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Seven Day Duty Shift

Complete a Spies vs Mercs Weekly Challenge

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    21 Aug 2013 21 Aug 2013 03 Sep 2013
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    To complete a Weekly challenge you must start it from the SMI menu (on the Paladin).

    Once you are on your world map hit the Y button and access the SHADOWnet
    All your challenges appear at the bottom of the screen. There are weekly, daily, in-game and friend challenges. Move over the one you would like to start and hit the A button.
    There will be a short description of what to do for this challenge. Make sure that you have the requirements ready to go before you start the challenge just to make your attempt at it easier. Hit A again to start playing towards that challenge.

    Daily challenges restart after 24 hours (1 AM PST)
    Weekly after 7 days (Monday 1 AM PST).

    Complete the requirements for that week and your achievement will pop in game.

    You also might need to have activated the online pass codes for this game. I have activated them, however, some people are having difficulties seeing the achievements.
    If you can not see the challenges and have not activated uplay that might be the problem.
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    Every monday a brand new weekly challenge starts so you have 7 days to finish the challenge. you can start it at any time during the week but every monday they will reset and change.

    To check out daily and weekly challenges while on the palladin, go to the world map and press Y, this will take you to shadow net. from there you should see a bunch of challenges at the bottom of the screen. If you hover over the weekly challenge and press A you will get a brief description of what you have to do. for example: this weeks challenge is to get 100 kills in SVM blacklist Spies V Mercs, last weeks challenge i believe was to get 100 kills in extraction.

    In order to get this you have to go to spies and mercs and u can do this online by playing public games (which i recommend as its more fun) OR you can do this is a private match but you will need at least 1 other human player who must be on the other team. you can then take it in turns killing each other. This CANNOT be done in splitscreen.

    please note: every week the challenge will change and so will the requirements so in the near future it might not be 'get 100 kills' it might be 'hack 100 terminals' so this guide is just a basic outline of what to do!
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