yellow star, with the AI and no other players.

    PC patch notes have alluded to the amount of time you spend in open engagement with the police determining the likelihood of getting an escape (on pre-patch games, since the XBox never got it). Ergo, bring your heaviest armor and biggest god-damned guns and go in guns blazing. Shaped charges from the Technician tree or ECM overdrive from the Ghost tree will shave off up to three minutes of drilling the security door, but I personally went for an ammo bag because it takes 5 minutes for Bain to hack the stupid computer behind the door anyway. If you have the portable saw unlocked in the Enforcer tree, you'll be able to sail through this section pretty damned easily.

    The amount of paintings does not matter, so I recommend you only collect as many as are required. Depending on luck, how much the AI actually do, if you have humans helping you carry paintings around, etc., you will arrive at the van with all paintings loaded between 6 and 11 minutes. You do not want to get in the van yet; hold out near it until 15:30 of mission time elapses and leave during an assault wave. Generally, police won't bother you in the parking lot here aside from the occasional sniper.

    You will always spawn an escape after day 1 this way, but unfortunately, random luck is still a factor. There are three potential escapes that will appear, being Park, Cafe, or Overpass. From my personal empirical statistics getting this achievement with/for others, Park spawns 90% of the time, and Overpass and Cafe both 5%. If you do not get the escape you want, all you can do is simply quit the game and find another Framing Frame job to try again.

    The escape itself isn't so bad but requires a bit of luck. Every painting you take into the escape has to come out with you, so if you brought nine paintings from day one then nine paintings have to get loaded into the van. Like other jobs (e.g. Four Stores, Nightclub) there are a finite number of places the escape van will appear. To load everything and leave within 30 seconds, you will have to put all your eggs in one basket, simply choose one of the spawns, and hope you're feeling lucky. To help you find the spawns if you are not familiar with this area, assuming the cafe is north: wide alley directly to the east of the cafe; small chainlink fence with plywood in it to the southwest; small chainlink fence to the southeast. Camp one and hope you chose correctly; when there's approximately 30 seconds remaining for the van to show up (Bain will alert you on the radio) you should already see the van backing up to you. If you did not choose correctly, die and restart the escape. You'll reload at the start of the escape and not at the day before, and can simply try your luck again.
  • UncrashedUncrashed312,100
    25 Sep 2013 25 Sep 2013 22 May 2015
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    Hi i'm just obtain that achievement with friend. I'm agree with DeadGreg84 this escape is random and for me only happened at framing frame. I read a lot about this escape on internet and no one really know's what you have to do to get this escape.My tactic is:
    -the more yellow stars you have on heist is better chance for cafe escape - for me it was.
    -escape is after day 1
    - take all paintings with red stickers
    - throw paintings to the van and turn on the alarm
    -when you turn on the alarm run to the parking lot but don't go to the van
    -when police arrives fight with them for 1 minute or less and escape - i tried to escape on second police assault but i don't get the cafe escape
    So when you get this escape you actually have 3 escape points
    2 behind the fence and one in the middle of two building's near the glass door's - when you stand face to the cafe entrance on your right will be this escape.
    I did this 4 maybe 5 times and van when you start was close to one exit and and far from 2 ramaining exit.
    -So the van that arrives was always in one of this 2 remaining exits.- for me

    At the end i will say what i read on sites. Some players said that override the computer helps, some when somebody from crue will get down or being in custody and for some of them this escape happened at firestarter, ukrainian job or big oil so keep this in mind when you will be doing this achievement.

    This is my first guide hope this help someone and sorry for my english i really tried. wave.

    When someone gives negative vote, i will be glad if he say why.
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